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ALDERAAN ACKLAYS: National Gabali  team of Alderaan, although this sport is not particularly well favoured amongst the natives of the planet because of its somewhat rough and dangerous reputation.*

A Corellian term for someone who is a bit 'noodle-doodle', or not quite with it in the brain department. Also describes someone who is in the process of losing his or her temper. For example:

"I cut down Master Quillan's orchids and I think he might go banoodly".

BASSALADS: Corellian medical term for 'the collection of dangly parts specific to the male anatomy.' (And we are not talking tonsils) See WERRADS.

A horrible job, but somebody's got to do it...See SIMEON CATES.

A highly symbolic and practical gift given to Wookie females as a wedding present. The idea behind the giving of the broom was to show that the Wookie woman was in charge of her own domain, but more importantly it was used as something to chase the Wookie males out the way whenever they had come home drunk or not done any of the thousand and one tasks set them that day.

Dex Berlingside's highly complimentary nickname for G'emela Lothric. *

CORELLIAN BLADES: National Correlian Gabali team. See GABALI.*

CORELLIAN SAND HAMSTER: Fluffy, cute and with very poor eyesight, this native of the sandy plains of Corellia become a popular children's pet. Known for their friendliness and their comical whiskers these tiny rodents were reckoned to have the same intelligence rating as holo broadcast presenters. See SUNNY BREEZE.

Corellian slang term for 'extremely drunk'. See MOLASSED, SLAMMED.

DENTISTS: The only thing that is more alarming than a healer is a jedi dentist. There are less than ten in the temple, the chief of which is Healer Ethan Inkerson, an aged humanoid of a long-lived species who likes to know everything about everyone who comes through his door. The theory exists that Inkerson frequently partakes in his own laughing gas, which accounts for his laugh (sounding somewhat like a rusty saw cutting down a tree).

Another name for which would be 'the padawan'.

A speciality from the planet Alderaan, the exact recipe is kept a closely guarded secret. Doughbread, when grilled or toasted, almost melts in the mouth. Usually eaten with soup or as a meal in itself for breakfast with cheese, the Corellians naturally developed their own variety, which allowed them to pour chocolate or treacle all over it...

The most celebrated hot Caf and doughnut parlor on Coruscant was the "Lord Of The Rings", where Jemmiah and Obi-Wan frequently used to hang out, and where Jemmiah briefly had a day job after "leaving" school. Set in an industrial part of Coruscant, slightly out of the way from the more fashionable eateries, the parlor was first of all run by Kenobi's friend Didi, then eventually taken over by Dexter Jetster, becoming Dexter's Diner.

Ancient term of uncertain origin for a 'loose' woman of dubious moral character or a flirt/tease. *

An extremely toxic and potent drug made from plants known as Lucifer Tree Winders. It causes temporary memory loss and sometimes has hallucinogenic and reality warping side effects. The biggest clue to spotting a Drek user is to look at the individual's mouth. Drek usually causes the user to dribble or, in extreme cases, foam. *

A native of the lakes on Korrassi, this creature resembles an aquatic elephant, but with sea lion like flippers instead of actual feet, and with a small, stumpy trunk and little sharp tusks. They have an extremely long life span potentially but are so trusting and good tempered that poachers and trophy hunters have been wiping them out indiscriminately. The protective laws on Korrassi do not extend to these mammals, only to their habitat and as such their numbers are dwindling.

Insects that resemble a cross between Snipshears and crab-beetles. They are about as big as a humanoid fingernail and dwell in dark, moist places. They are easily annoyed and when angered take revenge by curling up their pincer-like tail and injecting extremely painful venom into the unfortunate victim. Not surprisingly, being stung by a Fork-Tailed Stinger is a common phobia and not a priority of most people. SEE MASTER MACE WINDU/PHOBIAS.

Slang term for the Refresher, sometimes an all-in-one shower/bath/toilet system within the "fresher room", but generally used to describe the toilet. Cleaning of freshers usually fell to the temple maintenance droids, however some masters preferred not to let the droids mess around in their apartments, relishing their privacy and so got their padawans do to do the cleaning instead. Also, it was quite common to issue fresher cleaning as a punishment for some minor infraction. See SIMEON CATES.

GABALI: High-speed hockey/shinty type game involving the chasing of pucks. Some combatants have sticks for hitting and some nets to carry the puck with. This can be played on ice or on turf. Gabali games can sometimes get very violent and many team members suffer permanent damage as a result of confrontations with over-aggressive competitors. *

A potato-like vegetable which is cheap, easy to grow and relatively nourishing. There are over 1,000 species of goural and almost as many ways to cook them. It is said that gourals can be added to almost any dish, fit for any species; their culinary overuse meaning that few people actually enjoy eating them any more. Corellians in particular found a special use for the humble goural: as a deep-fried vegetable in tacky fast food outlets all over the galaxy. Gourals also have medicinal properties in that poultices can be made from the heated skins to draw out infection.

GUELM: A horned, dark colored bovine creature with a long, whip-like tail and a large bony crest at the back of its head. Guelm are known for their staggeringly low intelligence and docility. In many parts of the galaxy Guelm flesh is considered a delicacy. *

The temple infirmary is known as a center of medical excellence galaxy-wide. Generally, given the closed nature of the jedi order, the healers treat only those resident at the temple. Exceptions are made for open clinics, which are held on one day a week, where healers can mingle with the non-jedi of Coruscant and treat those from various walks of life. Healers have an unusually bad press, in that it is assumed that they love their job too much and wander the temple corridors searching for padawan experimental victims. This of course is not true. They are far too busy experimenting on the initiates to have time for that (old temple joke).

Healers certainly do exhibit a strange coffin-humor, but it is generally accepted that it goes with the territory. The fact that games of TIC-TAC-SPRAINED TOE and BROKEN THIGH-SPY are common games played during breaks at the infirmary only serves to make the patients more wary. Added to the fact that the bed sheets are over-starched (to prevent people escaping) and the heating non-existent (to kill off the malingerers, if you believe Jemmiah Gleshan) then you might begin to see where the rumors have their origins. Although the stories that Ferdi Xadaani ate the patients who never made it was purely fanciful.

Corellian space jargon, which means the same as Bassalads.

JILITUSSLER: (Coruscant Slang) A predatory male or a serial womaniser and bed-hopper, usually to be found late at night propping up bars in seedy cantinas or eyeing dance floors in grotty night-clubs on the search for potential pickups. (Jili is the slang term popular with youngsters for young, single females). *

KASEMULA: The planet on which Sal-Fina lost her connection to Qui-Gon, and her special force-related gifts.*

Obi-Wan Kenobi as a young padawan, and even as a knight, had a certain reputation for shoveling down food of all varieties (especially in the cream cake range) whenever he had the chance. He used to complain that he'd lose so much weight during missions that he would have to make up for it when he was back on Coruscant. Obi-Wan would almost literally eat anything and was one of the few padawans in the temple who would willingly eat the refectory food. Fortunately, his girlfriend shared his love of Corellian treacle. Unfortunately, his love of Corellian treacle also landed him at the dentist SEE HEALERS/DENTISTS/SADISTS. Kenobi's love of snacking was so legendary in the temple that he became known as 'The Termite'.

KELTORUS: Corellian mythological creature closely resembling a mermaid, with long trailing hair and a fish tail.*

According to Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan's feet have been known to kill the force stone dead. This natural phenomenon was given the name 'KENOBI'S LAW' and was to have been investigated by the healers whilst under anaesthetic. However, it was difficult for the healers to carry out clinical tests whilst anaesthetized so the notion was abandoned quite willingly by An-Paj. SEE SOCKS.

: The place where nobody in their right mind wants to visit, especially not the unfortunate individual who loaned his name to that particular dungeon of pain and suffering. An-Paj dubbed the ward with it's moniker after the almost continual string of accidents and injuries suffered by Obi-Wan which led him to be a semi-permanent inmate at one point. He even had his own bed in reserve…

A Corellian exclamation of delight, denoting happy incredulity. *

The temple laundry droids have, over a considerable amount of years, developed their own unique personalities and pecking order. Taking considerable pride in their work, the droids do not take kindly to any outside offers of help. When Jemmiah was sent down to help the laundry droids as a punishment for talking back to Qui-Gon, one of the most neurotic droids took great offence at her interference and pushed her into the laundry processor during its cold rinse cycle. Subsequently, all the droids in the temple undergo monthly maintenance to check for glitches in their programming. *

Not, as a slightly tipsy Obi-Wan and Simeon first thought, an eatery - but in fact a house of ill repute. VERY ill, in truth. Madam Ying herself ruled the show, and took great care of her girls, dressing them in a uniform consisting of red and gold skin-tight dresses of various styles. It was said that any legal vice could be found for sale at Madam Ying's establishment. Ying's became famous, especially after a full-scale war broke out between her empire and the newly arrived Madam Ottis...not that the jedi would know of such things. Absolutely not...

Jemmiah's nickname for Qui-Gon when he refused to listen to what she wanted, or had somehow upset her. See QUI-GEE and QUIGGY.

Corellian slang term for 'nicely drunk, thank you'. See SLAMMED, CURDLED.

The must-have appliance for the upwardly mobile, working parent with too much money to burn and far too little time for their children! Nanny droids originally looked very much like protocol droids, but with an artificial smile built in to their facial coverings so as not to frighten the children. Over the years the design of Nanny droids changed to the extent that they were created not with metal coverings but synthi-flesh, so that the child would find the sensation of being picked up and held a little more agreeable. Subsequently, most original Nanny droids were recycled, scrapped, cannibalized and generally sold to families as second hand. There was a great backlash against Nanny droids on Corellia about seventeen years prior to The Phantom Menace when one such droid malfunctioned and mixed up her orders, resulting in her mowing a cake, washing the lawn and baking the children...

The simple descriptive word that Corellians take to mean 'serious hidden defect'. *

Weekend holotoon star whose popularity made him something of a cult figure with adults and children alike! His co-stars, ROBBIE RANCOR and TOMMIE TAUNTAUN became equally famous and received their own spin-off shows, which Nerf purists decry as a poor imitation of the original.

Dex Berlingside's pet name for Jocasta Nu, chief librarian in the temple.

Nickname bestowed by Qui-Gon's generation on Master Quirida-Xac Montal following his nervous breakdown and mental collapse, as in "One socket short of a power terminal."

PAPYRI: A tropical fruit resembling a cross between a large pomegranate and a melon. Regarded as an ideal starter in restaurants or as a breakfast meal, Papyri are a sort of pink color, and have small edible seeds (which without exception require three hours of flossing from humanoid teeth). Papyri juice has certain enzymes, which are considered beneficial to health, and is often used in fruit cocktails or as a mixer in drinks. Not many people can take it neat as it has a clawing, sickly-sweet flavor and as such is an acquired taste. See KENOBI: EATING HABITS.

PETAL FRUIT: Small, reddish orange sweet fruit similar to a peach.*

PLIANT: The galaxy's best known strip artists, who had a wide following consisting of adoring teenagers and frustrated females. Pliant hired people who were flexible, fit and double-jointed contortionists, although the largely conservative society on Coruscant considered them far too tacky and vulgar and subsequently had them banned. Whenever Pliant used to do a gig, sales of doughnuts soared. See DOUGHNUTS.

A potent drink, three parts vodka (distilled from gourals) and one part petal fruit extract, which starts off a dark pink colour but becomes a deep purple shade towards the bottom of the glass, hence the name (the fruit sediment tends to settle at the base of the glass). Purple Twilight, although very strong, has a tendency to be viewed very much as a ladies drink. *

Nickname bestowed by Jemmiah on Qui-Gon when she was after something not normally permitted and was trying to wheedle her way into his good books. When she really, really wanted something, the name would be extended to Qui-Geeeeeeeee, the number of additional e's bearing a direct relation to how badly she wanted whatever it was.

Jemmiah's pet name for Qui-Gon, when she is happy and contented and not trying to wheedle anything out of him.

(Coruscant Slang) The female equivalent of a Jilitussler ('Ram' being the slang for a young, fit and active male).

RATCH: (Coruscant Slang) A person who is unclean: a 'garbage raker' or 'tramp'. *

A nickname for the Healers in the infirmary, bestowed by padawans receiving inoculations.

Used primarily in fishing, although certain individuals at the temple preferred to put them in the refectory's rice pudding. Surprisingly enough, not many people noticed.

SARCASM: Not a Corellian invention, but certainly a speciality.

SEA-SLOUGH: An aquatic dwelling cabbage-like vegetable popular in salads or when boiled in stews. *

SHLENT: Corellian word for excrement.*

Corellian expression of discontent, a mild curse, along the lines of "drat" or "blast". *

Padawan to the great Healer An-Paj, a young man with great rapport with banister sliding initiates and a former banister sliding champion himself. Simeon's only fault is perhaps a lack of self-belief and a tendency to enjoy himself too much. As an apprentice, Simeon's talents lay in various areas, including his much-vaunted toe-trick, which would fascinate the initiates and send masters and padawans alike screaming into the distance. If there are any menial tasks (See FRESHER CLEANING) going then it is a fair bet that Simeon would have been asked to do them, (if you believed Jemmiah this was on account of his hair looking like a shaved fresher brush...)

SKINX: Corellian slang term for 'skanky minx'.

SLAMMED: Corellian slang term for 'naked on the fresher floor'. See MOLASSED, CURDLED.

A simple, dissolve-in-the-mouth tablet that neutralises bacteria on teeth and gums, thus saving the need for conventional brushing. Due to some unspecified agent within the product, Smile-Bright tablets and capsules have been known to be addictive, however it doesn't seem to have any instantly recognisable adverse effects on the user other than to render people blind from the glare of the patient's teeth! *

A variety of Scorpion native to the planet K'noptrix, which are considered a delicacy when roasted on a spit or grilled. Certain types of Snipshear are quite docile and, if de-venomed, make quite interesting pets.

SOCKS: The clothing worn over the foot. If you name is Obi-Wan, the item of clothing worn almost permanently over the foot, during the hottest weather, or sunbathing on the beach or during other, er…activities. See SOCK BASKET.

The place where Obi-Wan's socks are banished, after which they are humanely destroyed.

A spicy sausage made out of Reek meat. *

(Coruscant Slang) Derogatory term for those who are forced to live underground the city of Coruscant. A less polite name would be 'sewer dwellers' or 'sub-rats'. *

A sickly-sweet holo broadcaster who gushed enthusiastically to her interviewees and insulted them behind their backs. Obnoxious, sharp-tongued and spiteful, Sunny (real name Mona Klogg) started off life sweeping floors and making tea - where she subsequently returned having been publicly humiliated at the jedi temple in front of a galaxy-wide audience. Not the brightest glow-stick, from that day on people who publicly made fools of themselves were referred to as having done a "Sunny". Given the infamous way she was treated it was not surprising that she harbored a deep grudge against the jedi.

This is a spicy vegetable, a native species originally from the planet Lymuria. It is used as a flavoring for packet chips, (a junk food invented by Corellians) as a hot salsa type dip or (for the very brave) eaten raw and grated in salads. Takkini is reputed to be good for killing germs but the temple healers haven't dared to try it out on their patients yet…

Qui-Gon's pet name for Jemmiah, on account of her perpetually wavy and tangled hair. *

An ancient ritual that goes back many millennia. To have found out if you and the partner of your choice were compatible, away from the prying eyes of the masters, you simply locked yourself in together and then pressed the emergency stop button, the idea being that it would take the best part of an hour to get it going again. It was considered an absolute truth that you could learn a lot about a person when you were stuck in a confined place with them. Of course, the downside was that if masters who had undoubtedly played the same trick when they were young caught you, they would extract some form of hideous revenge. SEE DISHWASHERS and BEDPANS/ 'FRESHERS: THE CLEANING OF.

Chinchilla type creatures with dubious tempers in the wild. They have sharp little fangs and longer back legs that they use to leap great heights. On Corellia they were considered to be the ideal fashionable pet but they were extremely difficult to domesticate and so many were abandoned and turned out on the streets. Jemmiah and Todd Gleshan's first pet was a Vampki by the dubious name of 'General Thunderpaws' which they adopted as a stray.

Another Corellian medical term, which means exactly the same as BASSALADS. Often used as a curse, i.e. 'swinging werrads!'

A little known cannoid hero in a Corellian children's holo show, who every week went through some horrendous ordeal, took on bank robbers, rescued lost children from rivers, trekked miles and miles through snowdrifts and over mountains...and always ended up saving the day in an implausible rehash of every cannoid story ever written. Because of the cheesiness factor of the show, and because she had fond childhood memories of it, Jemmiah chose to name her own cannoid after the title figure.