Jonas Suul/Jonash Solo

A Night To (Almost) Remember
Excerpt by Jemmiah
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"If he takes her hand I think I'll be sick." The Corellian girl remarked caustically over Jonas' shoulder.
"You never said you were married." He sounded slightly put out.

"I'm not." Jemmy answered, still gazing at the tall jedi and the petite healer. "He is, you know! He's going to…yes! There he goes, holding her hand and looking incredibly stupid."

"But your jedi boy said that…" he paused as a thought struck him. "I see! He made it up to get the Twi'lek off his back."

"No, he meant what he said." Jemmiah replied, pointing at Jay Abran. "Our friend the ice pack king set us up and got us hitched by a Gurolian priest."

Suul laughed raucously.

"That sure was stupid!" he grinned.

"What, and you've never done anything stupid I suppose." Jemmiah snapped.

"Whoa, hold on! I wasn't having a go at you…"

"It sure as heck sounded like it." She replied. "If you'll excuse me, I've kind of gone off this dance."

"Wait a second!" Jonas looked amazed.

"I'm sure if you search hard enough you'll find another girl to gamble on. I'm told there's an over excited Twi'lek who knows how to show you a good time." She frowned at him. "She even has her own teeth. But watch out for that fruit knife."

"I'm sure I can cope with a knife wielding Twi'lek." He replied, hands on hips.

"Who said anything about the Twi'lek?" Jemmy breathed before walking over to rejoin her friends at the bar.

Jonas watched, puzzled as she disappeared in the direction of her nervous looking boyfriend. He'd never understand women if it took his entire life. This one was a mere slip of a girl and rather flighty by the look of things. But he had enjoyed the dancing…

He returned to his gambling partner still shaking his head.

"Ohhh, come on. What did you say to this one that made her spit in your face?"

"She did not spit in my face." Jonas replied brusquely.

"Seems to have made an impression!" Welks stirred. "Is this the one that makes mama's dreams come true of a big Corellian wedding?"

"Leave it out, Welks. She's only a kid." Jonas said uncomfortably.

"Why have you gone red?" he gloated.

"I am NOT red. It's just all that dancing. I'm a little out of puff, that's all."

Welks nodded.

"Yeah, I've heard younger women can have that effect."

"Shut up."

"Oh, she HAS bewitched you!"

"I'm too old to be bewitched."

"You're only twenty three for stars sake!"

"I'm a realist."

Welks swallowed a mouthful of his drink, pulling a disgusted face at the now warm alcohol.


"So what?"

"When are you going to see her again?" He grinned at the thought of having some information he could use over the kid.

"I'm not." Jonas kept his eyes low but still managed to follow the antics of the jedi as they ordered yet another round of drinks.

"Why not? You looked like you were getting on so well."

"I'll let this one go." Jonas looked at the clearly revived Obi-Wan in the tight and playful embrace of his girlfriend. "Well, for the time being anyway."

"You're back to your plenty more fish in the sea routine?" Welks smiled at the obvious embarrassment he was causing his friend.

"Something like that. But the thing with fish is that you toss them back in and let 'em grow." Jonas stared directly at the young girl.

"Then you reel them in."