Jemmiah Gleshan

Someone To Watch Over Me
Excerpt by Jemmiah
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Some three hours later and Jemmy was awoken by the sound of a persistent buzzer noise somewhere in the background. It wasn't loud but it still screamed its urgency from the living area.


Jemmy would have closed her eyes, save for the fact they hadn't opened in the first place and so instead she made do with a protesting groan and a hand pressed to her face to block out the light beginning to stream through the blinds. What time was it, anyway?


"Ohhhhh, go awaaaaaaay!" she whimpered and tried to turn on her side away from the lighter part of the room. She gave the tiniest of sighs and snuggled into the warm and comfortable pillow beside her.


"I don't know who that is," Jemmy mumbled still half asleep, "But I hate you."


She decided to try and ignore the sound by blocking it out from her ears and reached for her pillow so that she could place it over her head. Tugging at it, Jemmy struggled to move the normally lightweight object as she felt something heavy weighing it down.


"Awww, shut up!" Jemmy cursed. "Look, I'm awake now!"

"Good," said a dry voice beside her, "maybe now you'll stop yanking that pillow about so that I can continue with my own sleep."

The annoying beeping of the holo terminal was temporarily forgotten as Jemmy sat bolt upright in shock, grabbing at the sheets and futilely pulling them away from the large unidentifiable lump in the bed beside her. For a moment she forgot what had happened and thought that it was Linus lying there, but then it all came back flooding back to her.

Linus was gone. So that meant…

An amused face watched as the memories of the night before played out on her face.

"'Fraid so." Obi-Wan said gently. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly as he took in the astonished and somewhat fatigued eyes of Jemmiah, still trying to blink away the sleep.

"But we never…" insisted Jemmiah, completely stunned.

"Never what?"

"You know…we never…"

"Slept together?" Obi-Wan prompted.

"Yes." Jemmy mumbled. "I'm sure I would have remembered. Wouldn't I?" the slightest flicker of doubt began to show and caused Obi-Wan to chuckle.

"And what," continued Obi-Wan, his smirk growing all the time, "do you remember?"

Jemmiah's amazement grew as he had the temerity to give her a good morning kiss on the side of her cheek.

"Well, you came round here…" she scrunched up her face as she tried to recollect, "and you were Sith drunk. Threw up on my hallway. Threw up in my bathroom."

"And then?" Obi-Wan chuckled.

"I called Master Jinn and told him you'd be staying over." She said in distaste at the way she had apparently caved in.

"Ah ha! Now we are getting somewhere." Obi-Wan rolled away and put his hands confidently behind his head. "You wanted me to stay!"

"I did not!" Jemmy growled. "I said I supposed you were staying. That's hardly the same thing."

"Well," Obi-Wan winked at her, "If you didn't want me here, how come we've ended up sleeping in the same bed?"

Jemmy was asking herself the exact same question.

"You were drunk and incapable." Jemmy dismissed. "I think I was quite safe."

"Oh, I was drunk." Kenobi's eyes glittered. "But let me assure you that I was more than capable. Would have been to if you'd just said the word."

The Corellian took that in and raised herself on one elbow, staring at him.

"So what DID happen?" she asked. "And why can't I remember when YOU were the drunk one?"

"You really don't remember?" he asked.


"You sure?"

"I wouldn't be asking if I did! Now what happened?"

Obi-Wan paused, playing idly with this padawan braid.

"Are you certain that you want to know…"


There was another, shorter pause.

"Nothing." He said finally. "You were right. I was too drunk and too tired. You were bruised and sore and had just had a nightmare."

"Oh, yes." Jemmy nodded. "I remember that now. I broke Qui-Gon's present."

He watched her features become downcast and shook his head ruefully. This wouldn't do.

"None of that, now." He ordered. "Such a pretty face should never be spoiled by frown lines."

"Urgh!" Jemmy curled her lip in disgust.

"What's the matter?"

"You! You've got the cheek to flirt with me in my own bed when nothing happened!"

"Don't think I wasn't tempted." Obi-Wan admitted, blushing to the roots. "But I thought it un-gentlemanly not to ask you, and seeing as how you'd fallen asleep in my arms that wasn't exactly likely, was it?" He saw the confusion on her face. "I tried to heal you, remember? The race?"

Her mouth dropped open in shock.

"Sith!" she swore loudly. "What time is it?"

"Calm down. There's plenty of time…"

"Plenty of time for you doesn't mean the same thing for me!" Jemmy began to panic. "I've got to get down to the track. NOW!"

"Jemmy…" Obi-Wan tried to placate her.

"Where did I stash my boots? Oh, hell! I've gotta clean 'em!"


"And I still haven't swept up the glass!"

"Jemmy! It's only five in the morning!" Obi-Wan exclaimed. "You have hours yet. Lots of time."

She let out a deflated sigh.

"You evil reptile." She sniffed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was trying to." Obi-Wan grinned. "But there was this half-naked crazy girl who kept hollering over what I was saying."

"Tell her to shut up and go back to sleep." Jemmy groaned and plopped herself back down onto her back.

"With pleasure." Obi-Wan smiled.

Jemmy listened to the continued beeping in the background and rolled her eyes.

"One way or another I'm not destined to get any rest." She muttered.

"Just ignore it." Obi-Wan suggested.

"It might be important."

"What?" Obi-Wan looked comically scandalized at the very idea. "More important than sharing a bed with me? Preposterous!"

Jemmiah actually laughed at that, a sound that Obi-Wan hadn't heard in months. He'd missed that almost musical laugh. He felt her shiver slightly and guiltily realized he'd hogged most of the blankets.

"Cold?" he asked.

"Yeah, a little." She nodded.

"You can cuddle up with me. You have my word I won't try anything you don't want you to." Obi-Wan tried to look angelic, which was unsuccessful to say the least.

"I'm not sure I should trust you." Jemmy narrowed an eye suspiciously.

"You trusted me last night when I had my hands all over your naked body." He replied truthfully.

"That was different."

"How?" he frowned. "Explain."

Jemmy prodded him in the ribs with what Obi-Wan thought was a specially sharpened finger.

"You were trying to help me. If I get close to you now I don't have that excuse and that would mean…"

"Yes?" Obi-Wan turned to look at her, the intensity of his blue eyes throwing her somewhat.

"…That I wanted to." She finished quietly.

"And do you?" he whispered, awaiting her answer.

"You won't try anything?" she repeated his words.

"Absolutely not." He crossed his heart with one finger.

Jemmy nodded, considering.

"OK. Seeing as how you behaved last night. I suppose there's no harm in it." She replied cautiously, winding her way closer towards him. She nestled against his body, trying to soak up the heat. Outside she could here the rain begin to ease off slightly. Good. That would certainly help her in the race.

She closed her eyes again, when a thought occurred to her.

"Ben?" she asked.


"I'm going to ask you an simple question and I expect in return an honest answer. OK?"

"Yes. If I can." Obi-Wan sounded surprised.

Jemmy wondered how best to phrase it.

"Are you or are you not wearing any clothing?"