1/  How would you describe yourself?

I call myself the blond engineer for a reason.  The implicit contradiction in terms is quite deliberate.  Most of my friends here at school call me Chaos and thereís quite a good reason for it.  Iím disheveled and organized, hard-working with a love of procrastination, and intelligent while being very blond.  To say Iím scatter-brained would be a serious understatement, but Iíve never yet forgotten anything important.  Iím weird and strange, but so are most of my friends, so itís all good. :)

2/  What is it about Star Wars that you love?

Whatís not to love?  I love the story, good versus evil.  I love the characters, so real and so fun.  I love that the galaxy is so rich and so alive and that there are large portions of it that we fans can play in without disrupting Lucasís stories.

3/  Do you have a favourite original character from SW?

I assume you mean besides my own?  I love An-Paj.  I know heís just basically a transplanted andorian from Star Trek, but heís so real-seeming.  Heís everything a good healer should be: smart, sarcastic, strong, humorous, kind, stern and caring.  And with everyone whoís written him since he was first invented heís become very much alive.

4/  If you could change one thing from the SW films, what would it be?

Oh gosh, only one?  I think it would be to change TPM from a childrenís movie to a more adult one like the original trilogy was.  I know that would involve far more than a single change, but I think the result would be worth it.  That was my only real gripe about it, that it pandered to the children rather than being adult friendly the way the first ones were.

5/  Why write fan fiction?

Why not?  Iíve been doing it since before I can remember, though I didnít know thatís what it was called.  Iíve been sticking myself or my own characters into my favorite books and movies for simply ages.  All you have to do is ask my little sister.  Iíd lull her to sleep at nights with tales of us helping Batman solve great crimes, of our friends baffling even Sherlock Holmes, of saving Supermanís life or stealing something from under the nose of James Bond.  Plus, as an aspiring author, I find that itís great practice.  I donít have to come up with worlds or even characters of my own if I donít want to, and my audience is ready-made.  Everything I need is already there waiting for me.  The only thing I need to provide is a twist to the plot, a scene that was obviously left out and needed to be filled in, a what if that is begging to be written.  Itís like playing in someone elseís sandbox: great fun until you can finally get one of your own.

6/  What story has given you the most satisfaction to write and why?

That would have to be Crash Course, I think.  Itís my longest story ever, but more than that I honestly think itís my best to date.  The characters all felt very real to me, like they were telling me the story instead of me making it up as I went along.  Crash and Shael and Mason drove the story instead of it driving them.  And the setting, the city streets and the various gang houses were vivid in my mind.  I hope they were for everyone who read Crash Course as well, but I wonít hold my breath.  I know Iíve still got a long way to go before publication becomes a serious possibility.

7/  What attracted you to the Jemmiah Chronicles ?

Honestly, the humor.  Thereís not enough humor in the world and entirely too many SW fans take themselves and the movies too seriously.  If you canít poke fun and laugh then you arenít a fan, youíre an obsessive fanatic and you need to get your head examined.  Thatís how I know I havenít gone overboard with writing fan fic and sewing my own Jedi robes.  I can still joke and make fun.  When I find I canít do that anymore itíll be time to set it aside for a while until I can relax and enjoy it again.

8/  How did you decide on Lilithís character and background?

Iím a huge Han Solo fan.  Lilith was originally just a female Han Solo, but once I started talking to her she grew into much more.  I first came up with her for a SW RPG I was in, but it flopped after only a single game.  I liked Lilith too much to let her die there, so I slipped her into several different group fics until I found where she fit.  As far as her background goes I seldom have characters with normal backgrounds.  She was just supposed to be estranged from her family at first, but that was before I found the proper time-line for her.  Sheís been post-ROTJ, pre-ANH, and Ep2 contemporary before I discovered that sheís supposed to be pre-TPM.

9/  What do you have in common with Lilith and Crash?

Not much and a whole lot.  Both are smart, strong women in their own way (and so am I , I like to think).  I donít bear any real physical resemblance to either, but that was sort of deliberate since my very first fan fic character was me.  I try not to be too Mary Sue with my characters, but it would be impossible to create a character that doesnít incorporate at least a tiny aspect of my own personality.  If they werenít at least a little like me Iím not sure I could write them well.

10/  How did you come up with the concept of M1-CK?

Childhood dreams.  Heís essentially an imaginary friend come to life.  I didnít purposefully design him that way, but thatís what he is, now that I think about it.  Heís snotty, smart, sarcastic, and utterly loyal, but best of all heís portable and doesnít need to be fed.

11/  Does being an engineer influence the way you write?

Heck yeah!  As an engineer Iím very detail oriented.  I need to know the why and the how of everything, even if I donít end up putting it in the story.  As long as I know the background and history of every character I know how they will react because of it and it makes the people all the more real to me.  I hope that makes them more interesting to read about as well.  And then thereís the detail and description I like to put in.  Yeah, Iíd say it influences me a lot.

12/  Who (on this planet not the galaxy far away!) would you like to be compared to... as in being touted as this centuryís _________ (fill in the blank) and why?

In all honesty, my mom.  She works full time, was going to school full time (kept a GPA of 3.9+), and still was always there for any of her kids that needed her.  She was never too tired or too busy to help us or anyone else and she never shirked any of her duties.  If Iím favorably compared to my mother in my life-time Iíll be just pleased as all get out.

13/  What is your most prized possession?

My black cotton belt with those two gold stripes at the end.  I worked for over five years to get it and Iím not sure thereís anything Iím currently prouder of.  Once I graduate it will probably be my diploma. ; )

14/  When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Which time?  I went through phases like any other kid.  For a short while I wanted to be a firefighter or a policeman.  I even entertained the idea of joining the military.  I wanted to be an astronaut, a pirate, a spy, a teacher, a biker gang (not a member, but the entire gang), and somewhere in there I wanted to be a ghost.  Iím not sure when it solidified in my mind that I wanted to be an engineer, but I know it was earlier than most people manage to settle on what they want.  Iíve always liked knowing how things worked and why.  Of course now that Iím very nearly a fully trained engineer with the diploma to prove it I think I want to be a writer. ; )

15/  Whatís your favourite book of all time, and what was the last one you read?

Favorite book of all time?  Only one?!  Umm, will you accept a tie?  The top two would have to be Louis LíAmourís Last of the Breed and David Weberís Honor of the Queen.  The last one I read (finished it this morning at about 12:46) was David Weberís Mutineerís Moon.

16/  What are you hoping the next year holds in store for you?


No, really, if thatís all I get next year thatís enough.  Iíve been waiting for it for way too long and now that itís finally within reach I canít really focus on anything else.  Other than that, finishing my sequel to The Right Place at the Right Time would be nice and getting out a draft of an original novel would be pretty dang cool as well.
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