Dimallie Melbra

From A Night To (Almost) Remember
Excerpt by Jemmiah
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“That penalty was a little severe.” Jemmy grinned at Meri. “One ice cube down the back every time she stopped drinking!”

“She looks like she’s been swimming.” Sybelle nodded in satisfaction.

“Is she alive, or has she surrendered to the force?” Letina asked, amusement easy to read on her face.

“Oh, she’ll be OK. Won’t she, Simeon?” Kryztan shot a smile at Jemmy.

Kenobi glowered and put his arm round her shoulder.

“Hmm? Oh, yes. I’m sure she’ll be fine. Although quite what she’s going to be like after another ten plus cantina visits, force only knows.” He stared at her. “I think it was the Alderaani Rum that floored her.”

“Thank you, Healer Cates. Your professional opinion is noted.” Obi-Wan clapped him on the shoulder, and watched the young man sway a little. Jay Abran was correct.

He couldn’t hold his alcohol.

“We’ll have to tidy her up before Leona comes back.” Meri pondered aloud.

“She’ll not notice.” Simeon hiccuped.

“Not notice?” Jemmiah snorted. “Her precious dumpling Dimallie is lying slumped unconscious over the table, and Padawan Nice-but-Dull over there," she indicated Hmiol, "is insensible. Not that he was up to much conversation-wise before.” She looked around for inspiration. “What do we do? Stand ‘em in the corner with their arms outstretched and pretend they’re coat wracks?”

“I think that’s a GOOD idea.” Simeon clapped his hands. “I’d like to see that. Who wants another drink?”

“I’ll have a Flame-out.” Jemmiah said. “Thanks.”

Obi-Wan looked uncomfortable. “You’ve had quite a bit for just one cantina.” He said quietly.

“Hell’s teeth, when did you turn into Master Jinn?” Jemmiah pinched him on the cheek.

“Where’s Abran got to?” Meri folded her arms impatiently. She stared further up the bar. From the side exit, she could just about make out…

“HEALER LEONA!” She exclaimed shrilly.

“What?” Letina panicked. “What do we do with her?” She pointed at Dimallie.

“Look, she’ll hardly notice anything is wrong.” Simeon declared.

“Not with you, maybe.” Jemmiah bit her lip. “OK, guys leave the talking to me?”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Obi-Wan muttered.

“Just DO it, pigtails! Go prop her up or somethin', quick!"

As Leona walked towards the group at the back, all her instincts told her something was
VERY wrong. The closer she got, the more obvious it became. She didn’t have to be An-Paj to work out what had happened.

“Dimallie?” She squeaked in concern.

“She’s absolutely fine, Leona. Absolutely nothing to worry about.” Jemmiah crossed her fingers behind her back.

“Fine?” Leona blinked. “How can you say that? Look at her!”

“She is! Cross my heart and hope to marry a Sith.”

“She’s out cold!”

“No you’re not, are you Dimallie?” Jemmiah turned round, just in time to see Meri’s hand working Dimallie’s head at the back like she was a giant puppet.

“Yes!” Meri piped up in a very artificial sounding voice, Dimallie’s head lolling backwards and forwards.

Jemmiah nearly collapsed with laughter yet somehow managed to keep a straight face, which was more than could be said for the others.

“She never said that.” Leona said coldly.

"Sure she did.” Jemmy smiled. “Dimallie, give us a wave, girl.”

From behind, Obi-Wan sneaked out a hand and worked Dimallie’s arm rather obviously, flapping it up and down like the wing of a bird.

“See?” Jemmy said. “She’s just raring to go. I’m telling you, nothing has happened to her…”

There was a clatter of booted feet against the cantina floor.

“I’ve got the mop and bucket!” Jay Abran shouted. “All we have to do is clear up all the sick before Leona…” His voice trailed off.

There was a long and deadly silence. Eventually, Jemmiah broke it.

“Can I get you a drink, Healer Leona?”