-322: Ethan Inkerson born on Mayestra.

-115: Samir born on Togoria.

-110: Rhuziat-Nam-Onnath (Zia) born on Kavia Prime.

-106: Atur Agrikka born on Cameri.

-93: Gideon Lee born on Chandrila.

-90: Tuurith Wending born on Xerrar.

-90: Karys Fen born on Drokka.

-88: Yona Ziff born on Dael.

-87: Veren Quillan born on Korrassi.

-84: Quirida-Xac Montal born on Corellia.

-83: Yma Sheedi born on Florizan.

-81: Fin-Tial Shellac born on Arobus.

-73: Quirida-Xac Montal becomes the padawan of Felix Epillanus.

-70: The Will of the Force (Old Souls)

-62: Felix Epillanus killed during a mission. Quirida-Xac continues his training with Samir.

-61: Cassias Tyne born on Malastare.

-60: Qui-Gon Jinn born on unlisted planet.

-60: Fae Quentin born on Chad.

-61: Quirida-Xac collects Qui-Gon and takes him to the temple.

-58: Mace Windu born on unlisted planet.

-58: Liza Pashaz born on Alderaan.

-58: Gilda Amaline born on Therenos.

-58: Lerrek Vaarn born on Trona, brought to Coruscant the same year.

-58: Diza Linton born on Jubilar.

-57: Larran Utalla born on Dantooine.

-56: Vernice Ashdal born on Fedina.

-56: Dex Berlingside born on Corellia.

-56: I Name This Child...

-55: Sal-Fina Falmar born on Alderaan.

-55: Devlin Rikka born on Thrail.

-53: Araminta 'Minty' Borraise born on Akina.

-52: An-Paj born on Ossa.

-50: Ferdi Xadaani born on Anleth.

-50: Friends Will be Friends

-49: It ain't all Over 'til the Jedi Master Croaks

-49: The Hidden Ingredient

-49: Mace Windu becomes a padawan.

-49: Qui-Gon Jinn becomes a padawan learner.

-49: A Fridge Too Far

-49: Gabriel Levinstowe born on Antinel.

-49: Evla Sovalla born on Florizan.

-49: Freyya Edritch born on T'sanzi.

-48: Lydia Shiel killed during a trip to an amusement park.

-47: G'emela Lothric born on Eratania.

-47: Rufus Merdan born on Chad.

Far Biwo born on unlisted planet.

-47: Dex, lies and Holotape

-46: Shane Akjo born on Coruscant.

-45: Del-Isa Sidatu born on Lymuria.

-44: An Ancient Lesson

-44: Davin Dae born on Telos.

-43: Leona P'lila born on unlisted planet.

-42: The Bigger Fish

-42: Twist and Shout

Qui-Gon starts dating Sal-Fina.

-38: Charsa Malon born on unlisted planet.

-38: Of Mice and Men

-37: Lilith Demodae born on Corellia.

-37: Jake Jivinan born on Corellia.

-37: Kurtas Kizzen born on Naboo.

-37: Accidents Will Happen

-36: Qui-Gon Jinn becomes a knight.

-36: Barin Truthfinder born on Drowgheer.

-36: Mace Windu becomes a knight.

-35: Xanatos born on Telos.

-35: Bedside Manners

Street Brat

-35: The True Test of a Master

-35: Qui-Gon Jinn takes G'emela Lothric as his first padawan learner.

-34: Nat Kendal born on Sarzafraine.

-33: Lerrek Vaarn becomes a knight.

-33: Another Pathetic Lifeform

-33: At What Cost?

-33: Qui-Gon Jinn starts seeing Evla Sovalla and splits with Sal-Fina for the final time.

-32: Gethin Territ born on Calanir.

-32: Davin Dae chosen to be padawan toTrii'ana Nikkia.

-32: Crash Course

-31: Sara Tencourt born on Coruscant.

-31: Dex Berlingside becomes a knight.

-30: Friends

-30: Feelings

-29: Tanni Welasa born on Togoria.

-28: Fairy Tails

-28: Practice 


Barin Truthfinder becomes Lerrek Vaarn's padawan learner.

-28: Fitz Born on Coruscant.

-28: Choices

-28: Dex takes Kurtas Kizzen as his first padawan learner.

-28: Jonas Suul born on Corellia.

-28: Tara Tarindae born on unlisted planet.

-28: Krelo Rei'ch born, of Corellian parentage.

Mace Windu takes Nat Kendal as his first padawan learner.

-27: Willis Kass born on Corellia.

-27: Sula Leishu born on Silvana.

-26: Menali-Jay Abran born on Chandrila.

-26: Zac V'Aladee born on Tildas.

-26: Jasmyn Perris born on Korrassi.

-25: Ocen-Bai Talz born on Shoma.

-25: Obi-Wan Kenobi born on Akurnesa.

Rela Quinn born on unlisted planet.

-25: Jodi Mullicar born on Corellia.

-24: Kryztan Harkley born on Alderaan.

-23: The Foundling

-23: Jedi Search

-23: G'emela Lothric becomes a knight.

-23: Sybelle Bethane born on Luxan.

Simeon Cates born on Rantiil Major.

Letina Sorrell born on Ylix.

Ambianca Machie'ak born on Maldiera.

-23: Milyka Rouaine born on Ymprana.

-23: Dimallie Melbra born on Chad.

Qui-Gon takes Xanatos as his second apprentice.

-22: Geri 'Spider' Pippage born on Coruscant.

-22: Chariots of Ire Part One 

-22: Garos Hmiol born on Coruscant.

-22: Elnya Malini born on an unlisted planet.

-22: Kason Storm born on unlisted planet.


-21: Thom Capella born on Bespin.

Mortimer Authinlek born on Logias.

-21: Jemmiah Gleshan born on Corellia.

Kylenn Imri born on Bespin.

-20: Davin Dae knighted.

-20: Lessons Learnt

-20: A Moment

-18: Fitz chosen to be the padawan of Jed Treywilden.

A Bird in the Hand

-18: It's a Girl!

The Wisdom of Teeth

-18: Things That Go Thump In the Night…

-18: Keeping Secrets

-18: Changes

-18: The Prison

-17: Mission of Mercy

Pass it On

-17: Match Made In Heaven

-17: So Last Season

-17: Lost But Searching

-17: Peek-a-Boo!

-17: Cookie Monster

-17: Come Dance With Me

-17: Tangled Web

Tara Tarindae padawaned to Davin Dae.

-16: Angel Wings

-16: Your Reputation Precedes You

-16: In the Palm of Hand

-16: The Last Lesson

-16: Shooting Match

-16: Eye of the Beholder

-16: You Reap What You Sow

-16: Barin Truthfinder disappears from the temple.


-15: It's Not Easy Being Green

-15: Betrayal, Trust and Truthfulness

-15: The Rules of Freedom


-15: Darkness be My Friend

-15: Closer to the Edge

-15: Crying Softly into the Gloom/Treading Close to Darkness

-15: Dex Berlingside's first padawan, Kurtas Kizzen becomes a knight.

-15: The Missing Years: Training of a Merc - A Young Rela Quinn Story

-15: The Snerfus

-14: Olrin Taliss born on Coruscant.

-14: Crash & Burn


-14: Saviour

-14: In The Darkness, Monsters Hide

-14: Dex Berlingside takes Kryztan Harkley as his second padawan learner.

-14: Thena Gleshan dies on Nargotria.

-13: Alanni Wallas born on Bespin.

-13: Coruscant Cops

-13: Interrogation

Amongst Friends

-12: Isadora Lucey born on Belentia.

-12: Tara Tarindae and Davin Dae kidnapped whilst on a mission.

-12: Barin Truthfinder returns to the temple and becomes a knight the same year.

-12: Qui-Gon accepts Obi-Wan as his third padawan.

-12: Tea

-12: Another Day, Another Customs Inspection

-12: Take It With a Grain Of Salt

-11: Calling It a Sick Day

-11: A Jedi's Redemption

-11: No Guarantees

-11: The Lucky One

The Padawan and The Peas

-11: Nat Kendall becomes a knight.

-11: Vengeance

-11:Yaddle takes Kylenn Imri as her padawan learner.

Crèche master Rhuziat-Nam-Onnath dies of old age.

-11: As Long as there is Hope

-11: I Promise You (set during As Long as there is Hope)

-11: Why??? (set during As Long as there is Hope)

-11: Double Trouble

-11: The Council grants Qui-Gon Jinn temporary custody of Jemmiah Gleshan.


-11: Lipstick, Powder and Paint

When Walls Have Ears


-11: Chariots of Ire Pt Two

-11: In the Hot Seat

The Master Plan

-11: What Money Can't Buy

-11: From Little Acorns (Mighty Oaks Doth Grow)

-11: Jemmy's Diary

-11: What Goes Around

-11: Bacta The Future

-11: Trick Or Treat

-11: In Memoriam

-11: Happy Birthday, An-Paj!

-11: Final Countdown

-11: Food For Thought

Names Will Never Hurt Me (Sticks & Stones)

-11: See No Weevil, Hear No Weevil, Speak No Weevil…

-11: Size Matters Not

-11: Under Covers

-11: The Lying Game

Toy Story

-11: The Puzzle

-11: If You Can't Stand The Heat…

-11: Jemmiah moves in permanently with Evla Sovalla.

The Meaning of Life

-10: What Are Little Girls Made Of (immediately after TMOL)

-10: The Creature

This Could Be the Start of a Beautiful Friendship/ You Can Run But You can't Hide…

-10: Barin Truthfinder takes Thom Capella as his padawan learner.

-10: Tara Tarindae and Davin Dae rescued and return to the temple.

-10: Good Morning, Padawan (Various times, latterly year -10)

A Kind Of Magic

-10: This Precious Thing Pt One

-10: To Dance in Sunlight

The Sands of Time

-10: Dear Diary

Game On!

-10: Tag

-10: Trouble Brewing

-10: To Market, To Market

-10: In Sickness And In Health

-10: Toms Yarrel born on Corellia.

-10: Anakin Skywalker born on Tatooine.

-10: Green-Eyed Monster

-10: Never What They Seem

-9: Beard Pt One

-9: Hook, Line and Sinker

-9: Negligent Navigator

-9: This Precious Thing Pt Two

-8: Daddy


-8: Sleepless in Coruscant

-8: Imaginary Battles

-8: Chariots of Ire pt Three

-8: The Price Of Freedom

-7: Promises Kept

-7: Divided We Fall

What's in a Name

A League of Her Own

Sticky Situations

-6: Only Skin Deep

-6: Slipping On A Fruit Peel

-6: The Importance of Having Seaweed

-6: A Girl's Best Friend

-6: A Footnote in History

-5: Fitz knighted.

-5: Blinded

When a Child Cries Out in the Night

Sticky Moments

-5: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

-5: One Night Stand

-5: A Fine Romance

Hidden Truths

-5: Do You Ever Wonder?

-5: One Small Wish

-5: To Never Love

-5: This Precious Thing: Part Three

-5: A Hypothetical Situation

-5: The Cruellest Cut of All

-5: The World's Deadliest Bridesmaid

-5: Your Dinner's In The Padawan

-5: Unfamiliar Land

-5: Water, Water Everywhere…but not a Drop to Drink

-5: Elementary, My Dear Obi-Wan

-5: A Night to (Almost) Remember

-5: It Started With A Kiss: A Little Harmless fun

You've Got Pictures

-5: Don't Try this At Home

-5: All Tied Up

-5: Pretty In Pink

-5: If You Love Me…

-5: What Lies Beneath

-5: Fever

-5: The Green, Green Grass of Home

-5: The IRS Come to Coruscant

-5: A Problem Shared is a Problem Multiplied

-5: Complications

-5: Scare Tactics

-5: Little Voices

-5: Nine Out of Ten Jedi Agree

-5: A Glimpse of Dawn

-5: An Uplifting Encounter

-5: Truth Hurts

Swings and Roundabouts

-5: The Taste Of Revenge

-5: Not Your Type-o

-5: Count Your Blessings

-5: What Dreams May Come

Repercussions (3 months after APSIAPM )

-5: Dawn (6 months after ANTAR)

-5: Vendetta: What Goes Around/Best Served Cold (6 months after ANTAR)

-5: Emotional Baggage

Pillow Talk (6 months after ANTAR)

Wish You Were Here (1 week after Pillow Talk)

-5: A Traitor Amongst Us

-4: Tara Tarindae knighted.

-4: What is love, anyway?

-4: The Icing On The Cake

-4: Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My!

-4: Winning Hands Down (2 days after LT&P)

Make No Bones About It

-4: Building Bridges

Under Wraps (2 months after LT&P)

Beard Pt Two (2 months after LT&P)

-4: Family Matters (3 months after LT&P)

-4: A Means to an End (1 week after FM)

-4: Could Have/Should Have

-4: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (3 months after FM)

-4: Tanni Welasa knighted.

-4: A Broom with a View (during TLST)

-4: An Unwelcome Return

-4: Ticket To Ride

A Slightly Different Point of View

-4: Jealousy Is Unbecoming a Jedi

-4: Untitled (by HaiGan)

-4: Flying Lessons

-4: Birthday Boy

-4: Tomorrow Can Wait (3 months after TLST)

-4: Meeting Monty (6 months after Birthday Boy)

-4: Frog Friends (2 weeks after Meeting Monty)

-4: Seeds of Evil (Night of Frog Friends)

-4: Faith and Destiny (Two days after Seeds of Evil)

-3: A Pretty Picture

-2: Jemmiah takes up with Chancellor Valorum 2 months before ATSOM.

-2: At the Stroke of Midnight (2 months before STWOM)

-2: Remembrance (1 month before STWOM)

-2: To Forgive and Forget

-2: Someone to Watch Over Me (2 months after ATSOM)

-2: The Test Pt 1

-2: The Test Pt 2

-2: The Test Pt 3

-2: The White Dress, The Cake, The Car, The Guests, The Whole Damn Thing...

-1: Passing On

-1: Just One of Those Things… (7 months before TPM)

-1: Nightstalker

-1: Stay With Me

-1: Time and Tides (5 months before TPM)

0: If Fate is Kind (days before TPM)

0: A Moment Of Decision

0: Jedi Master, Sulking (During TPM)

0: The Phantom Menace

0: One Duty Remains

0: Tears Before Bedtime

0: In a Perfect World

0: Ever After

0: Once Upon A Lifetime

+1: Universal Language/Lost in Translation

+2: Cupid's Arrow

Jemmiah Gleshan marries Jonas Suul.

+3: Affaran Fasilaze knighted.

+4: A Familiar Path

+4: Sweet Conversational Nothings

+4: Expecting The Unexpected

+5: Han Solo born on Corellia.

+5: The Changeling

+5: Beard Pt 3

+6: After the Beep!

Kazia Eaglebeak born on Coruscant.

+6: Family Life

+7: The Road To Hell

+7: In The Blink Of An Eye

+7: The Hardest Thing To Do

+7: Understanding

+7: Until It's Gone

+7: Solo

+7: Through The Eyes Of A Child

+7: Zuhaina Eaglebeak born on Coruscant.

+9: Tweet Dreams

+9: Don't Wait Up

+9: Crispin Eaglebeak born on Coruscant.

+10: Attack Of The Clones

+10: Zac V'Aladee killed on Geonosis.

+10: In Song And Story (during AOTC)

+10: Introspection (during AOTC)

+10: No Place in the Light

+10: Nefeli Eaglebeak born on Coruscant.

+12: And A Scoundrel Shall Lead Them

+12: Maxim (Max) Eaglebeak born on Coruscant.

+12: Nadine Gleshan born on Corellia

+12: Candle In The Darkness

+13: Revenge Of The Sith

+13: No One Could Survive (during RotS)

+13: Lost Friends

+13: For the Sake of the Children

+13: Louder Than Words

From The Dark Sands

+13: Luke and Leia Skywalker born

+14: A Taste of Things to Come

+15: Behind Closed Doors

+17: Bedtime Stories

+19: Magic Carpet

+24: Blowing In The Wind

+33: Memory All Alone (during ANH)

+33: A New Hope

Jemmiah Cates born on Corellia

+35: An Evening at the Cantina

+36: Jeremy Cates born on Corellia

+36: The Empire Strikes Back

+37: Return of the Jedi

+37: Awaken The Sleeper (during ROTJ)

+38: Goodnight, Obi-Wan

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