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DAY: Monlis

Gethin rescued me! (Although at that point I was so glad to see anybody that I wouldn't have cared who they were or if they resembled a vrelts behind) By the time someone looked in the room I was within moments of being flattened by a big load of storage bins. He couldn't get in at first coz some of the junk had fallen behind the door and then when he
DID manage it he couldn't see me because the lights were out! I thought I was gonna get left in there forever and started to struggle - nearly brought more stuff down on me! At that point I didn't care who knew where I was or that I was supposed to be hiding: I just wanted to get out of there.

When Gethin sensed I was in there (he said he could feel my panic a mile away) he had to use the force to clear a path from the door to me. He says he sometimes goes there to sleep between shifts if he can't be bothered to return to his apartment. He was heading off for a snooze and that was why he happened to be there in the first place.

NEVER thought I'd be so pleased to see a healer in all my life!

Gethin says they've been looking for me for the last nine hours (how long was I trapped for???) I asked him if Master Jinn knew and he said yes. He'd got my note from Ben and then once he'd read it went straight back to the infirmary to speak to me. Only I wasn't there…I think he'd assumed I'd gone walkabout like I did before when I was showing the Chancellor around (yeah, into the ladies freshers! Never lived that down). Then after the hours went by he began to get concerned. An-Paj said he felt certain I was somewhere in the temple so they started looking everywhere for me!

Everywhere except where I was…

Now I'm sitting in one of the consultant's rooms waiting on Master Jinn to visit. He's going to be sooooo mad at me…still it's not like he can send me away twice.

DAY: Monlis

He wasn't mad!

He read my note and said he was astonished at what I'd written. Then when he got to the infirmary and saw that not only was I missing but also my bag he became extremely anxious.

Master Jinn gave me a careful hug and warned me
NEVER to do it again. He said he couldn't bear to go through that once more, not after the last time. *

He wanted to know why I thought he was going to send me away and I said that because I'd been so stupid and gone to get my navel pierced that I thought he would be really angry with me and decide I wasn't worth having around anymore. Then I added that I had heard him talking to An-Paj and that he'd admitted that things couldn't continue as they were and he'd have to find somewhere else for me to live.

Quiggy looked a little guilty and then told me I shouldn't have been listening in - again!

He said that he wasn't angry and that he hoped I would learn from my mistake, my discomfort being punishment enough. Then he narrowed his eyes and said that if I did something like that again -
THEN I'd have cause to regret it. So it looks like Jemmy is on her first official warning. I just hope I can avoid trouble for the next few months!

I doubt it.

He went on to confess that he'd never for a moment considered sending me away but that he had received some very bad news, which was why he was so upset when he took me down to the infirmary. It seems that the council has decided to send both Ben and Master Jinn away again even though they've only just returned from a mission. They are to leave in a week's time. He asked if he could take me with them on this one but they felt I was too young and Windy put his foot down and the others agreed with him.

My only grain of solace is that if Quiggy wanted me to go then it won't be dangerous. And it doesn't look like it will be for as long as the last one. Some boring, stuffy diplomatic thing I think.  I begged him not to leave me with Sal-Fina again and he said he could cheerfully swear on his life that wouldn't happen. He's already contacted Evla and she's agreed to look after me once more. To say I was relieved would be an understatement!

But it's soooo not fair that they have to go away! Quiggy reassured me that it was the situation of being separated again that he found to be irritating, not me. So I'm not leaving the temple! Yaaaaaaaaay!

I don't think Master Jinn will ever know how happy that has made me.


*What 'last time' was this? Now I'm really curious. I want to ask him but after the stunt I've just pulled I don't want to upset him.

DAY: Monlis

I can go home just now although I will have to come back for a check up. Before I left I told Gethin that I was really glad he got me out and thanked him profusely. (I think I definitely have a crush). Then I said that his bed was in an atrocious state and that he should burn the mattress before he caught something off it.

I don't think he'd like to end up in the infirmary…as a patient!

DAY: Monlis

If I am better then tomorrow I get to got to that museum trip that got postponed from a month or so ago! Hey, this is wonderful! Ben doesn't look too pleased. I don't think art is his thing at all. It's far too sedentary for him. If it was a museum full of old bits of broken spacecraft and speeder bikes he would love every minute of it.

That's the good part. The bad part is that the place will be full of screaming kids. I don't think you are supposed to scream when you are in a museum but no doubt that is what will happen.

The painkillers and the drugs I've been given seem to be working so at least that is something.

DAY: Monlis

Evla is going to go with me to see my painting at the school! Looks like I'm going to be normal like all the other kids for once.

Went to school late today as a result of nearly being squished under those storage bins but at least the numbing stuff An-Paj sprayed on my tummy has really helped me. I could just kiss him! I'm almost happy!


DAY: Tiennath

Yay! It's a holiday on Coruscant! No school today! And the trip to the art gallery is today. I'm gonna put my shoes with the heels on so I'll stand out from all the other kids.

DAY: Tiennath

Drat! Foiled again! Quiggy says no heels, only casual shoes.

DAY: Tiennath

If I said it was an eventful day it wouldn't go far enough.

Ben fidgeted from the moment he got into the place. He got bored very quickly - I knew he would - and decided whilst Master Jinn's back was turned he'd get up to some mischief. He jumped up next to a display of statues that looked really lifelike and waited to jump out on someone as they went past. I confess it was partly my fault coz I kind of dared him! You couldn't tell that he wasn't a statue. He sort of froze himself rigid like he was listening to one of Windy's boring "when I was a boy" stories for hours and hours. (Dex's stories are never boring. Must be coz he's Corellian). Anyway, he hardly moved or breathed.

Finally a little boy walks up and down infront of the statues and stops before Ben, squinting up at him. You can just see the squidling is wondering if he's real or not.

Suddenly, as quick as a flash, the kid reaches out a grubby hand and - wait for it - grabs Ben in a VERY personal place! Poor Ben managed to get away but he certainly didn't look too happy! And his voice went all high as well for a bit instead of his usual up and down growl. Who'd be a teenager, huh?

Personally, I can't wait!

Ben went off to attend to his wounded, er…pride, muttering about little kids being left unattended. I thought it was one of the few times that I actually liked kids!

I accosted (that's a good word, I must use it more often) Baron Rez Kregley. He buys something each year at the exhibition (strange looking things like piles of permacrete bricks in random order or Nerfs in carbonite, that sort of thing) for sickening amounts of money. I somehow managed to get right beside him and I shook him on the sleeve and challenged him to justify throwing away his money on things he obviously didn't like. (His wife holds the family purse strings and let's just say she has no taste at all). I told him he should just buy what he likes and not the thing with the most expensive tag on it, and then pointed him in the direction of some very nice Corellian sculptures. Just as the poor man was reeling from shock I told him that if he wanted to do something useful for the arts he should set up an award for promising young artists, so that they could grow up and have taste and not do tacky things like flogging their unlaundered underwear on top of two coat hangers and passing it off as a masterpiece.

Whilst I was just about to tell him what he should say to his wife the next time she told him what he was to buy, a hand grabs me from the side and a thoroughly mortified looking Quiggy starts to pull me away, apologizing to Rez and telling me not to go causing anymore trouble. Like I'd do that?

Well, okay. Maybe I would.

Quiggy gave me that infamous look of his that means anything and everything - and none of it good. Seeing as how I was already on a warning I just sat down and sulked rather than argue. He seemed pleased with that and went off to locate the cafeteria. I was left to watch as the kids in the crèche area ran amok with their crayons and pieces of flimsy, all keen to continue with the art theme as the parents dragged themselves round the exhibits.

The person in charge of the crèche kids was a useless looking young adult. She didn't look as if she knew where she was let alone where her kids were running to. Some of them, like Ben's attacker were galloping round with big paintbrushes waving in the air. Great. My day away from the temple and it's full of scabby kids.

Then who do I spy by the kids corner?


I caught him drawing on one of the posters on the wall with a crayon he'd snatched from one of the kids. As I got closer I realized with shock that it was actually one of the original exhibits he was covering in bright orange; a picture of a woman with mad eyes that followed you round the room and a strange smile that made you want to smack her in the mouth.

She now has a ginger mustache and pointy beard.

Quite why Ben felt the need to turn the picture into Master Jinn I will never know, but when we both turned round Qui-Gon was standing over our shoulders, absolutely horrified. Mind you, so was Ben when I told him he wasn't drawling on a wall flyer…

Realizing that his padawan had defaced a potentially expensive piece of work, Quiggy did the only thing he could. He took the incriminating crayon out of Ben's hand, walked over to the little boy who was playing nearby, and placed the drawing stick in his hand. Then he told the boy to "forget everything he'd just seen."

The cafeteria was hurriedly forgotten about and we started to make our way out before anything else could happen.

Oh, on the way out I heard an excited Baron Rez Kregley explaining about his idea to introduce a new scholarship for budding artists. Wonder where he got that idea from, hmmm?

And his very unhappy wife was seen holding an inexpensive and garish Corellian sculpture.

So you see, it was a very good day!

DAY: Wekkren

I've got this sterile patch on my stomach to keep the infection away.  The healers wrote me a sick line which forced me to sit on the sidelines during our physical education class at school this morning (you could tell by the looks on everyone's faces that they were really keen to be back after the holiday yesterday - NOT!). All the other kids wanted to see what was wrong so I peeled back the patch (Quiggy and An-Paj would murder me if they saw me do this) and let them see the green ooze. There were a lot of groans and stuff. They all thought it was really gross but also smart at the same time! So at least they aren't picking on me now.

I'm really worried about Ms. Vram right now. I was cleaning up my workstation at break time and she spotted the holo of me and Master Jinn and Ben that I keep in my desk drawer. I feel rather foolish for carrying this about with me although I've only done it recently since Sophie was kicked out. Before that she would have stolen it from me and used it for darts practice. Anyhow, I like to have it near me so that if I'm having a bad day at school I can look at it and remind myself how lucky I am to get a second chance like I did.

She started to ask me all sorts of questions…how old was he, what his name was, was he married and would he be coming to the exhibition at the end of the week? I said it depended on whether he could get away from his jedi duties but that I had someone else coming with me instead anyway.  When I said the word "maybe" she virtually wrung her hands in delight! You see, Ms Vram's a little frustrated. I don't think she gets out much at all. Perhaps she's realized that time is passing her by.

I'm guessing she's on the lookout for a man.

And I think she thinks Quiggy will do nicely!


DAY: Thronlier

Ms Vram is definitely acting strange. She was asking all sorts of questions about the Jedi…she said she didn't want to embarrass anyone if she had to speak to Quiggy!!! My worst nightmare is coming true!

After Ben collected me from school I decided I had to speak to Master J. I never thought I'd see the day when I didn't want him to be near me but I felt that after all his kindness it was my duty to save his skin from the ferocious clutches of Ms Vram. I could just picture her in my mind following him round making big Nerf's eyes at him and leaving a big trail of drool behind her…yuck!

I didn't know how to broach the subject because I thought he might be upset when I asked him not to go with me. Infact that's exactly what it happened at first. He asked if I was ashamed of having a Jedi guardian and assured him that I wasn't at all ashamed of him. I made him promise not to laugh at me if I told him the truth…

I explained about the holo (which he smiled at - I think he was quite flattered that I would carry it with me) and that Ms Vram had seen it and had seemed quite interested. Quiggy said it was good that a teacher was taking an interest in their student's welfare. I then told him it wasn't my welfare she was interested in - it was his. He didn't understand, so I made it really clear to him:

He sat there looking absolutely stunned.

Then he laughed for the best part of an hour!

And now he says he wants to meet her!!!

I'm doomed, diary! What do I do now???


Day: Firynar

The big morning has arrived. I should by enjoying myself, being the center of attention but I am not. And all because I am worried that Ms. Vram will do something terrible and embarrassing.

Quiggy is still laughing at me. STILL!!! He says he's going to take a string of garlic to keep the vampire away from him. I don't think he's treating this with the seriousness it deserves!

Maybe if I stab myself with this kitchen knife I can get out of going?

Day: Firynar

Actually that seems maybe a little too drastic, even for me.

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