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DAY: Tiennath

All I can say is I'm glad that Master Jinn's not here to see this. I don't think anyone else has worked it out yet but every day I go to the gardens and every day these rampaging children go running about as if their shirts were on fire…

I believe my fears were well founded and that some of the LTW's have flowered and from what I can see are spreading their pollen all over the place. It smells really strong. They make Drek out of LTW's, you know? That's a drug that makes you go all funny. I'm sitting not far from a clump that's come up but I can't see what's so bad about it because apart from feeling a little dizzy it hasn't affected me at all…

DAY: Tiennath

Ha ha! The gardens are all sorts of pretty, swirly colors: blues, pinks but mostly psychedelic orange! There's this great big shaggy Bantha eating Master Quillan's orchids. It must be nearly the size of the temple itself…mind you it's making an awful mess. At least Quillan's lawns will turn out nice.

The sky's all lit up like a big multi-colored trifle! Huge green flamingos are dancing around the rim of the fountains! What a pity Master Jinn's not here to see this! I was going to go back indoors but now I'm going to stay here incase anything else happens…
WOWEEEEE! Big clouds of butterflies are attacking Master Montal! He seems rather surprised. Knight Kizzen hasn't seen them yet, I think…but old Quirida-Xac has! He's trying to levitate his chair after them…look; he's flapping his arms!

I think Kurtas is slightly freaked out by all the arm waving but at least now he's realized something is up! Look at the old boy go! He can move when he wants to…he's flying his chair all over the gardens and Kurtas is running after him! He won't manage it though. You can't outwit a Corellian!

Awww, Sith! He's talking into his comlink. Probably means he's going to fetch Yoda. Spoil sport!

Master Montal's narrowly missed hitting the Bantha but he's chopped the heads off Quillan's flowers!

Hey, even the flowers are dancing! The initiates are climbing all over the place. This is really great! You should see them trying to throw each other out the trees!

Looks like old 'Blue' and his team have arrived. Ferdi's trying to get the initiates down but every time she succeeds they just propel themselves up again! She's going to have to do better than that!

An-Paj is trying to pull Quirida-Xac down with the force and he's not having any of it! It's like a game of tug-o-war with an invisible rope and Master Montal's winning at the moment. Go on, sir! We can't have these healer types win!!! Yes, he's making a run for it…over the woodthorns…everyone chasing after him…An-Paj is determined to get his man…oh, whoops! Master Montal's crashed!

He seems deliriously happy about it though so he can't be hurt. Quillan's
NOT going to be happy when he sees the repulsar marks all over his lawn in big figure eight shapes!

Oooh, the Bantha's trying to charge Ferdi! It's probably after her big red knickers, which come down to her ankles! The healers are trying to sit on the initiates! This is all first class entertainment. I only came here to see if those plants had flowered.

I think I've been spotted! I'm going to lie low amongst the LTWs and then maybe nobody will find me…

DAY: Tiennath

Hey, they found me! Not fair! An-Paj says he's going to check over everyone who was in the gardens…does that mean he's going to check himself over?

DAY: Tiennath

Turns out I was right. The LTWs have been causing everyone nearby to turn strange in the head. The initiates have been tied to their beds until the effects wear of. I don't feel too bad but I am upset there wasn't a Bantha.

There's nothing to link me with the LTWs. The only ones who knew were Master Jinn and Ben. Well, I'm not going to tell them! Mace might wonder but he's got no proof. It's Yoda I'm worried about. He can tell things just by looking at you! Anyhow, I'm alright now and all the hallucinatory symptoms have gone.

I just wish the Ronto sitting on the end of my bed would stop stealing my covers!

DAY: Tiennath

Sal-Fina came to collect me (she didn't look too happy). I told her she was the most hideous hallucination I had ever seen!


DAY: Wekkren

I'm not making a secret of my dislike for Sal-Fina anymore. If she wants to be mean to me she'll get the same back and then some. She keeps throwing me out of her apartment! Most of the time she makes an excuse and says things like she's 'entertaining' people. Hah! I know the sort of entertaining she's talking about! Sometimes when padawan jelly brain is there she won't even make an excuse and she'll just throw me out.

If she tries anything I will be ready and waiting. You see I have managed to build up quite an arsenal of practical jokes (I won't mention who my supplier was…oh, well. OK. It was Ben's friend Jay Abran) and I am just waiting for an opportunity to use them. So, go ahead you scabby old Nerf! I'm waiting on you!

DAY: Thronlier

Lousy day at school. The kids are trying to intimidate me. They kept following me for some distance on the way home. They had to stop when I got to my usual air taxi to take me back to the temple but they looked rather murderous. Sophie's organized a gang to harass me because she knows that Ben isn't here to collect me like he usually does. I knew she was up to something.

Anyhow, I got back safe and sound. I didn't even bother going to Sal-Fina's place as I knew it would either be empty or she wouldn't let me in. They spent all of yesterday combing the gardens for the remaining LTWs and it's now been declared a hallucinogenic-free zone so I guess that means they are all gone. I went and sat by the fountains because I think the sound of running water is very soothing. Even then I couldn't find any peace!

There was a gaggle of initiates running around again (not drugged I don't think) all trying to escape the two crèche masters who were in charge of them. (Not that they looked like they were in charge, it seemed more like the other way about) The older ones were encouraging the baby squidlings to mutiny. One of the crèche masters got bitten on the ankle…

The other woman was staring at me for absolutely no reason at all, which I thought was very rude. I just stared right back at her. I think she got the message, although she did keep looking back over her shoulders at me as she herded the initiates together.

I had hoped that after being here for nearly half a year the novelty value for some of these people would have worn off but it seems like I was wrong. I hate being stared at. It's only one step away from freak pointing. If she wants to stare at something she should go visit the zoo.


DAY: Firynar

Sophie's at it again. I barely made it back to the air taxi this time. She says she set up a 'pest extermination' group to get rid of vermin like myself. I told her she should try looking in the mirror if she was looking for the Queen of the Roaches. Thank the gods I don't have school tomorrow. I don't want to show it infront of Sophie but she's beginning to freak me out a little…

Guess what happened after that though? I went back to my usual spot in the gardens and the crèche master was back! The one who kept staring at me! Not an initiate in sight though. She looked extremely guilty and it didn't take long to work out why. She was scoffing down several bars of chocolate! As soon as she realized she'd been spotted she turned bright red!

Anyway, she walked over to me and apologized for staring yesterday, and asked me if I was the girl that Master Jinn had brought back with him. She called me Jenni, so I had to correct the poor woman but I told her yes. Then she explained that she'd had to confiscate the chocolate from the initiates because sweets are frowned on in the crèche. Then she got embarrassed again at being caught out.

I promised not to tell anyone I'd seen her 'putting it out of circulation' provided she'd let me have a bar. I think she was grateful but a little bit wary of having rules for some kids and not for others. That kinda made me like her more but she handed over some of her stash. I could see her thinking 'she's so thin, she probably needs fattening up'. She asked me whom I was staying with seeing Master Jinn was gone away and when I answered, her face darkened just a little. I don't think she cares for Sal-Fina.

I think I'm beginning to like this person.

Oh, she said her name was Evla. She's younger than Master Jinn but some ways older than say, Knight Kizzen. Then she told me she had to go back to the crèche and that maybe we'd run into each other again some time, as the gardens were a favorite spot with her too.

I'm not mad at her for staring now. At least I've got some free chocolate!


DAY: Skielnath


That heartless, cruel, ugly…witch!!! D'you know what she did to me? She only shoved me in a cupboard!!! I was actually allowed in the apartment for once (yes, Sal-Fina
DID have an ulterior motive) so that I could tidy up whilst she caught up on some beauty sleep. Let me tell you there aren't enough hours in the day! She told me to wake her at three in the afternoon, half an hour or so before her 'guest' arrived (correct again - it was a HIM). Only thing was I was daydreaming a bit whilst washing up and I lost track of the time. When the chimes went I awakened Sal-Fina by pulling her about a bit. I've never seen anyone panic so much in their life!

She was running around and flapping her arms like a Hutt that swallowed a spicy frog. Then she took a quick look round to see that everything was clean. She said I'd done very well and that I'd have to keep out of the way for the next while. Then all of a sudden she manhandles me into the cupboard and locks me in! She said I'd have to stay in and keep quiet, and that she'd be back to let me out shortly after her guest was gone.

I gave the door a half-hearted kick but it was absolutely solid, and I have a bruised foot now as a result.

I considered making a
REAL big fuss, but there's no telling how long I'll have to live with the woman so I piped down.

I am so bad in little dark spaces. Ever since Nargotria where I got locked in the wine cellar, it just freaks me out totally. I was so scared; I was about ready to burst into tears of frustration. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that it would probably make Sal-Fina very happy if I did.

I lost track of the time completely whilst I was in there but I heard her 'guest' leave and I heard Ambianca arrive not long after, and mumbling and laughter coming from the lounge. That crotchety old stinkweed was talking about me! And do you think she let me out???

I was in there suffocating
ALL NIGHT because it turns out Sal-Fina and fluff brain went to take in a film and then on to a restaurant. Then they crashed out at some friend's place (I didn't think Sal-Fina had any!) The result was that I was let out that cupboard some fifteen hours after I was shoved in! I could hardly draw breath by the end of it all.

Sal-Fina's excuse: She forgot.

Well, let me tell you that when you are stuck in a situation like that you have a
LOT of time to think up means of revenge.

She'd better watch her back.

Jemmy (furious, and still shaking like a leaf)

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