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DAY: Sounalth

You know, I could really get to like that Jay Abran fellow.

I really must thank him for all the jokes and stuff he's given me because this morning I tried them out on Sal-Fina and her stupid half-wit padawan.

I can foresee a good many emergency trips to the fresher in store for our fave master. And I hope she's fond of the color green because otherwise she's in for a bit of a shock! See, Abran gave me these tablet things to drop into her stim tea. She didn't look too great first thing (not that she ever does in my opinion), no doubt because of the carousing and…other things she got up to yesterday. Candyfloss brains looked a little better, so she'd better make the most of it. One of the other things that Jay gave me was a packet of dried sprinkles, the kind that she likes to put on her cocoa. Only thing is that these ones look perfectly normal but the effect they have…

I hope she likes worms.

DAY: Monlis

Back to school. Very, very bad day. Sophie pulled my seat away from me as I was sitting down, then she spent the rest of the day throwing flimsy darts at me and sending messages telling me I was going to meet with an accident some time soon. I wish Master Jinn were back, which is stupid because he wouldn't be able to do anything even if he was. That and the fact that I wouldn't tell him.

I don't want to upset him at all. I feel like I owe him so much already and that he'd be disappointed if I wasn't enjoying it where I am. So I'll just keep on pretending. They chased me again on the way home but I managed to hide from them until they went past. I got back quite late from school but Sal-Fina didn't notice anyway. She's too preoccupied with 'green' issues…

DAY: Tiennath

Got some respite from Sophie today as apparently her Great grand aunt has died and she's been forced to go to the funeral. I wish it was Sophie they were cremating…

I was told by Sal-Fina not to return anytime quickly after school because she had friends coming round. She gave me some money to clear off and buy myself something to eat like a Nerf burger whilst I was down town. The thing was that when I went to school this morning the weather was really warm and muggy so I didn't take a coat. By the time I came out of class the weather was horrifically wet!

Master Jinn says the weather on Coruscant is controlled. I want to know which Nerf's are controlling it. Not making a good job of it, are they?

After an hour of wandering round and staring at the fountains and watching people come and go in cantinas it started to thunder. I got drenched before I even managed to look for somewhere. Next thing I know some seedy looking drunk guy in a dingy coat grabs my arm and asks if I wanted him to show me a place to shelter. Something told me that wasn't what he really wanted to do. I have a lot of experience with dodgy characters.

I hung back a bit, and the next thing I know the crèche master (Evla: remember I told you about her?) was right beside me. She told him to go away before she informed security. He did move rather quickly!

I was really happy to see her, but she didn't look very happy to see me, which kind of disappointed me for some reason. She asked what I was doing out on the streets at that time on my own and I told her that Sal-Fina had given me some money not to come back until late. She looked really shocked. Then she told me she'd been visiting someone nearby who had a child being tested for midi-whatsits. You know, the stuff that makes you fly or throw thunderbolts from your fingertips. It was just a coincidence that we had met at all, and she said it was as well for me that she had been nearby.

Evla also muttered some very unkind things about Sal-Fina, and what a terrible carer she is! She was appalled that I had been left to wander in the rain. She said I could come back and stay with her for a bit until it was safe to go back to Sal-Fina's. Then she would be having 'high words' with the woman…

We got an air cab back to the temple, and when we were back at her place I got a good look round. It's not at all like Quiggy's place. It's quite brightly painted in warm colors and the furniture has got wine colored throws draped over them. There are some nice fluffy rugs on the floor. My toes just vanished in them! She doesn't have a padawan so her extra room is vacant at the moment, although she told me she was thinking of looking for a padawan in the near future. She made me change out of my wet dress and gave me her huge towel dressing gown to wear whilst she tried to dry my clothes out. I think I must have looked almost invisible, it was so big on me. You know that thing you get when you suddenly see a picture of yourself and what you must look like to other people? I reckon I looked like a Jawa, with these big eyes poking out from amidst this robe…

Evla fixed some food: salad stuff - but it was nice anyway - and we talked for a bit about how I was getting along with Sal-Fina and Ambianca. I gave her a catalogue of incidents and complaints as long as her arm, although I omitted the cupboard thing the other day. I'm going to keep that one for when I need it. Corellians always keep something in reserve.

All too soon I had to go back to Sal-Fina. She made me go to my room whilst she had a 'talk' with Sal-Fina and whatever she said must have worked because it shut the wicked witch up for the rest of the evening.

I think Evla's okay. The padawan who gets her for a master will be very lucky. Maybe I'll see her in the gardens tomorrow.


DAY: Wekkren

Sal-Fina's so worried by her 'green' problems that she's gone to see An-Paj. I think I might possibly have given her too much of the stuff, especially judging by the color of the sample she's provided. Not that I was snooping, you understand. But if she will be silly enough to leave it lying out on the shelf in the fresher room, I reckon that makes her fair game.

When I asked her about it she replied with her usual unfriendliness. So I made up some story about knowing a person who had the same problem. I said that it was stress that had been at the route of it all, that and drinking too much cheap wine. I wasn't sure if she believed me but sure enough, just before I went to school she decided she was going to go have a little lie down.

And I caught her pouring her cheap red Korrassi wine down the fresher…

School is becoming a nightmare for me. Sophie keeps loitering around between classes saying she's going to get me. The others are just as scared of her I think, because when she wasn't there yesterday they didn't bother me at all. The only reason they are picking on me is because they want to keep in with her. I'm sure they are wondering if it's going to be them next.

I'd like to fight back but Master Jinn gave me a big lecture last time on not taking the law into my own hands. How come it's alright for them to pick on me and get away with it? Surely that can't be right?

We did a lot of drawing and painting for a contest that's going on. Each of the teachers wants to win it, so they've picked the best people to represent them. Of course, I got picked. I'm quite good at that sort of thing. Sophie was glaring daggers at me.

She never got picked.

I managed to escape the usual mobbing on the way home from school because Sophie got caught pulling somebody's hair during our spelling class and she had a fifteen-minute detention. I caught my air taxi back with no problems at all, which was a bit of a relief.

I went round to the gardens and met up with Evla again. She didn't have any initiates with her this time and I said it was funny how we kept meeting. She just gave me an embarrassed sort of look. Anyhow, she invited me round for supper. Sal-Fina will be only too pleased to get rid of me, although if she finds out where I am going she might not be so pleased. I believe yesterdays little argument got quite heated. I'm going to tell her I'm eating round at Master Berlingside's place.

Sal-Fina had been to see An-Paj, who said apparently that her problem would no doubt clear itself up in the next few days.

That's what she thinks! Plenty more tablets where they came from!


DAY: Thronlier

I really enjoyed last evening. Evla's quite funny. I think she likes to laugh and also make people laugh in return. I expect that's what comes of being good with kids. It was going quite well, but then she started to ask questions that I really didn't want to answer, you know, about my background. She must have realized that I didn't want to talk about that stuff so she changed the subject quickly. It was alright after that. Then I had to go back to the madhouse.

Ambianca seems not very bright when it comes to lessons. She's already behind in her computer skills but for once I won't insult her because my maths is very bad. I was never good at numbers. We had a teacher on Nargotria called Fenula. She was clever; I've no idea how she must have ended up in that hellhole but I imagine it was the same way that I did. Merdan never really liked her because she was always very strong willed. I think he thought she had a big mouth. So, one day I was having my lessons and doing very badly and she was getting very frustrated with me even though I was trying my best. She'd had a run in with Merdan that morning. She was the only one who would stand up to him at all. Rusa always said that at first he'd admired that but then she got too bossy.

Fenula was asking me questions for multiplication and my subtraction/addition. I'd just given three wrong answers in a row. Merdan appeared with Levinstowe behind him. He told me to answer his question. Asked me what 'two minus one' was. When I answered 'one' he pulled out a handgun and then next thing I knew there was a loud bang and there's not very much of Fenula left to recognize. See, he'd got so annoyed with whatever she'd said to him that morning that he blew her head off.

He just said 'Smart kid' and walked away.

I never really got the hang of mathematics after that.

Anyhow, Ambianca's not too good in the 'think box' department. I even offered to help her with her computing but she went all red and went off in a huff. And Sal-Fina shouted at me for implying her padawan was thick.

Well, she is!

School: nothing new to add. I got chased again, except this time I ducked into a cantina until they went past. Master Jinn would have a fit at the idea! Still, it saved my neck and the locals seemed more amused than upset or dangerous. They even told me when it was safe to leave.

Sophie's getting more and more viscous. I'm a bit worried about what she might try tomorrow.


DAY: Firynar

Sophie left me a wonderful present in my locker. A dead rat. With a note saying
"You are next, vermin."

I can only assume the rat took one look at her and died.

DAY: Firynar

Sophie tried to flush my head down the fresher. So I hit her. There was a slight squabble and some of her friends looked like they were going to join in, but the alarm sounded for class to resume and as Ms. Stadpole threatened to put anyone who was late on detention it broke up before it turned into anything more nasty.

They chased me home as per usual. One of them grabbed hold of my braid and pulled it. I think my hair will probably all fall out as a result. Thank the gods it's the weekend, although Monlis fills me with dread…

DAY: Skielnath

Played cards with Master Berlingside and Master Windu. We both cleaned him out! Corellians really do possess a gambling gene, I think! Poor Windy, he was so frustrated at being beaten by a ten-year-old!

Dex seemed happy though!

DAY: Sounalth

Went shopping with Evla. I don't know why. I suppose I had nothing better to do. I don't have any real money of my own, something the other kids just love to laugh at me for. Especially Sophie.

I get a small allowance, but I feel guilty for even getting that! I'm the poor, impoverished Corellian that they all love to tease. Sophie's told everyone that I am a reject jedi, so now they run around asking me if the force is "with me".

Not very amusing after you've heard it for the umpteenth time.

DAY: Monlis

Sophie got another detention. She got caught shouting out that the jedi were a bunch of weird cultist, child molesters and rapists with no powers at all. Then she told everyone she hoped I was going to be pegged out for sacrifice. After she got fed up with insulting the jedi she started making comments about Ms Vram fancying Mr. Kingly, and all the things they got up to in the medical room after the alarm sounded to go home.

Luckily, Mr. Kingly happened to hear every word.

I've had the misfortune to live with real child molesters and rapists. I have barely enough charity left in me to hope that Sophie never has to suffer them they way I had to.

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