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DAY: Sounalth

I go back to school next week. Evla thought it would be better if a started off on a new foot, so to speak. Something tells me I've run out of feet already, but nevermind. I'm not expecting any different treatment to what I had before.

A really, really strange thing happened to me today.

I was in the gardens, minding my own business, and then out of nowhere this boy runs up to me and shoves a rather smelly box at me! He begged me to hide it for him and then ran off again!

Now, I like getting gifts. I'm Corellian and presents are always appreciated. But see, I hadn't a clue who the boy was. He was one of the rat-tail brigade but that only narrows it down so far. Padawans are more common than roaches in the refectory.

So I was left with three questions. Firstly, who was the (rather strange) boy? What was in the box? And lastly, what was I supposed to do with it?

I took a quick peek inside and got a real surprise as I found myself staring into the ugly faces of three rather annoyed looking lobsters. (I have no idea why they seemed annoyed but they appeared to be scowling!) So, what would a padawan want with lobsters? I felt the clue might lie with the identity of the boy.

He asked me to hide them, which meant that he didn't want somebody else to find them. I couldn't exactly keep them hidden under my bed! I just wouldn't feel safe from those big pincer things! And anyhow it would be cruel. I couldn't leave them in the gardens either, so I figured it was up to me to find them a good home.

Suddenly I remembered that Quiggy had said something about Master Egrobov keeping tanks with funny creatures and crabs and stuff and I felt quite pleased with my brainwave! The lobsters would be happy, the boy would be happy and I wouldn't have to carry this smelly box around with me all day!

I'd never spoken to Master Egrobov before and it took ages of asking directions and getting lost in the corridors before I found his place. I held the box in one hand and pressed the chime. Unfortunately he wasn't in, so I left a flimsy note that said
'PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME' and stuck it to the top of the box. Then I said goodbye to the lobsters, who were giving me the evil eye by now. Anyone who likes these things as pets has got to be mad!

So, that was my good deed for the day. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can't find out who the boy was and let him know who has his lobsters.

I can't seem to get rid of that lingering fishy smell. Urgh!


DAY: Monlis

Ooops. I goofed big time…

The strange boy turned out to be a sort of friend of Ben, but I'd never seen him before. His name is Ocen-Bai Talz and he is a rampant animal fanatic. There's nothing wrong with that coz I like animals too. Thing is, he is usually quite shy and quietly spoken according to Kryztan. I asked him who he thought it could be, and when I told him that he was slightly cross-eyed and panicky he knew who it was straight away! Kryztan's quite smart when he wants to be and I like hanging about with him. He doesn't seem to mind that I'm younger than he is and he's one of the few people that don't stare at me.

Having worked out who the boy was I then had to go find him.

Turns out that this Ocen-Bai was dared to snatch the lobsters from some posh restaurant downtown. I can't imagine how he got them out without being seen, or how several padawans were allowed into a snooty place like that in the first place but I think that's very smart! I just get the giggles at the idea of him sneaking these wriggling, leggy, nasty tempered things out of the restaurant and then back to the temple. Somehow he must have either got caught or thought he was going to get caught and that's why he tried to hide them when he got back to the temple.

Anyhow, I found him and said 'hello lobster boy!' in a cheery voice. He looked relieved and asked what I'd done with them. I said I knew of someone who kept things like that and that they'd be well looked after. I've never seen anyone go from miserable to cheerful in a split second. So it looks like I've made another friend after all!

I'd better not let him know that I gave them to Master Egrobov. Turns out that Eggy is one of the chefs at the refectory and his tanks are not for keeping pets in…

DAY: Tienarth

I'm going down town with Evla. She has to see the woman again whose child has those midi whatsits I was telling you about. It seems that the kid has quite a lot of them so if the mother agrees the brat will come and live with us at the temple. I shouldn't really have a go at the baby though because it's a fellow Corellian, whose mother only recently left the planet to make a new start for her and the baby. I suppose she might go back home now if things don't work out for her here. I think that's quite sad, actually.

I won't tell Evla that though incase she thinks I'm going soft.

This squidling's a boy. It's real name is Nicklin which is about as Corellian as they come but the usual practise is to rename the kids when they cone into the temple, unless they are older and have gotten used to their names. This one no doubt is on his way to becoming a Qui-Gon or a Menali-Jay or some other hyphenated horrible name.

Poor kid. I DO feel sorry for it.

You know, I think that names are very important. If you saddle a kid with a bad name then they are off to a poor start. Maybe we should let them choose for themselves when they are old enough. Although I suppose a temple load of 'hey, you's would be confusing until that time arrived. I'm really lucky with my name. It's ancient Corellian and it's quite rare, from some old legend I think. It's not common at all, which is good because I am unique! And it will never go out of fashion because it was never in fashion in the first place. I think it means 'firestorm', which is quite apt if you believe what people say about my flashes of temper.

I don't believe that though. I'm not nasty. I'm wonderful!

I don't want to go in and see the kid. It's not just my dislike for smelly babies. I just feel sorry for the poor woman. She's probably going to be in tears when Evla tells her that she should give the kid up. I asked if I could stay out in the shopping galleries but she said absolutely not, especially after what happened last time. I promised her that I wouldn't move one step out of the pet emporium, and she relented as she knows the woman who runs it and she has asked her to keep an eye on me.


DAY: Tienarth

Wow! You just can't take in the amount of furry things and scaly things and feathery things in this place! And the noise! Cheeps and chirps and grunts and squeaks! They've even got a Vampki that looks like my old pet on Corellia! It would be nice to have a Vampki again except that they can be quite destructive and I don't think Evla would appreciate having the upholstery ripped to pieces and her rugs chewed. Master Jinn used to have cats, so he told me, although he said it was more of a communal temple cat that seemed to like bunking in with him. He said something about it developing a taste for strange food, like peas for example. Then Ben turned red.

I'll have to ask him about that one.

This place is really cool! I like the rodents the best. They have such wonderful faces and these long whiskers…not that I'll ever be allowed to keep one.

Hey! I just caught a Dyradardil trying to eat my hair! There's a big piece missing out of the bottom now! Evla won't be happy with that at all!

DAY: Tiennath

Right opposite there's a really great place for tattoos and ear piercing! I wonder if I can persuade Evla to let me have my ears pierced? Or maybe some other part…like a navel hoop! I'd really like that! Maybe I should go and have a look…

DAY: Tiennath

I think I made a mistake in wandering off like that after I promised I wouldn't. Evla came back to tell me that the baby was to be collected in two days and started to panic when the old dear who owns the store told her I'd given her the slip. I only went across to look at the tattoo designs!

I don't think now is the right time to ask if I can get my ears pierced. The answer would be short and to the point.

Maybe a small tattoo though…so she wouldn't notice! Somewhere on my body where she couldn't see! Or if I got my navel done she'd never notice that! I'll have to think it over some…

DAY: Tiennath

I said sorry to Evla for causing her to worry like that. I told her that I knew it was wrong but that the designs in the shop opposite were really pretty and had caught my eye (I like drawing and design and stuff). She looked at me to see if I was fibbing but as I was partly telling the truth I think I got away with it.

I gave her a huge bunch of flowers (coz I know she likes that kind of thing) and predictably she melted. Mind you, she scolded me for wasting my allowance on her but still, she said they were lovely - just as nice as the orchids in Master Quillan's gardens. I asked if we could be friends again and she gave me a hug.

I knew it would work!

Later that day she came back with a paint set and flimsy pad, seeing as how I expressed an interest in drawing. Maybe she was hoping it might keep me occupied until I go back to school. (It won't work)

I started off with a still life of Evla's flowers and then I moved on to a bowl of fruit. It looked kinda boring so I livened it up by sticking Snordle on top of a giant papyri fruit just to make it look different. Would have worked too if I hadn't have gotten peckish and eaten most of the fruit.

DAY: Tiennarth

Evla's just spotted my chewed up hair. I kept it tucked under my jacket for as long as I could but then I forgot about it and flicked it back. She's threatening to attack it with scissors and she's just left the room, but if she evens it off it will be to just below my shoulders! It's never been that short!!!

DAY: Tiennarth

No escape. I locked myself in the fresher but it was no good. She simply opened the door with the force and dragged me out. I protested bitterly but it was no use. She didn't take any notice of my pleading or begging and just said not to make a fuss and that it would grow back in time. Then she told me I couldn't go to school with it all ragged and chewed up, so she started to cut it! But then I whipped my head away and her scissors cut even further up. Now it's above my shoulders!

I don't dare go anywhere looking like this! I was soooo ugly to start with and now I just look totally hideous!!!
I wish I were dead!

DAY: Tiennath

Evla made me go round to Master Berlingside's place to cheer up Kryztan again. He took one look at my miserable expression and my new hair cut and he burst out laughing.

Now I wish
HE were dead as well!

DAY: Tiennath

Master Berlingside says that old Quillan is after someone who attacked his orchids with a blunt kitchen knife…

DAY: Wekkren

Think I've got away with the big Orchid massacre! As long as Evla doesn't hear about it I should be fine.

There's a scavenger hunt going on in the temple. They have one every year apparently. Mace says all the masters dread it because all the initiates are let loose in the corridors and the padawans try and stir things up as much as they can. It was first introduced to encourage the little squidlings to think and use their imagination. Problem solving, that kind of thing. Yoda says it's been going on for over two hundred and thirty years. That's why Mace thinks it's about time it came up for review.

Master Berlingside says that's because Mace is sore he never won anything!

Evla says my name has been put forward. Me! Can you imagine that??? With little brats running about the place, getting under my feet? Urgh! So I have three hours to kill before I'm forced into playing along with the crčche babies.

And I am tying a headscarf round my hair!!!

I'm going sunbathing on the balcony. Maybe I can get a slight tan instead of wandering around like a snowflake with legs!

DAY: Wekkren

No sign of Evla yet. She went out for a moment to order some provisions. I think somebody must have stopped to speak to her or something.

I don't mind! I can stay out longer! Mmmm, I love basking!
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