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Hey, Dex old buddy...guess what! This is your lucky day! Just got this questionaire thingy sent to me and I'm supposed to forward it on all my friends. This poses a bit of a problem as I only have three friends in the world, and two of them are tropical fish...but hey-ho! I guess you'll do as a last resort. (That was a joke by the way. I actually have four friends and only one of them is a fish).

Take my advice when you get to the bottom bit and chose ONE repeatedly when you've finished filling in the answers, otherwise you're going to have all the jedi in the temple knocking on your door all set to kill you for sending them junk mail. Anyhow, fill it all in and send me back the results. I could do with a laugh.

Only one hundred and two more people to forward this to...

Good luck handsome! See you around some time! Grrrrr! :)

Hortense Redaxxe


Qui, old pal! How's it going? Just had this sent to me and I instantly thought of you! It's a bit pointless and really I should have sent it to Mace instead, but I don't suppose it matters. Just answer the questions and tell us all the really juicy stuff we don't know about you, huh?

By the way - I think you should choose low numbers when you get down to the bottom of the message. Just a friendly tip from jedi to jedi.

-Dexter the incredibly wonderful


Mace! You wouldn't believe what I've just been sent! Now, I know what you are like about receiving messages that are deemed frivilous, but for once don't be a stick-in-the-mud. Give it a go. You never know, you might learn some interesting things about yourself.

Oh, and choose low numbers when you get to the end of the page.




You really think I'm that stupid? If you and Berlingside tell me to pick low numbers then there's not a hope of me doing so! I didn't come down in the last shower, you know? For the record I WILL fill in the form. I'm not going to let you and Dex make fun of me for the rest of my days.



Ha ha! He fell for it Jinny! I knew he would!



Permission to kill the little vrelt.



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