Star Signs
by HaiGan
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The Nerf:

Proud, strong-willed and forceful, the Nerf demands to be noticed and respected. Full of self-confidence, she can be overbearing and very stubborn if she feels she has been overlooked. Once the Nerf has her own way, however, she is a model of loyalty, generosity and reliability. The Nerf is not a soul-searching type and seldom worries about whether people will like her, but she does make an effort to impress and to look her best. She has natural good taste and a flare for flamboyance, and loves to make a display of her creative talents.

The Cog

The natural place for the Cog is right in the center of the action. Smart, witty, enthusiastic and sociable, the Cog fits in anywhere, with anyone. She is quick to voice an opinion on any subject, and is eloquent at expressing her own new ideas. Her gift of the gab may get her into trouble, but she is just as capable of talking herself back out of situations again. She can seem superficial at times, preferring to try something new and exciting than to fully explore the depths of a topic or situation. In truth, while the Cog loves to fit in she often hates to be pinned down, finding it restricting to her versatile nature. The Cog is more than a clever tongue, usually able to turn her hand to just about anything and frequently finding an outlet for her energetic nature in some form of craft or practical activity. On the downside, the Cog can find it hard to wind down and relax, and is prone to stress-related disorders.

The Dianoga

Optimistic and adaptable, the Dianoga has a tremendous zest for life and bubbling self confidence. He can always find the bright side of a situation, and if he can be slowed down enough to apply his creative intelligence to the situation then he can usually work out why things happened the way they did. Although his effortless understanding of people can give him surprising insight into others' motives and thinking, his impulsive nature means that he tends to jump to conclusions, and his open, straightforward nature somtimes leads him to offend or
hurt people without meaning to.

The Dice

A being under the sign of the Dice is ambitious, determined, cautious, and intent on acheiving material security. He is patient, organsied and systematic, laying his plans carefully and never
wasting any available resource. He is careful of his reputation, and always expects a return for his contribution; he never does anything without a purpose. He is usually reserved and cool, careful not to show his hand until he is ready, perhaps why this sign is also sometimes known as The Gambler. He is a hard worker with a practical mind, willing to stick with a task and to shoulder heavy responsibilities- as long as they will eventually help him achieve his own goals.

The Dinko

Sensitive, empathic, protective and sometimes unpredictable, the Dinko is attuned to the feelings of others but jealously protects her own emotional safety. She almost always has a ready shoulder to cry on, but if someone she doesn't trust tries to probe too closely the
Dinko can clam up tighter than a Corellian oyster. Although the Dinko tends to listen to her heart rather than her head, her instincts are usually reliable even if they are not always rational. Her caring nature is big enough to find a kind word for almost anyone, but her first loyalty is always to those closest to her, and when her home and loved ones are threatened the Dinko's protective side can appear with alarming ferocity.

The Falcon

Organised, analytical, objective, practical, and with a keen eye for detail, the Falcon is always demanding of perfection in himself, and will strive constantly to improve and to find new areas to work on. In his work and his everyday life, no necessary task is too small or too petty for Falcon to forget about. If a job needs doing properly, Falcon is the one to take it on. He is just as meticulous in his appearance, fastidious about personal hygene and always impeccably
dressed. He is a realist, and while he is open to new ideas he will pull them to pieces before committing himself to agreeing with them. Although he can be deeply critical of his own perceived failings, Falcon does not always demand the same from others. In fact, he is inclined to martyr himself to forever making up for others' shortcomings.

The Gundark

Independent, assertive and bold, the Gundark will be either a trend-setter, a natural leader or a pioneering loner. He hates inaction and indecision, and never takes long to make up his own mind. He tends to be competitive, always seeking new challenges to take on, but he is not naturally devious and finds cheating hard to understand. He can find it hard to see others' points of view but his natural enthusiasm, charisma and drive mean that he is capable of carrying other people along with him anyway. In adversity he is courageous and tireless; in times of peace he is often restless and can become a troublemaker. This impulsive, energetic nature can often mean that he leaves ventures unfinished when he finds a new task to undertake.

The Mynock

Tenacious, reliable, practical and stubborn, the Mynock is both a rock in the storm and a hydrospanner in the hyperdrive. She will always keep her head and stand by her friends in a crisis, but equally she can drive those same friends crazy with her cautious nature and her refusal to believe anything until she's seen it. Once she gets an idea fixed in her mind, however, there is no changing it- for good or for bad. She is long tempered, but don't ever mistake that for a placid nature- the Mynock's rage runs deep when it is finally triggered. She likes her physical comforts and tends to view the world in terms of what will benefit her and those she looks out for, but she will work hard to achieve what she wants and won't let
any setbacks deter her. Don't expect much soul-searching or deep and spiritual conversation from a Mynock, but do expect a friend who will stick beside you through thick and thin, who is not about to let anyone tell her what to think, and who always finishes what she begins.

The Bantha

Inquisitive, intelligent and sometimes unpredictable, the Bantha appreciates mental pursuits. His thinking is original and creative, and he loves to share it and exchange ideas with others. He dislikes pretense and hypocrisy, and appreciates individuality and sincerity. He feels most comfortable as part of a group, working for the benefit of all, although he is seldom a leader. As long as he feels the group's ideals are honest and worthy he will be a fierce and dedicated advocate. Once someone has earned his trust, the Bantha is a loyal and protective friend.

The Ronto

Sensitive and often secretive, the Ronto can be an enigmatic and sometimes uncomfortable character. He has an instinctive insight into others' motives and emotions, an understanding that frequently makes him distrustful and wary of revealing too much of himself. The Ronto intuitively understands that nothing stays the same, and so works to control and regulate the inevitable change. When working for a cause he feels is worthy he is tireless and tenacious. He is usually cool and collected in a crisis, having already accepted that emergencies are unavoidable. On the downside, the Ronto often suffers from a dissatisfaction with his present situation, personality or appearance, and is usually trying to change something about himself.

The Scout

Adaptable, personable, gregarious and full of charm, the Scout may be a smooth diplomat or a smooth-talking con-man, but he'll always win friends regardless. He effortlessly manages to look dashing or attractive whatever he wears. He often has artistic talent and appreciates harmony- or at least a quiet life in which to enjoy a few quiet and unpretentious pleasures- and he is usually free of prejudice. He likes to control his home surroundings, with everything in its proper place, and he may have a flair for organising others. He is a great believer in fairness and justice, which can lead him to become a mediator or to protest against imbalance in some other way- sometimes flying in the face of authority. Not for nothing is this sign sometimes known as The Smuggler.

The Sword

An idealistic chaser of causes many would consider lost, the sign of the Sword is one of an intuitive and idealistic personality. The Sword is always willing to grant one last chance, to perceive the possibility of redemption when others have given up hope. The Sword often seems naive, and it is only when he emerges from adversity with the same calm and hopeful character he displayed beforehand that his inner strength of character becomes clear. The sword greets every change with an accepting spirit, and disregards material things to pursue more spiritual and moral goals. He is deeply aware of the thoughts and emotions of others and will often suffer greatly to aid them, with no thought of reward and no word of complaint. On the downside, the Sword will often turn a blind eye to the faults of those he loves, even if this causes him harm.