Evla Sovalla

From A Problem Shared Is A Problem Multiplied
Excerpt by Jemmiah
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Evla looked surprised to see the threesome standing by the Holonet terminal.

“What’s going on?” She asked cautiously, looking around the room for damage and disarray.

“We’re looking at that Naughty Nell thing.” Letina replied truthfully. “Apparently everyone in the temple’s been trying to see if they can find out who it is.”

“That’s nice.” Evla sighed, trying to rub the stiffness from her neck. “Any luck?”

“Not a clue.” Simeon replied. “They seem to be an expert in covering their tracks. Whoever they are.”

“They’ll be in hot water when the council catches up with them, that’s for sure.” Evla muttered, loosing her long hair. “Yoda doesn’t take too kindly to that sort of thing.”

The three padawans eyed each other uncomfortably.

“Where’s Jemmiah?” Evla frowned. “Didn’t she stay in?”

“NO!” Shouted Simeon.

“YES!” Shouted Letina at the same time.

Evla became confused. “She can’t be both.”

“She was out earlier but she’s in now.” Letina said in relief at recovering the mistake. “She went for a lie down. She’s got a really bad headache.”

“Really?” Evla’s face betrayed her concern. “That’s not like her. I’ll go and see if she’s alright…”

“NO!” Simeon gulped. “She asked not to be disturbed,

“Why are you speaking so loudly?” Evla asked.

“I’m not speaking loudly
MASTER SOVALLA.” He repeated.

She looked at him as if he’d gone crazy.

“Fine. If you say so.” She shrugged. “I’ll go take her some headache tablets.”

“No need!” Letina blurted out. “Simeon’s already done so.” She pointed at the glass in Cate’s hand.

Evla was sure something was going on.

“If she’s that bad, maybe I should call the healers and have someone take a look at her.” The master looked from Simeon to Letina.

Help, thought Simeon!

“I think I’ll be going.” Hmiol smiled. “Same time tomorrow then?”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever.” Simeon gritted his teeth, turning his attention back to Evla who was stalking towards the door in Jemmy’s bedroom.

Oh, the shlent is gonna hit the fan now,
thought Letina. She knew she shouldn’t in theory be able to speak to Obi-Wan’s mind, but she was sure her terror must have been picked up by now. Evla had not become suspicious without a reason.

“Jemmiah?” Evla knocked on the door. “How are you, sweetheart? Felling better?”

There was a moment’s pause, followed by a flurry of creaking from the bed.

“I’m not too bad.” Jemmy tried to sound ill.

“You don’t sound well.” Evla hovered momentarily before deciding to enter Jemmy’s room, accompanied by a frantic scrabbling sound from inside.

The darkness hit Evla in the face as it had Obi-Wan earlier.

“Please leave the lights off.” Jemmy contrived a groan.

“How can I see you with the lights off?” Evla replied. “Lights on, lowest setting.”

She made her way over to a somewhat disorderly looking sixteen-year-old, who regarded her with tired looking eyes. Her hair was all over the place, Evla thought as she put a hand to the girl’s forehead.

“I think you’ve got a temperature.” Evla said. “Either that or you’ve been jogging.”

Jemmy smiled weekly, and clung onto the covers for dear life.

“I’ll call the healers.” Evla said. “In the meantime, let me make up your bed.”

“No…that’s OK.” Jemmiah grimaced. “I’m fine.”

“You sure? Looks a bit lumpy to me…”

“No, really.” Jemmy swallowed. “I like having all the cushions around me. But I wouldn’t mind a glass of water.”

“I’ll get one.” Evla soothed, trying to brush the tangled hair from her face. “I’ll be back soon.”

As Evla wandered out of the room she wondered how ill her foster daughter was. She didn’t complain if she was sick, and she never cried. But Evla was fairly sure that what she had read on Jemmy’s face was…nausea. Almost fear.

That made her worried.

Evidently her companions were worried too as they lurked by the wall waiting for Evla’s return. They didn’t look any more comfortable than Jemmiah had…

“How is she?” Letina asked anxiously.

“Not too good.” Evla said. “I’m going to fetch her some water and then call the healers.”

Simeon and Letina followed Evla’s every move as she took the tumbler from Simeon, rinsed it in the kitchen area and then filled it up once more.

“Do you think we shielded him well enough?” Simeon hissed.

“Soon find out.” Letina whispered back as Jemmiah’s guardian returned to the bedroom.

Was it Evla’s imagination or had more cushions been added to the pile at the side of Jemmiah’s bed nearest the wall? Frowning, she held up the glass.

“I brought you your water.” She said glancing down at the bottom of the bed.

She paused for a full five seconds.

“Should I ask Obi-Wan if he’d like a glass, too?”

“Pardon?” Jemmy croaked.

Evla pointed to the bottom of the sheets. “I was just wondering how you’d managed to grow an extra pair of feet.”

She stared at the girl before adding pointedly, “With socks on.”