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Take Two!
The Trouble with Midichlorians
By Jemmiah

"Obi-Wan, I want you to do a midi-chlorian test." Qui-Gon spoke into the comlink in a hushed voice.
"Sure, just give me a moment or two master…ah, here it is."

Jinn almost ground his teeth in anticipation. Wait 'til the council heard about this!


"Well what?" asked Obi-Wan.

"Am I right? Is it true? The boy has the highest concentration of midi-chlorians ever seen in a life form? Is he the chosen one?"


"I am right, aren't I?" He grinned. "This'll alter Windu's constipated expression!"


"Yoda will eat his own stick because I'm just so darned clever!"

"Master…the boy hasn't got two midi-chlorians to rub together." Obi-Wan replied joyously as he studied the readings before him.


"Are you sure?"

"Certain, master." Obi-Wan said, crossing his fingers as he spoke.

"Oh, kriffit!" swore Qui-Gon irritably.

"He does have an interesting…er, medical complaint which I would say was genetic, probably passed on from his mother. As long as you stay away from her you should be all right…"

Long pause.


Very long pause.

"Are you still there, master?"
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