Woke up in the morning
Just didn't want to think
Of all the things that have gone wrong
Oh, force! I need a drink…

Yeah, I've got the Tatooine blues.
I've got 'em real bad.
The Lars Homestead
Think I'm touched in the head:
That the whisky has driven me mad!

Dreamt I was in Mos Eisley
Just propping up the table
Is it me, or is this bar stool
"Not completely stable?"

Yeah, I've got the Tatooine blues.
It's enough to make you sick.
My neighbours ignore me
The Jawas deplore me
Please, somebody pass me a deathstick!

Lookin' in the mirror
Eyes are sore and red
A thousand Wookiee tree drums
Are beating in my head!

Yep, it's those Tatooine blues.
I could break down and cry.
Stuck on this rock,
Forced to take stock
Of a life that's just passing me by.

Sand is in my navel
Sand is in my hair
Don't you know that sand
Is coarse and gets just everywhere?

Can't stand those Tatooine blues.
Life is so unfair!
I should be panickin'
I'm whining like Anakin
As I'm forced to watch over his heir!

Staggered to the cantina
Bought myself some gin
I couldn't keep it down, I guess
It's better out than in…

Blast those Tatooine blues.
My whole life is just a void.
Seeing binary suns
And quadruple 'Blue Nuns'
Not to mention pink astromech droids.

Throat's all parched and thirsty
Tongue's all green and furred
Got sat on by a Wookiee:
I'm shaken but not stirred.

Damn those Tatooine blues!
My hair is turning white.
I'm considered a liar,
Just a social pariah,
C'mon! Somebody please pick a fight!

Ordered lots of brandy
To find oblivion.
Can't decide which of the floors
I should collapse upon.

Ohhhh…those Tatooine -
HIC! - blues.
To be a Jedi I endeavoured.
Now I'm causing a riot:
Is my singing too quiet?
Or was it those limbs that I severed?

People are all staring
Though I can't imagine why.
You'd think they'd never seen before
An extremely drunk Jedi.

Curse those Tatooine blues.
Are those people all insane?
That gathering crowd
Are all whispering aloud...

(looks down)


Forgot my clothes again!
Tatooine Blues
By Jemmiah