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"Soapy bubbles" or "Ode to Snordle"
By Jemmiah

Soapy, foamy, fizzy bubbles
Can rid a girl of all her troubles.
A long hot soak to reduce stress,
"Avert your eyes whilst I undress!"

But unashamedly he stares,
Not a single blush he spares!

Oh, if only he could speak,
The tales he'd tell with his red beak!
He is a happy little fellow
Painted in a garish yellow.

He sits and floats, no arduous task.
But, I think I hear you ask -
How come he gets all the luck?
Well, he is my plasti-duck!

He hides beneath the mounds of foam
With his ability to roam.
He often disappears from sight
As if his wings had given flight.

Then suddenly a painted eye
From soapy bubbles I espy.
Oh, the many things he's seen
Would turn my other bath toy green!

Infact, here he is! Snordle hide!
And don't turn up 'til I decide!
He's jealous that I play with you.
He says to him I must be true.

Your name I cannot even mention
For he demands my whole attention.
Whilst we frolic, joke and laugh
In rituals of the nightly bath.

So, reappear- but don't ask when
I think he's here now…

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