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DAY: Sounalth

Ben thinks he's got the sniffles now. That would be ironic. He never seems to be out the infirmary as it is.

DAY: Monlis

I'm feeling better now. This time I can actually say it without fibbing. The medicine seems to be doing the trick although Master Jinn is
STILL hovering. I'm sure he must have better things to do with his time than watch me coughing my lungs up but he doesn't mind because he can sit and think of all sorts of horrible questions to give Ben on his next history assignment. I asked to be allowed out of bed and he said that if I continue to make progress then tomorrow I can get up and about.

I'm still not well enough to go to school because An-Paj says my armful of blood shows that my immune-thingy is still very poorly. I'm worried I might fall behind in class but as long as it keeps me away from Sophie the Gamorrean then I suppose I should be happy.

DAY: Monlis

Ben isn't sick; he's just imagining it. He thought he was coming down with something but it looks like it has cleared up. Master Jinn is very pleased because he says the idea of having to look after two sick children is 'too horrific to contemplate'.

DAY: Monlis

Guess what, diary?

It's five days since I became sick and now Master Jinn has caught my illness! Ben and I have been running around after him, even though I'm still not well and he keeps urging me to go away and lie down. But I'm just returning the kindness. He hovered when I was sick so now I am going to do the same!

Do you think he'd like a cup of herbal tea?

DAY: Monlis

Master Jinn doesn't look very happy. It wasn't my fault I spilled his herbal tea all over him, it was Ben. He made me laugh and I sorta threw it all over the place. I've tried to make up for it by telling him my endless supply of Bantha jokes. For example:

What do you get if you cross a Bantha, a cannoid and a book chip?
ANSWER: A shaggy dog story.

He didn't laugh very much.

Still, I put on my nurse's outfit to show I meant business. That only seemed to make him more nervous. I then put my foot in it by mentioning I'd heard Master Berlingside saying he knew Ben had a thing for women in uniforms…I covered up my mistake by innocently asking Master Jinn what he meant by that. He sorta turned a mildish red shade and said he'd tell me when I was older. Much older.

Course I know what he was talking about. You don't spend five years living in a brothel without learning the facts of life pretty quickly. I can't tell him that though. I guess I'm worried that he'll think of me differently if I let slip just how clued up I am about that sort of thing. I don't want to be seen as some kind of object of pity, or a freak. I often catch him looking at me sometimes as if he's wondering…but he never does say anything. He's curious about what happened on Nargotria and I don't think he'd like it if he found out the details. So for now I'm just playing the innocent schoolgirl.

Anyhow, now he's giving Ben funny looks so it looks like I've dropped him up to his neck in poodoo!

Now Master Jinn is ill it looks like I won't be going to the art gallery any time soon. I was looking forward to that. I like drawing and stuff. Ben said he'd take me but Master Jinn said he'd prefer it if we didn't.

No, actually he croaked "Not a Hutt in hell's chance I'm letting you two wander off on your own."


Jemmy (still with an unattractive red nose)

DAY: Tiennath

I was supposed to go back to the soul healers today. I should have seen Master Sidatu about how useful I'm finding using my diary. Master Jinn couldn't take me because he's still sick and he spent the majority of the day in a healing trance to make himself feel better. So I had to go on my own.

Only thing was that I kinda got sidetracked a little. Spooks make me nervous and I bottled out at the last moment and headed for the refectory instead. I don't know why because the food is awful there and I don't really know anyone else to speak to. Padawan Harkley gave me a wave from the other side of the room but he didn't talk to me and everyone else was giving me funny looks. Makes me feel great, like I'm some kind of escaped laboratory experiment.

Master Falmar was there with her airhead padawan called Ambianca. They look as if they've been cloned, although Ambianca's maybe not as good looking as her master. Her nose turns up too much for that. Master Berlingside said that when she was younger that Sal-Fina was extremely pretty. I asked him once if she was the temple catch and he looked put out and said no, that was him! I like Master Berlingside. He's Corellian and he's very funny too.

I wish I was pretty but I'm rather ugly. My hair is too wavy, and it's a horrible chestnut color. I wish it were black. Or pink! That would be good! I don't like my eyes much either. They are kinda weird to look at. They're a very red brown, nearly copper when the light hits them. The kids at school call me freaky eyes because they are so strange. I'm also very skinny and they tease me for that too.

Sal-Fina kept scowling at me all the time I was in the refectory. I don't know what her problem is. She doesn't seem to like me. The feeling is mutual.

Anyhow, Master Jinn is asleep at the moment so that gives me a chance to work out what I am going to say to him when he asks me how my session with the SPOOKS went.

I don’t think he'll like whatever I tell him.


DAY: Tiennath

Well diary,

I lied. I told him that it went okay and that I didn't have to go back to the SPOOKS anytime soon. He seemed perfectly satisfied with that and went back into one of his funny healing trances. He seems to be getting better quicker than I did, which isn't fair! I am still coughing up gunge even though I am up and about. Unfortunately this means I have to go back to school in a day or so. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing Sophie's piggy face, really I could.

There's a tournament thing going on in a few days. Master Berlingside is fighting alongside his former padawan; some guy called Kurtas I think. And Master Windu is fighting besides his ex padawan as well. If Master Jinn doesn't get better soon he and Ben won't be able to compete with them.

I don't know what possessed me to lie about seeing Healer Sidatu. I should have come clean about it when I had the chance, but I just couldn't help it. Now I am going to be in big trouble.

Jemmy (very worried)

DAY: Wekkren

Master Jinn found out about the SPOOK thing. I wouldn't say he went ballistic because Jedi don't do that sort of thing, least they're not supposed to. He sort of stared angrily through me. I'd rather he'd yelled but he just sort of turned into a block of ice.

Turns out Master Sidatu called him to find out why I hadn't gone for my appointment. I was just about to confess it to Master Jinn but I knew when I saw him standing there with his arms crossed trying to intimidate me that I'd got there too late.

I told him I was sorry for what I'd done but I could see he wasn't about to believe me in a hurry, especially when he said I was inconsiderate (I was the one who was looking after him when
HE got sick! I don't think this makes me selfish! I wasn't even recovered myself!) so I got sent to my room so I could 'think over my actions'.

Just when you think life is going great, something always turns up to knock you into a cesspool.

Anyhow, I'm staying in my room indefinitely. I'm probably not going to get any supper but I don't care coz I'm not eating it anyway on point of principle.


DAY: Wekkren

Kriff, I'm

DAY: Wekkren

I'm not going to let him into my room. He can knock till his hand falls off!

DAY: Wekkren

I don't care if it's my fault! I'm
STILL not speaking to him! He can't make me, even if I am starving to death.

DAY: Wekkren

I've put a chair behind the door so he can't get in. I know he could get in if he really wanted to but I have to make an effort here or he'll just think I want to speak to him. Well, if he doesn't want to listen to me I'm not listening to him. I'm going to lock myself in and starve myself to death and it will be his entire fault! I'll show him who's inconsiderate!

DAY: Wekkren

It's now half a day since I locked myself in. Course, I can't get to the fresher from my room so I had to do something rather disgusting with an empty dillarberry fizz bottle…

I'm surprised Master Jinn's not been back knocking at the door. I think he's decided to go ahead and let me starve to death. Well that's not very nice, is it?

DAY: Wekkren

Ben sneaked me some biscuits when Master Jinn went away for a couple of hours. I availed myself of the fresher and got cleaned up. I still have a red nose and I look even uglier than usual. Ben says Master Jinn is surprised at how stubborn I'm being but he says he can't make me come out of my room if I don't want to. At least I have a supply of munchies now, which should keep me going for a while.

DAY: Thronlier

One whole day now. I'm getting really bored. It's so not fair that he's recovered and I'm
STILL sick…if anything my cough's got worse again. I think it's come back, which would just about sum up my life at the moment.

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