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Take Two!
A Four legged friend
By Jemmiah

It was cold. Colder than any temperature Han Solo had ever experienced before. His fingers, supposedly protected from the elements within his thermal gloves could barely move through stiffness and the biting, blistering chill of the ice planet Hoth.  But his own pain was not important: not when there was so much at stake.

His tauntaun was failing. He could hear the near-death rattle whirring inside it's throat: all strength and energy spent. Continuously the cruel winds whipped against his face, stinging his exposed flesh with the ferocity of a thousand red-hot needles.

And at his feet lay his friend, Luke, whom he had battled the elements to find.

Against all the odds he had found him, but then Corellians never had much time for odds. Had he done it to look good in front of Leia? Was it selflessness that had caused him to put his life on the line? To risk the death of his tauntaun? Just for Luke? As he was pondering this seemingly futile and heroic gesture the creature fell to the ground with an unceremonious thud, the gurgling in its throat signalling its dying moments.

Han looked from the tauntaun to the prone figure of Luke. If he could just get the shelter up then perhaps they would stand a chance. And until then?

"Not much time…" Han murmured more to reassure himself than anyone else who might be listening. He picked up Luke's lightsabre and thumbed the control: the blue column of light searing through the glistening Hoth evening like a hot knife through Nerf's cheese. For a moment Han hesitated, the Jedi weapon feeling uncomfortable in his grasp. He didn't know if he could do this…it wasn't that he was squeamish yet somehow the idea of evisceration made him flinch.

But Luke would understand, even if the smell wasn't pleasant…

Spurred on by this thought, Han slashed down with the lightsabre and split open Luke's body in a neat line that dissected him from crotch to sternum.

It wasn't much, Han thought as he dragged the barely breathing tauntaun over to Skywalker's carcass, but it would do until he put the shelter up.

The things one did for ones friends, four legged or otherwise…
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