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Take Two!
There is Another…
By Jemmiah


The only good thing about being a degree or so from freezing to death, Luke thought bleakly as he slumped forward in an untidy, crumpled heap was that it numbed the pain. His face stung from the Wampa attack; it's claws having raked across his flesh in jagged gouges. The last time his cheeks had burned like that had been when Leia had slapped him for complimenting her 'nice buns'…

Han had told him it was a complement on Alderaan, but judging by Leia's extreme reaction he wasn't so certain.

He tried to keep going but it was physically impossible. A few more minutes and he would surely freeze…but Luke was no longer certain he cared. His life was slowly beginning to flash before him - or at least the edited highlights. And they hadn't been up to much if he was honest. Burning suns, stuffy air and coarse, rough sand. Picking mushrooms from the vaporators. Getting drunk and having his wicked way with Cammie in the back of an antiquated speeder…

No, wait. That had been a dream. Either that or it was Biggs' life that was flashing before him, not his own.

Considering his informative years had been spent on the most boring, baking hot, backwater planet in the galaxy Luke had to admit there was a certain irony in his dying on the most boring, cold, backwater planet in existence. His life hadn't exactly improved much for all that he was a hero of the rebellion. See what his fame and good conduct medals had done for him? A bad haircut, no love life and an allergy to Wookiee fur!

Luke decided it was just too depressing to dwell on and thought it was about time he just gave up and died. Would anyone miss him, he wondered? Han might, especially given the tremendous amounts of money that Luke owed him in gambling debts. Leia would surely feel something at his passing.

Probably Han.

"Ben!" Luke called out, not exactly knowing why. It wasn't as if he had a direct line to Obi-Wan since the old Jedi had been slain, although the man did have an annoying habit of popping up in his mind whenever he least expected it. Like that time he had been trying - unsuccessfully - to chat up the communications officer. She'd been politeness itself but had declined Luke's advances on the account of 'ghostly voyeurism' not being her thing…three being a crowd, and all that. When he'd complained to Obi-Wan that his spying on him was doing nothing for his love life, old Ben had replied that his own love life had taken a downward spiral since he'd become one with the force, so how did he think he felt?

"Luke!" The ghostly voice echoed, this time not so much in his head but all around him in the snowdrifts. "Luke!"

"Ben?" Luke croaked incredulously through his frozen lips, managing to raise his head a few inches, enough to allow him to see the spectral figure before him. "Is that really you? But you're…your all shimmery and blue!"

"Of course I'm blue!" Obi-Wan stamped his feet and pretended to shiver. "It's cold enough to freeze the balls off a Bantha!" He stopped his theatrics for a moment as if searching for something to say. "Oh, yes…I nearly forgot. You will go to the Dagobah system…"

"The where?"

"Dagobah!" Obi-Wan glared. "There you will learn from Yoda."


"Yoda!!" Kenobi rolled his eyes. "The Jedi master who instructed me."

"I thought you told me that Qui-Gon Jinn instructed you?" Luke somehow summoned up the necessary energy for a frown.

"Stop being so damned picky! Just go to Dagobah and do what you're told. I don't know what it is with you Skywalkers…I must have 'idiot' tattooed on my forehead." Obi-Wan placed his hands menacingly on his hips. "Train the boy…watch over the boy. He is the chosen one…that boy is our last hope…" He mimicked, rolling his spectral eyes. "Hang on a moment…what was that?"

Luke stared as Obi-Wan cupped a hand to his ear as if hearing some kind of message from far, far away.

not our only hope? There is another???" He looked down at Luke, stretching his hand vainly towards him in the snow. "Oh, well in that case…I'll be going then."

And with that Obi-Wan vanished into thin air, right before Luke's eyes.
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