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DAY: Thronlier

Started sneezing again. Looks like I'm re-infected. Just my kriffing luck! I hope Master Jinn doesn't hear me or else he'll be back…and right on cue, there he is.

DAY: Thronlier


I gave up and let him in. I feel ill again and it's not worth the effort. He said it was my own fault for not eating proper meals and that I had managed to make myself sick, although he wasn't being nasty when he said it. I said I was sorry again for the SPOOK thing, and then he asked me why I had lied and I had to admit that I was scared of that place and didn't want to go on my own. Talk about embarrassing! He said he understood but that I should have talked to him and not lied.

I wanted to argue with him but as he was right I would have just dug myself into a deeper hole. Anyhow, he gave me a small hug and told me that as a punishment for lying I was going to have to stay in bed until I recover fully. I can't believe I agreed!

So, I'm feeling ill again. I hope this doesn't go on indefinitely. I don't want to spend the rest of my life lying in bed and blowing my nose until it hurts.

And it looks like An-Paj might be dropping in again…

What did I say about my life and cesspools?

Jemmy (very depressed)

PS: He's fussing over me again. He says that he's going to bring me some herbal tea to keep my strength up.

DAY: Firynar

It was the tournament thingy today. I missed it because I was still in bed. To be honest I spent most of today sleeping as I still don't feel wonderful…just don't tell An-Paj that. Master Windu says the healers prowl the corridors looking for lost souls to torment and I think I believe him, going by what I've seen during the past five and a bit months.

Master Jinn looks a lot better than he did two days ago but he still isn't 100%. This is the excuse that Ben says he's using to explain their defeat this afternoon.

It came down to the last four pairs: Master Jinn and Ben, Master Windu and Nat Kendal (his former padawan), Master Berlingside and Kurtas Kizzen (Which Ben says put Kryztan's nose right out of joint) and Master "Noddy" Shoulf and padawan Erig Drayne. Master Shoulf is a big hairy guy of some species I've never heard of and he tends to communicate purely by grunts and snorts and nods (hence the name). Erig is a rather pale and quiet boy who rarely smiles but he can handle a lightsabre pretty well. The real favorites for the tournament were Jodi Mullicar and his master but Jodi got a burn on his wrist so they had to withdraw.

I think Ben fancied his chances somewhat with Jodi gone. He IS good with a sabre. Thing is with Master Jinn not feeling 100% and all the others upping their game, Master Windu wiped the floor with him. Ben was upset when he spoke to me, but when I pointed out that it was all Master Jinn's fault he calmed down a bit.

In the end it was Master Berlingside and Knight Kizzen against Master Windu and Knight Kendal. Dex beat Master Shoulf easily as the big guy got tangled up in his own hair, and tripped over his padawan, sending them both flying. They're both in the infirmary with minor burns and bruises.

All the smart money was on Mace, or so everyone thought. See, it would seem that Dex is actually a better fighter than he likes to pretend. Master Jinn says he 'perpetuates the myth of his incredibly average sabre skills' to throw people a bit, and it would seem on this occasion it worked coz Windy got his rump kicked well and good! He also said that when Dex can be bothered he's one of the best fighters in the temple, it's just that he normally
CAN'T be bothered. Sounds like a true Corellian to me! Quiggy says that the sight of both he and Knight Kizzen fighting back to back sends a shiver down his spine…

I think that was a compliment.

Sheesh, don't let Master Jinn know I call him Quiggy, or Qui-Gee! I'd die of embarrassment.


DAY: Skielnath

I don't believe it! I'm being dumped!

Master Jinn and Ben are going on some mission and I will be foisted onto some other person! Master Berlingside offered to look after me (which I wouldn't have minded so much because he's fun) but the council thought I should be put in the care of a female, so I'm getting stuck with Master Jinn's first padawan, G'emela Lothric.

Ben's never met her either so he doesn't know what she's like, but I've heard from various sources that she can be a bit bossy and pushy and…loud. Master Jinn seems a bit scared of her! I just know we're not going to get on. This is so unfair!

I knew this was going to happen at some point but I feel so sad already. They don't leave for another two days but it hardly makes me want to get better right now. I don't want them to go. Anything could happen to them and I get scared they'll be hurt or worse. I know I'm being selfish again but I can't help it.

Why did this have to happen?
Why, why, why, why, WHY???

DAY: Skielnath

The weather's horrible outside. Now that I can actually get up and about again there's nowhere to go. When I feel upset I hide in the gardens. I
REALLY want to go there right now but it's raining heavily and Master Jinn would be annoyed if I went out with this cough. They are starting to make arrangements for their mission and all I can do is watch them miserably. All I can think of is 'what if they don't come back?' I guess I've got more attached than I thought I would.

Oh, G'emela's coming back from a mission of her own. When she arrives, Master Jinn and Ben will be leaving so I won't get to meet the famed ex-padawan until it's too late. I feel so worried about this now that I can't eat anything. Master Jinn's worrying about me having dietary problems now. Just what I need.

They're not even gone and I feel lonely already.


ENTRY: Sounalth

Looks like I'll be able to go back to school soon. Won't that be fun!?! (Sarcasm may not be a Corellian invention but it is a speciality, as Master Berlingside likes to say). It's going to be really awful as they are doing a project on the human body. Do you know how small I am compared to everyone else? It is so humiliating! We're all going to be lined up and measured as well. Sophie is just going to love it. I hear enough 'small fry' and 'stunted' jokes as it is. I've tried explaining that I'm skinny coz I got really sick but I don't understand how I'm so small. I just didn't seem to grow much past the age of seven. I've been stuck at this height since just after my mother died. I s'pose everybody looks on me as a little kid or a bothersome little sister. Anyhow, nobody's keen to speak to me at school coz I'm not normal like the others.

Master Jinn keeps telling me that they are the abnormal ones if they get a kick out of other people's misfortune. He's right of course but I still get upset with all the teasing. I can't tell him that though because I'm s'posed to be a thick-skinned Corellian and just shrug everything off. I do try not to let things get to me and there's no way I'm letting Sophie 'Pigwurt' see any weakness in me.

I still can't believe they are going away. I'm really scared that they won't come back. I'm worried mostly for them but I'm also worried for me. I know that sounds horribly selfish and I hate myself for it but I can't help but wonder what would happen to me if the worst ever happened...

I don't want to even think about it. I shouldn't be thinking about it. Master Jinn says that 'thoughts precipitate action'. I don't quite know what that means (or if I've spelled it correctly) but I think it means that if you think it - it'll happen.

I don't have a good record with that sort of thing. People seem to drop like flies around me. It started with my father. He was a pilot in the Corellian search and rescue teams and his job took him all over the planet and the neighbouring stars. He was comming back to see me for my fourth birthday but his transport crashed into the sea. I don't miss him much because I hardly ever saw him and I have no clear memories of him at all.

My brother died on Nargotria when we first arrived. People sort of came and went while I was there. Then when I was seven my mother died. My friend Nadine told me she took sick but I've often wondered if that was true. She didn't look me in the eye when she told me.

Merdan would never have killed all the others if I hadn't escaped. He liked to make a profit. Getting rid of his workers makes no sense at all. It's difficult not to feel guilty most days.

I just don't want the same to happen to either Master Jinn or Ben, although I can just see Ben as an old man! Somehow I see him as a great survivor. I sure hope so anyway.


DAY: Monlis

Well, they're gone now.

They left a couple of hours ago for some planet I've never heard of. Master Jinn wouldn't say much about the mission except that he expected it might be 'of lengthy duration'. I didn't see them off at the launch/landing pad because I thought it might upset them, so I said goodbye as they left the apartment. I'm being temporarily babysat by Master Ashdal. I think they thought I'd be upset on my own so I have a nursemaid…

That's not fair on Vernice. I really like her and she's been kind to me when others haven't even bothered to look in my direction. She has a padawan called Tanni. He's Togorian and lots of fun - at least when his hair isn't falling out (which seems to happen a lot). Tanni is good at playing sabaac so we got a game going in which we used my hair beads to represent planets and possessions and stuff like that. I think I wound up owning half the galaxy. Tanni may be good but he's no match for a Corellian!

Vernice and Tanni are also leaving on a mission in two days otherwise I think Quiggy would have let me stay with them whilst I was gone. However, I am stuck indefinitely with the 'blundering Bantha', as Master Berlingside likes to call her. (I don't think he says this to her face though. I doubt anyone would dare!) So here I am, quietly awaiting my fate and trying not to miss them too much.


DAY: Monlis

Now I am really, REALLY worried.

The council have received a message from G'emela saying she was bust up in a silly accident whilst she was trying to come home to the temple and as a result she won't be able to look after me. The accident happened on the planet Klowda where there's been a communications blackout for days so it has taken ages to get a message out. Some kind of military take over thing happening there if you believe the news. I bet G'emela started it!

The council has been scratching their heads trying to find somebody to look out for me. That makes me feel great. Whatever happens now I'm going to be a burden on someone.


DAY: Monlis

You are not going to believe who I have to stay with….


I can't believe Master Windu would be so cruel! Of all the people in the temple he picked Master Falmar! I don't know how he managed it. I don't think either of them like each other. More to the point I know that Sal-Fina doesn't like me. I don't know why, it's not like I've done anything to annoy her…I think.

This is one of the worst days I've experienced since I arrived on Coruscant.

I've got to collect my things now and move into the spare room in her place. She won't let me take my toy Gundark with me either. I think this is because she looks like him when she sees herself in the mirror first thing in the morning and it might confuse padawan fluff brain who lives with her.

I'm going to smuggle in Snordle with me though.

Jemmy (thoroughly miserable)
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