1/ What is so special to you about that Star Wars galaxy far, far away?

I've got to say it's the Jedi (of course) and the waythey go through the galaxy helping and fighting evil. Their such great heroes and fanfic has made them even more accessible.  I really wish we had them in this world.  Of course the fact that their gorgeous hasn't hurt.

2/ How would you describe yourself?

Though people at work would greatly argue this I tend to see myself as a very shy individual.  Rather insecure in all but work...guess that's why they'd die laughing at the thought of me being shy.  It was co-workers who bestowed me with the nickname of Feeler Leona.  LOL!  Responsible and reliable.  So overly responsible that I'd feel terrible guilt when I slacked in posts to my story, for whatever reason, that I took a self-imposed exile from the board.  Pretty sad, I know.

3/ What does the character "Healer Leona" have in common with you?

Too much!  Certainly in height, though I wish I looked as my husband drew her.  I'll admit when I first created Leona in ANTAR I saw it as a chance for 'me' to play in the SW universe.  I'd certainly like to think I'm as kind as her.

4/ Now I kind of get the impression (although from where, I don't know!) that Qui-Gon is  your favourite George Lucas character. Why Qui?

Wow, whatever gave you that idea???  It started after reading the first Jedi Apprentice book.  I just saw Qui as the most romantic character. This big guy being so hurt emotionally by Xanatos' betrayal.  I just wanted to hug him and take care of him.  I guess I fell for him in a big way at that point. *grin*

5/ Why write in (as Gryph titled it) "The Jemmiah Chronicles"?

I'd wanted to join an add-on thread, had in fact tried once with Jemmy's LT&P but never got past the one post.  When she started ANTAR I came up with Healer Leona and quickly tucked her in.  I was amazed at the way people picked up from where others left off and how inspired I was by everyone's posts.  Now I've got to admit the Jemmiah Chronicles and the characters there feel like home and family, not AU at all in my mind.

6/ Out of all the characters, do you have any favourites?

Very tough question, but I think my favorites are the strong, confident characters.  Jemmiah, Rela and Lilith are fabulous women and I wish I could be more like them.  I'm also very intrigued with Barin Truthfinder, now there's a man who knows how to get things done.

7/ Do you have a favourite moment in any of the stories?

It's seems too many to count but the first that come to mind are,  Qui, Mace and Dex returning sans clothing in 'The Importance of Having Seaweed' and Lilith's strip tease in ANTAR and I think the moment that really effected me the most was Todd's death in 'Angel Wings', I can't even read that anymore.

8/ In one of your snapshots, Perfect World, you had Leona dreaming an alternative version of events. If you had your way is that how you'd like things to turn out? What else would happen?

Definitely, that would be my fantasy.  Maybe a surprise pregnancy for Leona,  I always felt Qui missed out not having a child of his own and the wonders of child rearing, but then I'm biased by having a wonderful family of my own.  Qui and Leona together, Jemmy and Obi, both couples living happily ever after...to the best of their ability.  LOL!

9/ Now my sources tell me there are... well... quite a few Qui-Gon pictures in every room of your house. How do you plead?

Hmmmm.. wonder who the sithly source is???  Not guilty!!!  Ok, I have a Qui-Gon cup and Pepsi can on the kitchen table where I try to do my writing, for inspiration purposes, mind you.  A Qui-Gon beanie dangling in my car and my husband taped a personalized Qui valentine to the computer for me.  That's it.  Should I need more all I have to do is walk to my daughter's room, provided I look no lower then the bed (quite the mess) I can see any number of pictures, posters, banks, action figures...you get the idea.

10/ Next I have two questions from another author to put to you. "How much of an influence do your kids have concerning your writing style/content?"

My son (he's 22) pretty much laughs at me when it comes to my writing, telling his girlfriend I've always been weird.  Now my daughter, once known as Young_Sith_Apprentice  on the JC has quite a bit of influence, certainly to the content.  I can't see writing anything I wouldn't be able to show a 14 y/o, even one as seemingly mature as her.  She's the one who introduced me to fanfic and it's become a great source of bonding for us and lot's of ammunition on her part to tease me with.  She's helped me a great deal being able to bounce ideas off her and when I'm feeling particularly down she's always there to brighten me up.

11/ "If, by some bizarre twist of fate and totally unrealistic possibility one of these should happen, which would you choose...?

a: Become your character in the dimension that we have created (with some help from Mr. Lucas), without any
knowledge or memory of your life here?

b: Become your character in the dimension that we have created (with some help from Mr. Lucas), WITH the
knowledge AND memory of your life here?

c: Given the opportunity presented by either of the above...say "NO" and continue with your present life?"

If I lived there where would I play???  As inviting as it sounds I'd rather stay here and play with the Jedi at will.  *grin*

12/ If you were banned from using your internet access for the next couple of years, how would that effect or change your lifestyle?

Can we say 'total breakdown'!   My day starts with getting to work extra early to get online...if I did that at home I'd loose track of time and always be late.  At break and lunch I get online and as soon as I walk in the house the first thing I do is turn the computer on.  When the JC use to go down all the time I'd be suffering from withdrawals.  It's hard to believe three years ago I didn't even have one...

13/ If you were marooned on a desert island and were only allowed three things with you, what would they be? 

Unlike the obvious guess of Qui, Qui and Qui, I'd pick (if we're talking people) my husband, Qui-Gon and Adrian Paul.  If not people I'd pick my family, computer (working of course) and a large variety of food.

14/ What's your favorite song?

Actually I have a couple but I like them all because they remind me of different SW fanfics they were in.  'Desert Rose'...I'll always picture Lilith stripping to this from ANTAR.  'Bent' because it reminds me of Obi-Wan, 'Smooth'

15/ What is your idea of a perfect meal?

First, one I don't have to cook or clean up after is a good start.  Right now the perfect meal would be one where I could sit at a large round table with all the writer's of the Jemmiah Chronicles.

16/ If someone had $200 to spend on a present for you, what would you want them to buy?

This took the most amount of thought of all the questions.  So much so I had to chat with Calamity for ideas.  LOL!  I would enjoy a day at a spa with the works.  Mud bath, oil massage and full cosmetic restoration.
Interview with Healer Leona
March 2001
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