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DAY: Tiennath

I've never been so pleased to eat in the temple refectory in all the time I've been here. It's not that Sal-Fina can't cook anything, it's just that she's made it quite clear that she doesn't expect to be doing anything extra for me so I don't eat with her and Ambianca. I can't say that I'm heartbroken about it. The site of those two munching away like two Nerfs in pasture would be enough to put you off your food.

I've already managed to get in Sal-Fina's bad books. I told her I needed to go back to Master Jinn's place and she told me to forget it and that if I needed something from my own room I should have remembered to take it with me in the first place. I just gave her a look - the one I give people when they
REALLY ought to back down for their own safety - and told her that was fine, but perhaps she would like to explain to Master Jinn why his plants were all dead from neglect.

Of course, they've only been gone a day but some of Master Jinn's plants are weird and need constant supervision. He's got this funny one that looks like a cross between a snail and a reddish-purple stone. It looks strange but I kinda like strange things. Master Jinn put me in charge of the plants whilst he was gone and I don't want him coming back and finding out they are all burned to a crisp.

Sal-Fina backed down but said only if she could supervise. So I had to let her in. I watered all the plants that were drying out whilst she had a good look round everywhere in the apartment! Can you believe the cheek of that woman?

She even 'borrowed' one of Ben's music disks!

Well, I'm watching her. If she does that again I'm going to speak to Master Windu. He will sort her out.

In every other respect I am trying not to make waves. I have to sleep round at Sal-Fina's and I don't want to make my existence any more miserable than it is.

I hope Ben and Master Jinn are okay. I don't think Quiggy would be too thrilled at the idea of me being stuck with Sal-Fina either.

I have an appointment with the infirmary to check up on my cough. I told Sal-Fina and she warned me that "It better not be catching". So much for sympathy. Then she said "Well, you know the way to the healers so you'd better get along there, hadn't you?"

She's on
VERY shaky ground!


DAY: Tiennath

An-Paj said I have to keep taking my medicine but that I was definitely improving and that I can return to school tomorrow. I never thought I'd be glad to go back to school but even Sophie 'Grunt-face' Digwurt is better than Sal-Fina's thin and contemptuous expression. I can't stand the way she looks down on me.

Know what she said to me when I got back from the infirmary?

I was sitting reading from one of my book chips and she just looked across from the chair where she'd been staring at me for about ten minutes. She suddenly declared that she had no idea what Master Jinn had seen in me and that it was probably to do with him being a sucker for a hard luck story. I said that I was really grateful that he'd taken me in (I was more annoyed about what she was saying about him than me at this point) and then she just smiled nastily and said he always attracted strays off the street and that he was the biggest fool she'd ever known in her life!

I was so angry with her that for once I couldn't think of anything to say back!

I couldn't help where I ended up. It wasn't my fault our ship crashed where it did. Does she really think that if I had a choice I would have wanted to stay in a brothel? I could have been brought up on Corellia like I was s'posed to with my brother and mother but things just didn't work out like they were meant to. People like Sal-Fina only see what they want and hear what they want. All she can see is someone whose got 'contaminated' written all over them. And I'll tell you something else shall I, diary? She's just jealous of Master Jinn and me!

So there!


DAY: Wekkren


I got to go back to school today. I'm still coughing and spluttering a little but I'm nowhere near as bad as I was before. Looks like An-Paj knows his stuff. Maybe too well sometimes…

Nobody wanted to sit next to me at school today. Sophie Digwurt has passed around a tale saying I'm contagious and have some kind of mutated Corellian germs. She says it's what I deserve because I'm so ugly. I told her that if we were rating illness in terms of ugliness she should be dead.

She didn't like that very much but it shut her up because she couldn't think of anything smart to say.

I've missed out on a lot of work so I have loads to do when I go back to the temple. I won't get any peace back at the dragon's lair so I'll sit in the gardens and try to do some studying.

We are looking at different languages and cultures for one of our projects. Our teacher asked us if we could speak any languages other than basic. Our new class teacher is a sweet old thing who I think gets embarrassed very easily. I don't think she's been married. Infact I don't think she has any notion of men whatsoever because if somebody mentions boyfriends or girlfriends in front of her she turns as red as a dillarberry. Her name's Ms Vram and she looks like she's about to have a nervous breakdown at any moment.

Anyhow, Ms Vram asked us to say a few words in any language and Sophie put her hand up and shouted "Kriff!" at the top of her voice. Ms Vram didn't know what it meant but you could tell she guessed it wasn't good. She turned a sort of mottled pink shade and asked if anyone else knew any words. So we spent the next half-hour trading swear words and curses back and forth whilst Ms Vram was stuck in the middle wringing her hands trying to get us all to stop.

I speak bits of numerous languages. The women on Nargotria were from different planets or were other species in some cases. I can speak a little Twi'lek, and Urdese, and Rodian. I know some ancient Alderaanian and Corellian too amongst others. I'm quite fluent in the latter. But the actual content is considered by some to be "a little strong", you know - the kind of thing you expect to find bandied about a brothel.

So once Ms Vram had recovered she asked me if I had anything to add to the conversation.

I replied "Kr'iam herth ap drusspan chol."

She complimented me on my rounded vowels and asked me what it meant.

I said it was in ancient Corellian and meant, "Look at the size of that thing!"

She nearly fainted.

Jemmy (much amused)

DAY: Thronlier

Between Sophie and Sal-Fina I am slowly being driven out of my mind.

Sophie got everyone to laugh at me when we all had to get measured (just like I said she would). I just wanted to curl up into a ball and die. I weigh the least and I am so small I make the ants look gigantic. Why am I not growing??? Maybe Sophie's right, maybe I am abnormal. Perhaps that's why none of the other kids like me much, maybe the can somehow tell that I am strange. I wish I could go back to my old room. At least when I was upset I could hide in there for a while but I can't do that because Sal-Fina keeps checking on me to make sure I'm not "doing anything improper to the furniture and facilities." I have
NO privacy at all!

The only place I have left is the gardens. I'm going there now and I don't know if I want to come back.


DAY: Firynar

Sal-Fina's up to her old tricks again. I caught her trying to sneak a look over my shoulder when I started to type so I stopped what I was doing and gave her my best outraged glare. She didn't so much as bat an eyelid! The woman has no shame! What Master Jinn ever saw in her I don't know. Must have suffered some kind of brain-fade…

I think she was raking through my bag earlier to try and find my diary because all my stuff was displaced as if grubby fingers had been poking about. I bet she wants to see what I have written about her. Well,
SHE WOULDN'T SEE ANYTHING GOOD if she did! Scabby old reptile…

How dare she snoop around my personal belongings?!? Quiggy will sort her out one day soon. Anyway, I keep my diary with me at all times now just to make sure.

I got back from school (after another day pawing the ground with Sophie Pig-face) only to find I'd been locked out! I spent an hour waiting outside the door but when nobody turned up I just hung around in the gardens again. Master Quillan keeps giving me the evil eye. The gardens are my second home and I think he's suspicious that I'm planning to do something horrendous to his sacred Corellian Orchids because I loiter about so much. He's the gardener, see? So, here I am. Stuck amongst the plants and insects again until someone can bother to let me back in.

DAY: Firynar

Master Quillan just came up and asked me what I was doing coming here every day. I told him I was enjoying the fresh air, looking at the plants and escaping Sal-Fina.

He gave me a very knowledgeable look and said "Very good. Carry on!" before walking away. It seems Sal-Fina's upset everyone at some point.

I doubt he'd be as happy if he knew about those Lucifer Tree Winder bulbs I've got planted all over the grounds…

DAY: Skielnath

When your weekend is taken up by worrying what Monlis is going to be like, you are in trouble…

I hate school. It's getting so bad that I just don't want to go at all. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to think about Sal-Fina and I don't want to think about Sophie and I am just fed up with worrying about everything bad that happens to me.

These days the only things that do happen to me are bad.

DAY: Sounalth

So, what do you think will await me tomorrow? Burning at the stake or slow, painful crucifixion? Damn Sophie!

DAY: Monlis


I can't help but wonder what's happening with Ben and Quiggy. I hope they are all well and safe. I get the impression that this mission isn't just a stuffy diplomatic task or else they would have told me so. The fact that Master Jinn never offered me any assurances points to the fact that there are none to offer in the first place.

Sophie's really beginning to get to me. I think she's planning something although I don't know what exactly. The looks she's been giving me in the last few days have gone from openly nasty to furtive glances, like a snake under a rock waiting to strike. Maybe I'll have to keep on my toes from now on just to be on the safe side.

I was in the gardens again today (what a surprise) when I got caught up amongst a bunch of escapee jedi squidlings. I believe they are known as initiates. Crèche babies more like. They range roughly from age 0 -11. Anyway, I had like thirteen of them run over me whilst they were playing some sort of mad game. I was kinda stunned for a while but I got up, slightly winded. I don't know what the crèche master in charge was doing but the one thing they
WEREN'T doing was looking after the kiddiewinkies running amuck in the gardens.

I really hate younger kids.

Actually I don't much like the older ones either.

Jemmy. (Bruised and battered)

DAY: Tiennath

We have a problem. Those bulbs in the gardens I told you about? It looks like they've started to sprout. Master Quillan's going to freak out if he thinks they might be a know. Suspect.

Sith, maybe that's why those kiddies were running about like sand hamsters on hot coals!!!
I have to go check and see if some of those plants have more than sprouted, coz if they've flowered there's going to be
BIG trouble…

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