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Take Two!
Tortured Visions
By Jemmiah

"I told you, Anakin!" The Chancellor lay on the ground amidst the fragments of broken window, backed up against the wall. "The Jedi are plotting to take over!"

Anakin looked uncertainly between Mace Windu and Palpatine, the latter cowering and gibbering in a distinctly undignified manner. Windu looked stern and determined, advancing step by step upon the seemingly helpless Chancellor.

"Don't kill me!" Palpatine begged. "I'm an old man! Honestly! I make donations to charity…I help little old ladies across the road. I'm nice to kittens! Anakin, help me!"

Anakin was clearly torn. The visions he'd been suffering from had tormented him for months, there was simply no getting away from them. On one hand he'd fought all his life on behalf of the Jedi. On the other there was the problem that he'd confided in Palpatine all his little secrets - all the things he couldn't confide to Obi-Wan - about Padme, about his dreams…

He shuddered. Whatever happened he would not let those visions come true.

"Well," Palpatine glared at Anakin, "Aren't you going to insist that I should be taken alive and stand trial in the senate?"

"He's too dangerous to be kept alive!" Windu growled, waving his lightsabre in menacing fashion at Palpatine. "He
has to die!"

Anakin sighed. "He's right, I'm afraid." He walked over to the startled Palpatine, picked him up and set him on his feet, momentarily dusting him down. "I can't let my visions come true. Sorry." And with that he hurled him forward out of the window, listening as the Chancellor's screams were snatched from him as he fell.

Mace deactivated the purple blade of his sabre.

"Well done, young Skywalker." He clapped Anakin appreciatively on the shoulder. "You did the right thing."

Anakin thought briefly of Padme, and the dreams he'd had of her death in childbirth. Then he thought of the other truly horrific visions he'd had and gave a mental shrug. If Padme had to go, then so be it.

"It wasn't difficult." Anakin rubbed wearily at his face. "For the last few weeks I've been plagued by horrible dreams. I've seen disturbing visions of celebrations, and fireworks, and trees and…
Ewoks." Mace grimaced in sympathy. "This was my chance to stop it from coming true! Now most of us can live happily ever after! You've still got both your hands, Obi-Wan doesn't have to live his life as an unwashed hobo in a desert, I don't have to get deep fried, Jar-Jar can get elected as the next Chancellor and the words Yub-Yub don't have to get mentioned! Oh, by the way," Anakin smiled brightly as they walked back through the Chancellor's study, "I suppose the title of Jedi Master is out of the question?"
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