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Take Two!
Wanted (alive preferably)
By Jemmiah

"Your new here, aren't you?" asked the first storm trooper.

"Yeah, first day on active service." Replied the second.

"How are you liking it so far?"

"Well," the second trooper replied after a slight pause, "There's been lots of explosions and things, so it's been kinda fun."

"Explosions are good." Conceded the first storm trooper.

"And the bit when we burst through the door was very dramatic."

"I thought so too. Very glamorous. Unlike these rebel types." Nodded the first.

"Mind you, that big fellow in black was a bit scary…and this armour is
very uncomfortable. What happens if you need to relieve yourself?"

The first trooper thought about it for a moment.

"Just go. Who's going to notice? It's not like we're the ones who have to clean the armour, unless we've done something wrong and we're on punishment…hang, on. I thought I saw something."

"Where?" Trooper two asked.

"Over there in the shadows. Something white. Like a person in a dress."

"It could have been your reflection." Pointed out the second trooper.

"Do I look like I am wearing a dress?" retorted number one. "Not on active service, anyway." He added.

Number two aimed his gun into the darkened recesses of the ship.

"I'm having problems with this blaster thingy." The second trooper sighed audibly.

"What's wrong with it?"

"It keeps jamming. Look, it won't do what I want it to." he complained, pressing at the trigger. "See?"

"A bad trooper always blames his tools." Countered the first.

"I'm just not cut out for this job." Trooper two clutched at the blaster as he fumbled with it, catching the weapon just as it was about to clatter on the ground.

are a little clumsy, aren't you?" admitted Trooper one.

"You have no idea. Last week I was on active duty on Coruscant. Managed to run over some damned Gungan with my speeder." Trooper two let his shoulders slump in dismay, tripping over his feet as they continued to walk through the bowels of the ship.

Trooper one suddenly spotted the white object again, a pretty female with her hair coiled round her ears. She managed to get off a shot that felled one of his comrades before he could do anything.

"There's one!" Trooper one shouted calmly. "Set for stun…"

The sound of a single blaster shot from beside him echoed round the metal walls, followed by a loud thud as the white object fell lifelessly to the floor.

"Stun, you idiot! I said stun! Didn't I say stun???"

"Ooops." Trooper two looked at the floor.

Sighing irritably, Trooper one walked over to the female to make certain that she was dead and nudged her with his boot.

"Guess who's going to be cleaning the uniforms for the next five years?" he grumbled.
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