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DAY: Wekkren

Still not back. Where can she have got to?

DAY: Wekkren

Fell asleep. Now I am burned to a crisp and it hurts to move. She expects me to go on a stupid scavenger hunt after this? Phew, I'm roasting!

DAY: Wekkren

Ow ow ow ow ow ow! Just tried putting my top back on and it hurts big time! It's not fair, I didn't mean to fall asleep! And where is Evla?

Better still, where is the after sun lotion?

DAY: Wekkren

Couldn't find the after sun lotion and my skin is all hot and tight. Evla came back a few minutes ago and asked if I am alright, as she thought I was screwing my face up a lot. I told her I was fine.

Yaddle stopped her in the corridor, talking about padawans. She had Evla cornered for over an hour and a bit!

DAY: Thronlier

Master Berlingside spotted me looking miserable and told me not to bother about the list for the scavenger hunt as he says he's going to make sure that I win!

I like Dex. He's my kind of guy!

And if you believe temple gossip there are quite a few ladies out there who think the same!

DAY: Firynar

Well, I won the scavenger hunt!!! Who needs the force when you have a good Corellian brain on you?

I dashed about (as much as I could, having been burned alive) trying to find things on the list. Most of it was okay but there were one or two things that were kinda tricky.

For example: a set of teeth. Where was I supposed to get them?

Master Berlingside was a great help just like he promised. Know what he did? He ran down to the infirmary and pulled out Quirida-Xac's false teeth from his mouth, wrapping them up in a tissue! So I got my set of teeth after all.

Master Amaline was judging this year, helping to tick off the items as they were counted. I don't think Master Montal's slavery dentures were quite what she was expecting…

It was only later on that I realized that most of the other kids had brought combs to represent a set of teeth. Oh, well! Dex's idea was much more fun!

I think he might possibly be in trouble. One of the items on the list was a stick. I sent him to go find me a stick, and what does he come back with? A walking aid! All the crèche monsters were running around with twigs from the temple garden but Master D says that Corellians have to think big so he got that one instead. Gilda's eyes flew open when she saw it!

Turns out I was just one item short of winning outright. I had to find something shiny before the other kids came back with something so I ran to the corridor where Mace was standing, grabbed him by the hand and shouted "Master Windu! Come quick, it's and emergency!" He was only too pleased to get away from the other kids as I dragged him through towards Gilda. I pointed at his head and told her I'd found something shiny.

Every master in the room broke down in tears of laughter, except for Mace. Dex just about collapsed, and Gilda has started to call him Master Shiny now…

So, it worked out in the end. I am now the winner of the scavenger hunt.

DAY: Firynar

Master D is looking nervous. He says he's just going to return Yoda's stick to him…

DAY: Firynar

Evla was so proud that I'd won that she made me all my fave food for supper. Thing is that I felt too awful to eat it. Turns out I have minor heat stroke and bad sunburn on my arms and upper body.

And it hurts!

DAY: Skielnath

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up even uglier than you did the day before? That's what happened to me.

I don't understand it at all. I mean, I was hideous enough to start with so it's hardly fair to make me look worse! I asked Evla if she thought I was ugly and she said no way but then she would say that, wouldn't she? She's a crèche master and she must be used to seeing ugly kids by the dorm full. I bet I'm the ugliest of the lot though.

I spent a fair amount of time rubbing in more cream in the hope that my skin won't hurt as bad as it did. It's still sore but I can just about manage.

DAY: Sounalth

Get this! I've just blackmailed a council member!

Windy came round to see Evla about perhaps not letting me visit Master Berlingside and Kryztan so much - he thinks that as he stole Yoda's stick and Quirida-Xac's teeth he's not a good influence on an impressionable child - when he spotted my vase full of Corellian Orchids on the table. He challenged me to tell him where they'd come from and I refused to say. He said if I didn't tell him he was going to fetch Master Quillan to identify them. So I fed them into the waste disposal unit before his eyes and told him to get some evidence if he could!

It would have worked too if he hadn't spotted the painting I had done of them on the table. He snatched it away and said that he had his proof, especially seeing as how I'd initialed it with a bold 'J.G' in the bottom left corner.

Well, I knew I was going to be in mega trouble if I didn't stop him so I had to resort to blackmail. I told him that if he showed that picture to Quillan I would tell Yoda about all the nasty things he'd said about him to Master Jinn behind his back (which I happened to overhear one day when supposedly studying) and the rather suggestive and scandalous things Yoda would like to do with Yaddle!

I've never seen anyone go rigid with shock like that before. I told him that he'd better be careful what he said in future as you never knew when impressionable children were around (and he thought Dex was bad?) and that if he forgot the flowers and my trips to the Berlingside residence then I wouldn't tell Yoda a thing.


For a moment I thought that he was going to refuse, but I guess he was visualising what Yoda would do with his stick so he grumbled and moaned and agreed to drop the matter.

For a council member I think Mace is very corruptible.

Evla walked in and saw him with my picture and wondered what he was doing. I told her that Master Windu was so taken with it that he had agreed to buy it from me for fifty credits! He got so flustered that he had to pay up! I'll get Evla a proper bunch of flowers this time and still have money left over.

So although I am slightly uglier than yesterday, I am slightly richer too!


DAY: Monlis

Back to school. Now everybody is feeling awkward or too scared to talk to me (not that they did much before) and there's a lot of nudging and whispering going on. I'm still getting funny little looks aimed in my direction, only this time they aren't viscous, they're embarrassed. I sat in my usual seat at the back of the class and quietly got on with my work. Then I decided to spend my break in class too so I wouldn't have to speak to anybody. Just me in an empty room full of vacant work stations.

But guess what? Sophie's was the emptiest of the lot!

I'm visiting Flint later on this week. Maybe I'll buy her something with my left over 'Mace' money to say thanks for her help. I've also decided to ask Master Garractachuuk (the old Wookiee master) for lessons in Wookiee speak. That way I might pick up the language quicker.

Still no word from Quiggy and Ben. I don't want Evla to think I'm ungrateful or anything for taking me in so I try not to mention them as often as I'd like.

Which would be nearly every second minute…

I sometimes think it must be tough being a jedi. Hardly any of them marry (An-Paj sort of did that for everyone). Hardly any of them have children (again, see my earlier answer regarding An-Paj). Being away so often and not seeing your partner for great lengths of time…

Hang on. That might be a bonus depending on whom you were hitched to!

It's a pity because I can just see Quiggy as a henpecked husband! Of course, the jedi don't stop you from seeing people if you want to, which is just as well for Ben because in a few years he's going to discover girls and then Quiggy will have problems! See, short of putting things in the temple food to calm down their, er…masculine urges…boys will be boys.

Actually, maybe they are putting stuff in the temple food. That would just about explain how come it's so rank! Urgh! (Mind you, if Master Sexy Dexy is anything to go by it's not working).

I'm never going to marry. I've made up my mind. I want to have some fun and live a little. I don't want to be tied to anyone by a ball and chain. I've had enough of being a slave and doing what men tell me to. That's all it is, really. Another form of slavery. I doubt I will ever meet anyone so special that they will change my mind.

DAY: Tiennath

New project at school. This one looks interesting!

I have to interview somebody to get an idea of how their working day goes. Somebody professional. I thought about interviewing Darlene who works on the corner of 100139-B sub-block 367 as a call girl. I met her whilst I was wandering the street when Sal-Fina told me to clear off for half a day. She bought me a Nerf burger; she's really nice! But I don't think that sort of thing would do Miss Vram's palpitations any good at all. And then they'd call Evla and want to know how come I associate with street girls.

I don't think they'd take too kindly to the fact that I was one myself not that long ago.

Anyhow, I decided that I need to interview a Jedi. And not just any old jedi either…I'm talking about An-Paj, super healer! Anyone who's been married six times all at once has got to be interesting, right?

So, if I ask the right sort of questions I might get him to blush that funny purple color again!

DAY: Wekkren

I left An-Paj a message asking if I could interview him after school today. I thought he might say he was too busy but it turns out he feels kinda flattered! I said I needed to speak to the resident expert and ask him some questions about his life at the infirmary and the affects it has on his time at home. I can't believe he said yes!

I am
sooooooo looking forward to this, he he he he he he!
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