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DAY: Tiennath

Scratch the last entry. I am back at Evla's place.

She found me eventually, not that I was trying to hide. Apparently the kid that choked on the candy is going to be fine and I have been ex…ex something or other. You know, when you've been cleared of a slur against your name. Excinerated? Oh, I dunno…but whatever it is I have been made it officially. Turns out that one of the bigger kids gave it to the brat, although Sith knows where he got it from in the first place.  When he heard what was wrong he confessed that it was him, and so I am in the clear. Not only that but I have been commended for saving the horrible creature's life with my "quick action and ready presence of mind," to quote An-Paj.

So I have gone from villain to hero in less than three hours.

I don't want to be a hero. I just want to be trusted like everyone else in here. I didn't think I had to earn that right, and even if I did, surely I have done enough to be given some respect? But people still see me as a Corellian street rat. They look at me and I can tell they are thinking, "Master Jinn must have lost his head to take her in."

I guess I'm not being very fair to Evla as I like her loads and loads, and I picked at the food she put out for me. I just wasn't hungry at all. Then I asked of I could go to my room. She looked disappointed - I think she wanted to talk things over with me - but she let me go anyway. So, here I am. On my own again.

I just don't want to speak to her right now. I might snap at her and say something horrid that I would hate myself for later. Better not say it at all.

DAY: Tiennath

I didn't make breakfast for Evla this morning seeing as how it caused so many problems yesterday. I got up really early and made my own breakfast. I don't need babying: I can fetch my own food. Evla got up five minutes after I did and told me that she had planned to make me breakfast but there was no need, and I told her so. Again, she looked disappointed. I think she likes having someone to fuss over and I'm not giving her the chance. Maybe she should rethink getting that padawan of hers. I think she's actually quite lonely.

I've always wondered how you go about picking a padawan. I mean, you have to be sure you've made the right choice, don't you? If you don't pick correctly you are stuck with your choice for a very long time! Do you go armed with a list of questions and the one who gets the most right is the winner?


MASTER: Alright, children. I'm looking at the results of the test I set you…oh, dear. The results aren't very good, are they? Celia, Midi-Chlorians do not live in the swimming pool…and Aliza, when I asked you to name something small, green, woody and deciduous I did not mean the answer was Master Yoda! Question three…basic mathematics. If I bought five cans of beans and added seven more cans of beans, what would I get? The answer is not chronic flatulence! Okay, we have a three-way tie! What is the answer to the following question?

Where is a padawan's place in life?

KID ONE: By his master's side!

KID TWO: Behind him, so if his master is killed he can escape!

KID THREE: Two paces behind, so he keeps the cold from his master's back…can I fix you a cup of tea, sir? And would you like me to clean your boots while you are at it?

MASTER: You've got yourself a new master, young padawan.

I think it must work something like that.

Anyhow, I'd better go to school. My com's got a message on it but I don't want to listen right now, not even to Ben or Master J.

DAY: Wekkren

Back to Master Windu again…I'm trying to be sneaky here. I want to spread my guilt around a bit so it makes it more difficult for me to get caught out with what I'm doing. It's not that I want to cheat them particularly but the man does have a considerable amount of gambling debts against me, as does Master Berlingside and one or two others I could mention, so lets just call this payback. It's not like I'll ever see the credits again from old Windy. He's as tight as a Gamorrean who's been pegged out to dry in the sun. I expect Master D.B will pay me back, that's why I have a bit of a conscience about charging anything to his account. Never mind, he's a Corellian so it's not like he'll mind me being slightly devious.

I'll have to be careful what I order though coz I know that Windy eats only certain kinds of carryout food. He like's duck fritters and Tooni-fowl legs deep fried in Brasel sauce, Sand Dune Pizzas, Nerf cubes and Corelli-noodles in black bean sauce and Shelep Fish and Takkini chips, with extra Takkini sauce all over them. Shelep Fish are wonderful in crispy batter, Corelli-style. I confess that I am proud to come from a planet that boasts the humble Takkini chip as their greatest gastronomic achievement.

Well, whatever. We dined quite well again at school today, although my thoughts were not on my work. I keep thinking about Master J and Ben, and how they are doing. I wonder if Evla had told them of our falling out? I think she might have done coz she looked worried and a little upset before I left. No doubt she wanted to get her side of the story in before I did.

I don't want to argue with Evla anymore so maybe that was a little unfair of me.

The message is still flashing on my Com. I don't dare look at it incase I hear Master J's voice sounding all stern and disappointed. I want to check how Ben is doing though so maybe I'll look at it later on. I bet he's eating just as well as I have this lunchtime! Maybe he's still sick…that would annoy him. Ben hates not being able to eat!

DAY: Wekkren

I've gotten into trouble at school, not once but twice so far today!

I was so busy thinking about my falling out with Evla that I managed to forget I'd left the invisible flame on in my chemistry experiment, with the result that Mr. Warlok leaned over it and burned his shirt underarm. I thought the other kids would laugh at me but instead I found them laughing with me. Mr. Warlok's a big, mad kinda guy with hair that pokes over the top of his open shirt. He also smells terribly of drink and body odor. As you can tell he's not everyone's favorite person so all the kids clapped when he caught fire. That just made him more annoyed so he kind of made a public example by yelling at me.

I didn't mind though, coz it was worth it!

Then Ms.Vram caught me daydreaming during history and I got another row, although she wasn't nasty like Mr. Warlok. She doesn't really have a nasty streak in her and besides, she's just too fond of Quiggy!

DAY: Wekkren

I haven’t yet dared to look at my Com. I'm scared that I'll hear something I don't want to. But Derry's got me his brother's autograph! It's on a flimsypic of him on the back of a swoop. I think that's maybe a little flash for someone who is in an unrecognized sport. I mean, going to all that trouble - if that doesn't say, "I'm great, I love myself, how about you?"… I don't know what does. I don't like guys who fancy themselves but he is kinda cute, so I'm prepared to make the exception in his case.

Oh, please. Please take us to that exhibition, Qui-Gee! You'll be my fave Jedi of all time!

First of all I will have to speak to him, and that's not going to happen whilst my Com. Is switched off…fester it! I guess the speed celebration thingy will just have to wait.

DAY: Wekkren

You will never guess who I just met!

I got back to the temple, kind of dragging my feet a bit. I was in no real hurry to get back. I've had enough being shouted at already today without adding more to it. Then suddenly this crazy female descends on me from nowhere and everything goes black and I can't breath! This chest like a huge wall is pressing into my face and however much I struggle I can't get away. All the time she's talking away about how much she's wanted to meet me and how much Master Jinn had said about me and how remarkable I am - which was very nice of him I'll admit - and I'm near drawing my last gasp. Well, I was about to expire when she suddenly remembers to let go.

Once the blurriness had gone from my vision I was able to get a better look at her. She's kind of plump without being vast…maybe slightly top heavy. I think swinging a sabre about might be a problem for her, but no matter. She had pretty strong cheekbones and a rather square but powerful body, draped in the usual jedi beige and brown. Not startling to look at but far from ugly. I hadn't a clue who it could be.

Then she puts a meaty hand on my shoulder and I nearly buckled under her grasp. I think the word is 'formidable'.

Whilst I'm struggling to work out who it is by looking at her features she actually gave me her name: it was G'emela!

Master Jinn's padawan G'emela Lothric. The one who Master Berlingside calls the 'Blundering Bantha'. (Whilst hiding under a table) The jedi who was supposed to look after me but got injured on a mission, which meant I ended up with Sal-Fina! I can see why Master D.B called her a Bantha. In her robe that's rather what she looks like! And talk! Can she ever talk! I hardly got a single word in for about fifteen minutes!

Eventually I managed to explain that I was living with Master Sovalla whilst Quiggy is away with Ben. She then walked me round to Evla's place, saying she'd see me back home - although I think it was to be nosy and have a look round. I think that's what Evla thought too because when she saw G'emela I think her heart sank. Knight Lothric certainly did stick her nose in to every corner and I reckon that Evla was pretty annoyed.

I'm staying in my room. I think it's safer.


DAY: Wekkren

I must have fallen asleep on my bed for a few hours. When I next woke up there was a flimsy note next to me on the pillow from Evla saying she had to go away for an hour or so to the crèche to do a last minute fill-in stint with the squidlings. So it looks like I temporarily have the place to myself! It was good of her to leave that note. I guess she didn't like the idea of me waking up and finding the place deserted.

Fester it! I've got schoolwork to do. We have to make a report for our wildlife project. We each pick a creature and then study it as best we can and we get to paint pictures for it too, which is the bit I like best of all. I have to decide what creature I am going to pick so I can start to research it in class tomorrow but I haven't got a clue what to choose. I never thought thinking could be so tricky!

DAY: Wekkren

Hey! Guess what!

It's snowing!!!!

I've never seen real snow before! Sheesh, I thought it was colder on the way home from school but I'd never have guessed…

I went into the kitchen to get something to snack on and I looked out the balcony window - and there's all this white stuff floating down in huge big dazzling looking flakes! Wow! It's so pretty! Some of them got stuck to the plasti-glass and you could see the different patterns they made. I've opened up the window wide open to get a better view of the blizzard we've got going and it all blew into the living area! Only thing is that the window sticks quite a bit and I can't get it to slide back! I don't think Evla's going to be very happy with me if all the snow continues to come in, so I'm going to pull the curtains a bit to see if that stops it.

This is just sooooo fantastic!

I'm going down into the gardens to get a better look!

Better go now, I need to be back for supper before Evla returns.

DAY: Wekkren

You know, snow is extremely fun just like they say! But it's so cold! Colder than I expected. My nose has gone bright red and it really shows up amongst all the white. My fingers have gone really red too, and it's so cold it stings! Brrrrr, chilly doesn't go far enough. I guess I should have put some heavy clothes on instead of just going out in my school clothes and bare arms.

It's getting quite heavy now and it's falling down my neck, which is not nice!

DAY: Wekkren

I wish Ben was here. We could have had a snowball fight! He used to tell me that they used to have snowball fights when he was an initiate and I'd love to have one but there's nobody around so I guess it's just me. Nevermind, I can still have some fun with all this cold stuff! I'm going to make a huge snow Yoda! I'd better watch out for Master Quillan though because he might not be keen on that sort of thing. Fun isn't something he approves of generally speaking, so Master Berlingside says.

Hey, maybe if Ben comes back soon and the snow is still about we can still have a fight!

DAY: Wekkren

I was going to make the snow Yoda but there's a problem: it's too white to see! There's plenty of it lying about on the ground and I was scooping it up but now I can hardly see anything except my own hands! White, white and more white! Kriff - pardon my language - I can hardly see you now, diary. I keep having to wipe you down so I can type! This snow's not all it's cracked up to be, is it?

Now, which way is back home?

DAY: Wekkren

FREEEEEEEZING!!! I think my fingers are turning blue and are going to drop off any moment!

DAY: Wekkren

I can see icicles when I breathe! I give up, I want to go back whilst I can still walk. Evla is going to go Sith mad!!! I really hate this freaky white stuff. Who invented it? Major design flaw, that's what I think! Imagine being frozen alive! Maybe if I fell asleep in the snow they'll wake me up in 1000 years and nobody will know who I am!

DAY: Wekkren

Kriff. I'm lost.


I just fell headfirst into a big mound of it! I'm going to have to stop writing now…my fingers will hardly move.
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