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Can you give a little background information about yourself?

Hi, my name is Peta. I'm twenty-three. I grew up in a smallish coastal town further south, but have lived in Brisbane (Australia) for about thirteen years now. I've only recently graduated from university with a dual degree in Arts/Education and now work as a secondary school teacher.

I'm the youngest of four kids, though now I have two more step sisters. My siblings are all paired off and two have started families (I have two nieces and one nephew), but alas, I remain single. :D

What was the first Star Wars film you saw at the theatre/cinema?
It was the special edition of
A New Hope.

Now that you have seen them all, which is your fave Star Wars film out of the six and why?

Revenge of the Sith, it was the one I anticipated the most. Growing up, I'd seen the original trilogy and with TPM and AotC I had no idea what to expect in the plot. But with Revenge of the Sith I knew what needed to happen and it lived up to my expectations.

Do you feel the Prequels have lived up to your expectations?

Attack of the Clones
was a disappointment to me. However, I try to remember that I saw the others as a child and perhaps that means the experience can't be the same.

Is there anything you would have changed about the Prequels?

Less CGI.

Would you be interested in watching a film/TV show of the New Jedi Order period? Or an Old Republic film/TV show?

I'd be interested in any thing Star Wars!

Which of the canon characters do you most empathise with? Why?

Obi-Wan. He made some mistakes, but I doubt things would have happened differently no matter what he did. He bears the guilt for what happened to the galaxy.

Do you have a fave character from the Prequels and the OT?


Are there any characters in the films that you loathed?

Tarkin, he creeped me out.

If you had to pick a fave original character that you have written, which would it be? Why?

I like Seamus Junaid. He's so solid and always Jedi like without being a true stickler for the rules.

How do you rate the Lucas sanctioned novels? Which are your faves?

I haven't widely read these, but I've read the Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest books. They're not exactly high literature, but it's a good way to pass a couple of hours.

What are your fave non-Star Wars books and authors?

Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, and Imzadi (my internet name) by Peter David.

Which was your fave story to write? Why?

Either A Glimpse of Dawn
or TLST (The Lion Sleeps Tonight). I really enjoy writing with those characters.

Which Round Robin was your fave?


Which story arcs in the Jem Chronicles have you found the most affecting?

Barin Truthfinder, Xani and 'friends'.

Are there any character deaths that you are interested in reading about?

I would like to know what happens to most of them during the purge, though whether that's about their deaths or notů

Do you have a fave scene that you have written in any of your fics?

I liked the scene in TLST when Nya is reacting to be contacted by Kryztan. I also like the beginning of Mission of Mercy. I was really proud of the description there. My most favourite are actually from a LotR fic that I'm currently writing.

Do you have a fave scene written by somebody else?

When Thom confronts Barin in "The Truth Hurts" by HaiGan.

Which Jemmiah Chronicles planet, word, object or character would you like to have seen in one of the films?

Rela Quinn!

When did you first take up writing and do you ever see it developing into something more than a hobby?

I started when I was about fifteen I think, in another fandom. I have since worked as a writer, so I guess it developed into more than a hobby. I've often thought of writing a book, but I don't think I have the skill, at least not yet. Though a trashy romance novel or two would satisfy that urge I think. :D

How much of an influence does real life events have on your writing?

I've never taken a real life event and made it into a story, but I think with life experience writing becomes more full. So I guess, certain experiences in my life and just living in the world have a great influence.

How much of yourself do you put into your original characters?

I put quite a bit of me into Nya Malini, in her looks at least. She's grown quite a bit since then and is a fuller character. I guess it was a good place to start. ;)

Do you ever worry about your characters being seen as 'Mary Sues/Gary Stus?

Quite often. Not from the point of view that the characters are just me or ideal versions of me stuck into the story. Rather that the characters are those annoying types who know how to do everything, always have witty comments, and endure all manner of hurt.

How easy is it to kill off a character you have invented?

I don't think I've killed any off yet, though I have plans for at least three of them to die. I'm a little reluctant, but as long as their deaths are fitting, I think it will turn out well.

Are there any helpful tricks you employ whilst you are writing?

I go away and come back quite often, reread, reread, reread again and again and so on. I always have previous stories, profiles, timelines at hand.

Do you have a preference between writing snapshots/viggies or longer fics?

Not really. I enjoy writing both.

Do you find it easier to write drama, romance or comedy?

Drama and romance definitely. While I'm immensely funny in real life, I simply can't do myself justice on the page.

Do you enjoy writing villains? Do you find it easy to make them three- dimensional?

I am hopeless at writing villians.

What, if any, tips to you have for combating Darth Writer's Block?

Take a break, come back. If it's not working, try another approach to the idea, don't just stick with the same scene.

How do you think you have changed as an author over the years?

Well, hopefully I've gotten better. Actually, I know I have. I'm better able to construct a story plot wise and even character wise. Still a way to go though.

What is it about fan fiction that you like most?

You can explore more deeply than the movies, books, etc. and see what you want to happen come to fruition.
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