Interview with Mouse

1/ Your story, "Promises Kept" was a great favourite on What were the highs and lows in writing it, and what have they taught you about writing?

Oh, man letís start off with a hard one. Okay the highs. When a post would just flow out and almost type itself. Then I would get an immediate reply. Iíll admit it; Iím a comment junkie! I love when people post and tell me what they liked best. The lows well, when nothing would come to me. I hated it when I was at a particular point and knew where I wanted it to go, but the getting there was the problem. What have they taught me? Well theyíve taught me that when a scene comes to me, no matter when it takes place that to write it down as soon as possible.

2/ Tell us a little bit about Rela.

Well the best way to describe Rela is that sheís a smart-ass and sheís a fighter. Not too many things have gone her way in life, yet she always takes the bad with the good and tries to learn from it. Sheís small, spunky, and smart. She doesnít think too much of her looks, but she knows that her mind is just as much a weapon as a blaster is. Sheís not too keen on sharing about her past, and if she does happen to confide in you, count yourself lucky.

3/ I asked Jem this one as well! How would you describe yourself?

I guess odd. I donít know! Iím short (5í4") with reddish hair with natural curl and brown eyes. Wear glasses. More comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt than a skirt. I love to buy shoes, but tend to walk around barefoot. Still canít figure that out. Baby of the family, well before Mini-mouse came along. Get along well with both my parents. Odd sense of humour, but I will cry during movies, books, fanfic, take your pick.

4/ What do you have in common with Rela?

Weíre both smart asses! Weíre both always there for our friends when they need us. Both love reading trashy romance novels.

5/ What is it about Star Wars you love?

Whatís not to love? The good looking guys. The strong women. That an ordinary person can become a hero. That anything can happen and no one thinks twice when it does.

6/ Do you have a favourite original character from Star Wars?

I guess Han Solo. Bad boy turns hero. Also Ben Kenobi, I mean he brought it all together and didnít take crap off of anybody!

7/ How did you become a fan of Jemmiahís?

Funny enough it was Gryph that told me to go and read Lions, Tigers, and Padawans, Oh My! Once I started reading I was hooked! Some of the things she came up withÖ Iíve never laughed so hard before.

8/ Why did you decide to include your character (Rela) in Jemmiahís version of the Star Wars Universe?

Well, I kept seeing all these other characters being used in different stories and had really wanted to write in Rela. I had almost put her into Ultra Stressed Jedi Students (a story on waaaaaay at the beginning, but it was being upped so fast that I couldnít keep up with it anymore. Then when Jemmiah started A Night to (Almost) Remember I figured that it was a perfect way to include her. So I tentatively asked if Jemmiah could use a bartender and could I include Rela. I was worried sheíd say no. I wasnít too confident about my writing abilities at the time. I was overjoyed when she basically told me "Yes what are you waiting for!" Sheís so cool!

9/ Why do you think the characters of Jemmiah and Rela work so well together in the stories?

I think that itís because theyíre so similar. Both have had a hard time in life and they both are introduced to the Jedi by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Neither one really likes to talk about their past, and when they loose their temper, RUN! Plus, they need to stick together when surrounded by all those Jedi!

10/ This is a hard question, I know Ďcos I donít know if I could answer it, but is there one or two scenes Jemmiahís written that jump out as special or particular favourites?

There are so many. One that sticks out is from LT&P when An-Paj is writing in his diary. Everytime I read that I lose it completely. Mace at the Murrit display. The way she handled Family Matters really impressed me. She took a delicate subject and had each character deal with it in their own way. The complete latter half of ANTAR. She posted on that every night and each post was always worth the hours spend clicking the refresh button.

11/ Youíre currently co-writing a story with Jemmiah called Someone to Watch Over Me. Whatís it like working with her?

Itís really fun! I love the sharing of ideas and tying posts together. Whenever I write something she always letís me know how much she likes it, which always boosts my confidence level and makes the plot bunnies bite. I always look forward to hearing all the ideas that she has for later in the story.

12/ Out of the many characters in the stories, do you have any favourites, and why?

Simeon is one of my faves. I mean how can you NOT love Simeon. Heís such a loveable character.

Jemmiah, of course. I mean where would we be without her? Poor Qui-Gon and Obi would have had really boring lives if it werenít for her!

13/ If someone was to pay for you to have a totally free holiday, where would you go?

Why? Are you paying? I would love to go to Scotland to meet my two favourite Scots! Wait! Make that three, gotta include Ewan! Although, Disney World and Key West Florida are a close second and third!

14/ Youíve just been granted three wishes to come true. What would they be?

1.To be living debt free on the beach in Sarasota Florida

2.To be able to travel anywhere at will. (Who is will? Shut-up Simeon!)

3.To actually get paid for writing Fanfic!

15/ Itís almost Christmas, so Iíll ask you what this time of year means to you.

Being with my family and friends. Getting in touch with friends that I havenít seen or heard from in a while. Remembering the past and looking forward to the future. Iíve always loved going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Donít ask me why. And pressies! (Laughs)

16/ Any hint as to whatís going to happen to Rela in future stories?

Okay, Iím working on a young Rela story right now. What happened to her when she ran away at age 10 to when Qui-Gon found her at 13. Then the next story would be about her 18 months on rehab.

Youíll also learn about who she is seeing and how they got together. Plus sometime down the road you will learn who her father is.

17/ If you could change one thing out of the original SW episodes, what would it be?

You know, Iím really not sure. I hated that Obi-Wan dies, but he had to, right? Maybe no Ewoks in ROTJ; they should have gone with the Wookies. Now that would have been a cool battle!
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