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DAY: Skielnath

I went to see Flint today. I'm constantly surprised at just how big she is! I know Wookiee's are big but I think she must be big even for one of her race. I was introduced to her relative, another towering creature by the name of Gussie. They were in the middle of a family get together so I told Flint I wouldn't disturb her for long and I gave her a painting I'd done of a forest scene on Kashyyyk. (Well, it could have been Kashyyyk. I've never been there before but to me one tree is very much like another so I don't suppose she noticed). I've been told that for someone my age I'm quite skilled at drawing and painting, and that I have an eye for detail. When I grow up I think I'd like to design clothing. That way I can
REALLY shock Master Jinn!

Anyhow, I spent what was left of my money on getting the picture framed, and do you know I think Flint was quite moved. I got another hairy hug; followed by several more hairy hugs…I think this means I'm an honorary Wookiee or something. An 'honor daughter' I think it's called. Least that's what I think Flint said, if my translator was working.

So. I am now the galaxy's smallest ever Wookie.

To celebrate this I was given a small mug of watered down Wookie hooch. They did that so that I wouldn't get drunk, or sick or possibly die (I believe it's happened before) and I had to agree with them. Dying on your guests is very bad mannered. I've been drunk before not so many months ago…I was as sick as dog, for which I blame Ben. Master Jinn also blames Ben so we can't both be wrong! Ben fibbed and said that I was Corellian and that drink would have no effect on me. Miserable Sith!

This time I am fine. I explained to Evla that the reason that I was escorted back to the temple by a congregation of Wookies was not because I couldn't walk by myself but because they didn't want me wandering about the streets on my own. I explained that I smelled of alcohol not because I was drunk but because I had been in a cantina, where Mungo (another Wookie) works. I then told her that my vision was absolutely fine and promptly walked into a door. Well, the other one beside it was closed!

Evla folded her arms and told me that the reason she was going to be up all night clearing away vomit was because of Wookiee Hooch. I told her in that case she shouldn't have been drinking.

I think I got sent to my room to sleep it off but I don't remember too much about it. The last thing I remember was a bunch of shame faced Wookies trying to explain to Evla that they had misjudged the water to hooch ratio…

But I wasn't sick at all! I had a wonderful nap. Maybe Ben's right after all…maybe I'm becoming immune! Can't wait to try my theory out!

DAY: Soulnath

Sometimes things happen that are difficult to explain.

Evla's decided to redecorate a little in anticipation of getting a new padawan. Nothing garish or too bright, but having said that she is a crèche master and is used to all the bright colors the kids use in their paintings so she tends to avoid all the standard, beige and browns and creams that all the other jedi go for. She settled for a nice warm, fuzzy not-quite-peachy color in the bedrooms. I told her that in that case she'd better make sure she chose a female padawan!

I offered to help but she said that as I had to study (I have an essay that should have been done but the hooch sorta got in the way) I may as well go out in the gardens away from the paint fumes, so I left her to it.

I'd been there about an hour or so, and it was quite pleasant weather, so I put my books down for a bit and closed my eyes. I was getting drowsy but not yet asleep, and the sound of the fountain was really relaxing. I'd got most of my essay done and I was trying to think of how to finish it off but it was just so comfortable in the gardens, you know?

Next thing I know there's this shadow blotting out the sun and it goes all cold. I must have mumbled something about the lousy weather on the planet and then rolled slightly onto my side. Then moments later I get this mad tickling under my chin like there's a bug or some insecty thing clambering over my face! Urgh! Well, I wasn't having that so I sat up and tried to swat the thing away from my face. Do you know what it was?

Master Jinn!

He said he'd been sitting there for the last ten minutes trying to wake me up as gently as possible, so he'd picked a Corellian daisy and had started to tickle me under my chin! My first reaction was to tell him that old Quillan would be after him for picking his flowers, then I just settled for giving him a giant hug just like I had Evla the day before! He told me he'd been back for a few hours but he'd had things to attend to, like a council debriefing and - wait for it - getting Ben to the infirmary.

He's going to be okay though. It seems he was safe enough on the mission but carelessly managed to electro-shock himself on the journey back…

Silly boy!

He said he was glad to find out that Evla was looking me after as she was a nice person and had been a good friend to him in the past. I didn't tell him about Sal-Fina. I'll let Mace explain that one away, if he can…

So, it looks like I am going back to live with Quiggy. I feel strangely uncomfortable about leaving Evla behind like that. I know she's not too far away but I will miss her. I liked living with her too.

Oh, he spotted the new hair cut. I think he was as enthusiastic about it as I am, which is to say 'not very much'. It makes me look even younger and more of a baby than before. Infact Master Windu said it made me look "cute".

URGH! I don't do cute! I'm Jemmiah!

And it looks like I owe Nadine an apology. Her flimsy 'wish letter' works after all.

Bless you Nadine!


DAY: Soulnath

I moved back in with Master Jinn. Evla said that was probably for the best and that Quiggy would want me back with him, and anyway it would mean she could decorate the bedroom for her new padawan. I wished her good luck and said I hoped she would find someone really nice. She looked a bit upset that I was going so I told her that I would still see her in the gardens if she ever wanted to talk to me. That seemed to cheer her up.

Anyhow, I moved my stuff back into the spare room. It would seem Evla told Quiggy that I was being (badly) looked after by Sal-Fina because the next thing I know he's on the holoterminal demanding an explanation from Windy as to why I was put with Sal-Fina in the first place. Mace stammered a bit and then he said he'd explain later on when Master Jinn had calmed down.

He knows about the Digwurt affair as well, worst luck. Now he feels guilty for leaving me at all. I don't like it when he feels bad like that. I always seem to cause trouble for people, but then again Corellians usually have that knack.

I'm going to visit Ben in the infirmary soon. An-Paj thinks that he can be released tomorrow. I'm looking forward to speaking to him. I've really missed Ben.

DAY: Soulnath

I went with Quiggy to the infirmary. I think I'd better explain a little about how the infirmary works.

There are loads and loads of healers milling about the place. You can train as a healer but that doesn't necessarily mean you will work in the infirmary once you are a knight. There are posts and positions all over the galaxy for jedi healers. But it does seem that the best ones remain in the temple.

Anyhow, An-Paj rules the infirmary. I don't know how people reached this conclusion because there are so many healers but everyone bows to An-Paj. It's HIS infirmary. Maybe he has more mid-whatsits than everyone else does and he's better at poking and prodding people than the others but for whatever reason he is the big boss man. He's not dictatorial though; he's really nice.

But he likes to joke about a lot to ease any tension. Quiggy once said he has macabre tastes. I think that means he has coffin humor, and not that he eats people.

The one you've really got to watch out for is Ferdi Xadaani. She isn't terribly fond of children in general, which I'm told stemmed from the time when an initiate sunk his teeth into her arm just as an experiment to see if healers bleed. (They do, incase you were wondering). Sometimes she can be a touch blunt and rough if she doesn't like you too much, and she's
VERY thorough. Mind you she's seen so much of Ben over the last few years that I suppose he's like an old friend.

Gethin's my fave. He's
REALLY good looking. I suppose I shouldn't be saying that at my age but he is handsome. He's got this lovely floppy hair and these molten green/gold eyes…

Simeon's good for a laugh. If you're feeling miserable he will do his best to put a smile on your face. Just
DON'T mention Dimallie to Ben. He's still smarting over the sports day fiasco.

Oh, and that Healer P'lila sneaks in from time to time. She sticks her head round as if she were making sure the coast is clear…almost as if she were afraid of Master Jinn or something, which is silly coz he's a real pushover! You've just got to know when to back down, that's all. I think I've got him trained though. For example this is what happened yesterday when I deliberately coughed to see what his reaction would be.

QUI-GEE: Was that a cough?

JEMMY: No sir.

QUI-GEE: It sounded like one to me.

JEMMY: Well, maybe a little one.

QUI-GEE: Because I don't want you getting sick like last time. You know what An-Paj says. The slightest cough or cold is enough to…

JEMMY: Yes, I remember. But I'm really fine right now, thanks.

QUI-GEE: If you're sure. How's that assignment on wildlife on Coruscant coming along?

JEMMY: Fine. I've made a start on it like you said to, even though I've got a week to do it in.

QUI-GEE: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


QUI-GEE: I heard that!

JEMMY: It's not too bad.

QUI-GEE: Yes, but it might turn out bad. No more work for you young lady. Get to bed and have an early night. I'll see if I can look out some more of that medicine An-Paj gave you…

JEMMY: Yes sir! Thank you!

As you can see from the above, it worked.

Ben was looking depressed when we got there. It might have been my imagination but his very short hair seemed to be sticking up even further, maybe because he'd been electro-shocked. And all manner of metal things have been flying across the room and sticking to him like he was a giant magnet. I thought I’d try to cheer him up, you know, the way An-Paj does. So I hailed him with a "Hallo, Ben! Stuck your fingers in any more power sockets?"

It didn't seem to cheer him up any, so I dangled a bunch of grapes enticingly at him and that did the trick. They were gone within five minutes of my arriving, and the greedy Gamorrean didn't offer me a single grape!!!

He asked me how things were at school. Master Jinn wouldn't have had the chance to tell him anything about Sophie so somehow he guessed something was wrong, I still don't know how. When I told him that I'd been hospitalized he grew very quiet, then he went into big brother mode and told me he was going to meet me from school everyday until I turned seventeen!

Normally that sort of intervention would have earned him a kick in the shins but to be honest I was grateful, and a little amused. He's almost as bad as Master Jinn the way he frets and fusses about me.

My own brother is long dead, but I couldn't wish for a better replacement than dear Ben. He and Quiggy are my only family now.

But I still would have liked a grape!


DAY: Monlis

They let Ben out today. I don't think I've ever seen anyone move so fast in my life as when An-Paj said, "You can go, Obi-Wan."

Actually, what he said was "You can g-"

He was already out the door and running for the turbo lift. Which was a pity because he was only wearing his pajamas…

Quiggy wanted to know if I had any official complaints to make against Sal-Fina (something tells me there's more to it than simply taking the scraggy old vrelt to task for her treatment of me) and I answered him "Not yet." He was puzzled but you see I'm sure that the witchy woman will cross me again sometime so I'm leaving myself some room to maneuver.

Windy came round to explain the Sal-Fina thing. He said that she owed him a really big favor, that nobody else came forward to look after a non-force sensitive child and (get this!!!) the council thought it would be a good experience for Sal-Fina!

It's great to know I'm one of Yoda's experiments, huh?

Quiggy's still not pleased with Mace, but I know what he's attempting…just like me! He's going to hold this one against Windy until the next time he needs a favor doing and then he's going to call in the debt!

And Quiggy wonders where I get my deviousness? Ha ha!

He very cautiously revealed a plan of his for sometime in the near future. He wants to take Ben and me away on a vacation. I mean a
REAL vacation, not just tagging along on the back of a diplomatic, dull, stuffy mission. He's talking about going to Korrassi to do some fishing and lazing on the banks. Something about an ancient feud between himself and a giant killer Pike called Peregrat. I think this fishy is the proverbial one that got away, coz Master Jinn reckons that it's sitting in this lake having a laugh at him. How mad is that? For a jedi, Quiggy can sure get carried away sometimes.

Anyhow, men just love to exaggerate things, so Nadine told me. I think this is a case in point. This Peregrat of Quiggy's is probably the size of a tadpole.

I don't want to dampen any of Master J's plans but I don't really want to leave the temple for any length of time either. Sometimes I feel nervous just setting foot on the streets, but the idea that Merdan's out there just waiting to pounce won't leave me alone. I couldn't go back to that sort of life, I'd sooner die. Thing is I can't tell him that. Anyway, knowing Merdan he'll just do something cheerful like shoot me when I'm not looking.

Maybe I could as Quiggy about getting my navel pierced! On the other hand I think the answer would be no…perhaps I could just get it done anyway? With a bit of luck he will never find out!

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