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DAY: Tiennath

We are doing first aid at school. I told Master Jinn and he thought it was an extremely good idea, saying that you never knew when that kind of knowledge would come in handy.

So asked if I could practice on him.

Suddenly he didn't seem quite so keen, I can't think why. Maybe I shouldn't have said I'd shave his beard off whilst his arms were bandaged up. Some people have no sense of humor! I told him it was pretty basic stuff, like splinting broken legs and things, just incase of an emergency where there were no healers, doctors or medics, say if you were stuck in the jungle for months on end and you'd fallen out a tree or something. Quiggy laughed and said he couldn't ever see a time when that sort of thing might happen but he relented anyway and let me have a go on him, although he also suggested I use Obi-Wan because he was more used to it than anyone!

Quiggy tested me on my basic practical knowledge whilst I set to work on his legs. He asked me what I would do if I checked him for a pulse and initially couldn't find one. I told him that I'd ask Master Quillan if I could borrow a spade and tell Obi-Wan to dig a very deep hole. Then he asked what I'd do if he was lying unconscious with a suspected heart attack. I said I'd check his airway was clear by removing his dentures…

He just looked at me.

I wanted to treat someone for real, not do these silly mock-up trials and I told him that. He told me that I had to acquire the necessary skills first or I wouldn't know what to do when I saw someone in need of assistance. I grumbled away for a bit as I worked on bandaging his legs, saying that I would never be able to treat anyone for real and then my skills would be wasted. I told him that I might have to cruise the streets looking for someone to pass out or break a kneecap or something. It was only a joke but I could see he took my threat rather seriously and steadfastly refused to let me out alone ever again. Evla had told him about the pervert guy who tried to grab me that day in the rain. Now he will never let me stray from his sight.

So anyway, I was getting kind of disheartened at not being able to treat any real live cases. Then the door chime sounds. Quiggy gets up, takes a step to go answer the door and falls over like a great big tree in a storm, hitting his chin on the table. See, I'd got a little carried away when I was bandaging his legs and sort of tied them up together instead of individually…

The bad thing was that Quiggy got a huge bruise and a slight cut on his chin.

The good news was that I was at hand to patch him up! Just as well for him, really!


DAY: Wekkren

There's a school exhibition coming up in a week's time to show off the pictures that we all did for that contest, back before Digwurt got expelled. The good news is that our class won the over all prize for just being wonderful. The even better news is that I won the top individual prize.

The bad news is that I'm supposed to bring my parents to the exhibition.

I was really quite pleased when Ms Vram announced I had won. I very nearly broke into a grin. Then she asked if I would be bringing my mother to see my work and I had to tell her I didn't have one. She looked rather flustered, and then she said she supposed I'd be bringing my father instead. I had to tell her I didn't have one of those either.

All the other kids laughed at me.

Sophie may well be gone and the fighting may have stopped but that hasn't made my time at school any more enjoyable.

I wish they'd leave me alone.

DAY: Thronlier

You know, there are lots of places willing to tattoo and dye and pierce young kids body parts but virtually none of them will do it whilst there's no adult there with them. How unfair us that?!?!

All I want is a navel stud! Something small and noticeable only to myself. But at ten years old I have to be accompanied by a grown-up! And can you see Qui-Gee agreeing to it?

There's one place that will do it but it looks rather seedy and I'm not too thrilled at the idea of going in there by myself. It looks as if it specializes in hard case spacers. I'll look really strange sitting amongst that lot waiting to get it done! But the thing is I can't back out now because I foolishly mentioned to Sharaeleth Mekkari in my class that I was going to get my navel pierced. She's about the only kid at my school who is speaking to me right now. She's nice enough, but she was so staggered that she went and told everyone else and now they will never take me seriously if I back out. If I do go ahead though they might be impressed and leave me alone.

Maybe they'll even tolerate me.

So, it looks as if I will have to swallow my fears and go book myself in sometime after school. Maybe tomorrow, coz Ben can't meet me on the way home. He has an exam of some sort that he should have sat before he went away on the mission. I still have some money left from my allowance.

It could be make or break time…

DAY: Thronlier

Well, I did it. I booked myself in. I waited until Master J wasn't in the room and then I made an appointment over the holoterminal. I go after school.

Too late to back out now!

DAY: Firynar

Well, what else can I say but…

I don't know what they were supposed to do to numb the area but I'm telling you straight, it didn't work! It was all I could do to stop myself from screaming the place down, and I think the arms of the tilt-back repulsar chair I was in have been scored and gouged repeatedly by my finger nails. It hurt at the time and by Yoda's toasting fork it
REALLY hurts now!

If you want to know if I regret having it done the answer is a definite yes!

The only good thing about it is that I can show off my stud to the others in my class now and they won't be able to say anything about me backing out like a scaredy-nerf.

In the meantime I am going to lie down on my bed with a bag of ice to put on my poor afflicted navel!

Next stop: ear piercing!


DAY: Firynar

It still hurts.

DAY: Firynar

Okay. It was a bad idea. I admit it.

DAY: Firynar

VERY bad idea.

DAY: Firynar

Tomorrow's the weekend. I should be out wandering in Quillan's gardens, inflicting serious damage to plants and causing chaos and mayhem but I don't want to go anywhere. Evla dropped in to see how I had settled back in with Master J and Ben, and to give Snordle back to me. It seems I left him on her bath shelf. I didn't even miss him in the excitement of going back! I feel really guilty now. I think she guessed I was in some discomfort because she's become really good at that, almost as if she can see right through me.

I'm still in some pain. Actually, quite a lot of pain. Who would have thought that something so small could hurt so much? She's asked Quiggy if we can go round for evening meal at her place and he's accepted, provided Ben finishes his studies on time.

I think we might end up starving.

DAY: Firynar

I was wrong. I should have guessed Ben would do his work extra fast if it meant there was a decent cooked meal in it for him!

I really enjoyed seeing Evla again. I mean properly, not just for half an hour every day or so in the gardens. It was nice to talk to her. The meal was good too. Evla's great at cooking. I'm sure her new padawan whoever it turns out to be will be pleased about that. Ben and I are stuffed full of chocolate pudding. I'm so glad Evla shares my chocolate addiction! Quiggy is that much bigger than everyone else so he can stuff food away and not feel ill at all, although I think even he was reaching his limit.

Evla opened up some of her Florizan wine: the stuff Ben and I got drunk on not so long ago. Quiggy refused to let me have so much as a sip!

The whole evening was very good except that when I went to the fresher room I had a good look at the stud in my tummy button and it's gone all horrible…sort of red and angry looking…

And yes, it still hurts.

I was in there so long that I think Quiggy wondered what was going on. He said he thought I must have fallen down the fresher seat…

I think that's his way of telling me I'm really skinny.

I'm still so annoyed at how little I am! It's really, really…urgh! I can't begin to explain how I feel. There's no Digwurt to taunt me anymore but all I want to do is look in the mirror and see someone normal. I guess that's kind of why I wanted to get my navel pierced. I want to look different to how I do right now. I want to grow up, not be a little girl. Everyone treats me like a six-year-old because I look such a baby. I want to have friends and not be picked on or ignored.

I'm fed up being ugly.


DAY: Skielnath

It's definitely infected. It's beginning to…well, I won't gross anyone out should they ever get to read this but it's going green and pus filled.

This is going to get me into big, big trouble because An-Paj said that I had to be careful of infections as my immune system is all upside down and inside out. I think this means that if I don't get it seen to soon I'll probably die or something.

Then again, it might get better and I could avoid a big row with An-Paj and Quiggy.

What should I do?

Maybe I could tell Ben? I trust him…it's just that I know if he thought I was putting my own health at risk he
WOULD tell Quiggy. I guess that deep down I like him for that. Ben's very honest with me. If I do something wrong he will tell me. If I've behaved badly he will tell me. I can't imagine ever falling out with Ben for long. I feel like I've known him all my life, him and Master J.

I'll leave it for a day. I'll treat it with all the usual antiseptic stuff and if it's no better…I'll face the music and go see An-Paj.

STILL hurts, by the way.

DAY: Sounalth

I'm in

No, not because of the navel stud (which is no better, infact it's beginning to smell rather dodgy) but because I was caught smoking cigaras in a vented cupboard. The smoke wafted up through the grills and along towards where Yoda was giving an initiates lecture!

He sent Windy to investigate and I got caught.

See, the cigaras weren't mine. Well, they were in a manner of speaking. I didn't buy them; a master gave them to me. I don't know who he was except his name was Fin something or other. I think he was in his sixties, maybe? He has sort of grey white hair with dark streaks in it and brown eyes, and a kind of hooked nose. I met him on the way up to the residential area, back from the gardens where I'd been speaking to Evla. Suddenly this head popped round one of the doors and called me over. He looked very nervous and said he'd been told by An-Paj to cut back on the amount of cigaras he smoked and that his wife had her eye on everything he did incase he broke his pledge to stay off them. The next thing I know I can hear this female bellowing his name in the background… well, she didn't sound like a barrel of laughs so I agreed to take them off him before she came over to see what he was doing.

So, I just had to try one.

Nadine used to smoke but I never really fancied trying it to be honest. I sort of like the idea of having lungs that can breathe properly. Hey, I have enough medical problems as it is without adding to them! But all the other girls smoked. And I'm not a prude. When you've lived my kind of life you can't really afford to be a prude. Smoking or drinking can sometimes be one's only pleasure. Why take that away?

Levinstowe used to smell of the really horrible Corellian stuff. Maybe that's why I never liked the idea, because it reminds me of him. But Nadine always used to say to try everything three times. First to see if you like it, second to see if your first impression was correct, and the third because your second impression may have been prejudiced by the first. So I went into one of the storage units in the walls…

Master Jinn was so unhappy with me. He wanted me to say where I'd got them from but I felt it would be wrong to rat on someone. I just told him it was someone from the temple and that I wasn't going to say anything else. So guess who got sent to their room again until they were prepared to give names?

Looks like I won't be going to see An-Paj after all.

Being grounded has its good points!
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