Interview with Jemmiah
December 2000.

1/  So, how do you feel about having your own fan club?

Pleased in an embarassed sort of way.  Especially if nobody reads this... I'm going to look a right idiot!

2/  How would you describe yourself?

That's hardly a fair question!  I dunno... loyal, patriotic.  Likes a quiet life with as few hassles as possible.  I'm a creature of habit and not terribly fond of change.  I think I should have been born a few centuries back!  I guess I'm still a bit of a technophobe at heart, although the Net has helped to change that to a certain extent.

3/  How would you LIKE to describe yourself?

I would like to describe myself as having the brains of Issac Newton and the body of Catherine Zeta-Jones, but that would, alas, be stretching the truth a little!  Guess I'd like to be more like my character, but without all the hang-ups she's got.

4/  Why write in the Jedi Apprentice time line?

Funnily enough, to start with I avoided the JA like the plague!  I was very much into all the Han Solo stuff from the Classic Era.  I invented a character that was supposed to be an adopted daughter for Han, because I felt soooo sorry for the poor guy, being the only one in the family that couldn't use the force.  I thought it would be nice to let him have one non-force weilding relative to balance out the other Solo kids.  That's actually how Jemmy was born.

Then I happened across one or two pretty good JA fan fics and got hooked that way.  Jemmy suddenly became someone else entirely, and ended up as Qui-Gon's adopted daughter and Obi's girlfriend.  There are so many possibilities in the JA era and I like the idea of exploring uncharted territory.  And the fact that it's a Skywalker free zone until after TPM was a positive boon!  (Only joking Luke fans!)

5/  You started writing round robins.  Why pick them as opposed to writing solely on your own?

Do you know, I haven't the slightest idea!  I thought it would be nice to let other people share the workload!  And it turned out to be a good way to make friends.  I haven't yet written one all by myself other than the shorter snapshots.  But I have one penciled in for sometime next year dealing with Qui and Obi's trip to Nargoria.

6/  How did you come up with the name "Jemmiah"?

I knew you'd ask that one!  Darn... I'll have to try and dredge my memory.  When I initially envisaged Jemmy as a character, as I've already said, it was as one of the Solo clan.  So I wanted a name that would fit in.  There was Jaina, Jacen and Anakin.  So I decided on 'J' or 'A' as a start initial.  When I plumed for 'J' it became a question of making something up that sounded good and I really enjoy playing around with names.  I thought of Jemmima.  Then I remembered when I was a small kid I could never say that name properly and always said 'Jemmiah'.  That's how that name was born.

7/  What does the character Jemmiah have in common with you?

We share the same bra size.  Sarcastic humor.  Well, no... dry humor would be more acurate.  We both have an adversion to Maths.  I loathe maths!  I hate being bored and so does Jemmy.  We can both sing quite well.  We both like a laugh and neither of us can hold our drink.  And I suppose we have the same colouring; she's got chestnut hair and so have I.  Jemmy's much more street-wise and tough.  She's basically a smarter and much more prettier version on myself.

8/  If Jemmiah wasn't seeing Obi-Wan, which character would she be involved with?

Tricky.  At first I had her penciled in for Simeon.  And then Jay.  And then Zac... and then Qui-Gon! (Laughs.)  That's sort of where her nymphomaniac side came about, I just couldn'r decide who she was going to be with.  But it WASN'T going to be Obi!  The whole point of Lions, Tigers and Padawans, oh my! was that they would just be good friends and that people would assume the worst.  Then I decided it worked better if they were an item.f

9/  Out of the George Lucas characters, which is your favourite?

I expect it would be Han Solo.  Luke just never appealed, although I grew to like him more in Return of the Jedi.  I quite liked Leia, because she was strong, yet always remembering that she was the princess, but I felt she lost her way a bit after The Empire Strikes Back.  And she never really got a fair crack at the whip in the EU novels.  My character Jemmy would have knocked her head off!  Qui-Gon has really begun to grow on me in the last few months.

And Obi-Wan... well, Ben will always be a big fave of mine.

10/  If you were in charge of the Jedi's wardrobe, what changes would you make?

You can't tell me those big robes were practical for fighting in.  And the colour was awful!  I'd have made them wear something to match the colour of their lightsabres!  (Actually, I see them in lycra swimsuits.)

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