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The Cruellest Cut of All (temporary link) Era = JA,     Category = H/G/R,     Rating = 15

“They don’t call it the Kenobi Ward for nothing.”

The holocrews are coming to the Jedi temple to make a live-broadcast documentary called 'Hospital Watch', Eager padawans and initiates are clamouring to get into the infirmary, whilst all Obi-Wan wants to do is stay as far away as possible! Quirida-Xac's on the rampage, An-Paj feels his big chance has arrived, Jemmy tries just about anything to get out of going to a debutantes ball, Mace is pulling out the hair he doesn't have whilst Qui-Gon desperately tries to track down the name of the girl who has reduced his padawan to a love-struck wreck! One thing's for certain: he won't stop until he finds out the truth...

A Night To (Almost) Remember         Era = JA,     Category = H/G/R/D/An    Rating = 15

“A sponsored Cantina-crawl...Yes! That’s brilliant, even if I do say so myself.”

Permanantly short of funds, the Jedi temple seeks to make a little bit of extra money on the side.Jemmy hits upon the idea of a cantina crawl with a difference: one that will leave the usually staid and sober Jedi insensible and reeling! Qui-Gon loses his focus - and his beard, Obi-Wan loses his sense of dignity and Mace gains a tattooo...can the temple avoid sensure and scandal? And will everyone's reputations be intact at the end of the evening? Not if Jemmy and Rela have anything to do with it!

A Problem Shared is a Problem Multiplied...
  Era = JA,     Category = H/G/R,      Rating = 15   

‘Fed up with your master? Padawans getting you down? Feel that you have reached the end of your tether?
If things are making you blue, why not share them with the temple’s own advice columnist, Naughty Nell. She’ll be there to offer you sensible advise on all manner of topics. No problem is too big or too embarrassing. Remember that a problem shared is a problem halved...'

Even Jedi have problems. Having spent 30 mins reading a book on psycology, Jemmy believes that she is the answer that everyone in the temple is looking for. Together with Obi-Wan, Simeon and Letina she adopts the persona of 'Naughty Nell' in order to hear all the juicy temple gossip. But is it a joke too far? Or will Master Yoda track down the real culprits? In the end just who is to blame, after all?

Swings and Roundabouts    Era = JA,      Category = H/G/R,     Rating = 15

"You're not going to the amusement park. Not tomorrow, nor any other day. And that is my final word on the matter..."

At least that's what Qui-Gon says. But will the lure of all the fun of the fair prove too much for a bunch of unruly padawans on their one day off? Has Jemmy really eloped? Will Dex finally get to go on the 'Screaming Snake of Death? Will Lilith be able to avoid Qui-Gon? And will Obi-Wan survive the Tunnel of Love?

Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My!    Era = JA,    Category = H/G/D/A,     Rating = 15

“It’s that little Alderaani kid, master. He’s deactivated the force barriers to some of the enclosures…”

It's the annual initiate/padawan/master outing that nobody looks forward too. When Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Mace find their names are down on the list their reaction is one of faint dread. Jemmiah has a closely-guarded secret: will Qui-Gon find out what it is? Will the initiates behave themselves? How green can Simeon get in one day? Can Obi-Wan come away unscathed for once? Or will the escaped animals find thesmselves served up a padawan-shaped banquet...?

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (temporary link)    Era = JA,    Category = D/A/H/R/An     Rating = 15

"This is an announcement, repeat: this is an official announcement. This is your captain speaking.…Please will all passengers and crew make their way to the nearest escape pods, repeat: please make your way to the nearest escape pods. The situation has now become most severe and for your own safety I strongly recommend that you abandon ship. I wish you the best of luck…and clear skies."

A Jedi retreat to the planet Tildas seems like the ideal oportunity for Obi-Wan and Jemmy to come to terms with the tragic events of recent months.But should Jemmy even be going? Evla is sick and some of the padawans resent the fact that a non-Jedi has been offered a place onboard the Chancellor's private ship, the magnificent Kaligari. Then there's Rela: will she get away with stowing onboard or will she be discovered? What will Qui-Gon say when he discovers that Lilith is piloting the supply ship? And what of the other, shadowy individuals seeking the Kaligari's destruction?

When the ship crash-lands on the forest moon of Urior the idyll transforms into an instant nightmare. Who will survive...and who will perish in the struggle to stay alive?

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Old Republic
= Young Qui-Gon and before
= Jedi Apprentice/Young Obi-Wan         
= Between and including The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi
Beyond Saga
= After Return of the Jedi
11 Spin the Bottle
12 Fire!
13 Silk stockings
14 Truth or Dare
15 Guess the Legs
16 Dance of Passion
17 Striptease
18 Kryztan's Assault
19 Plotting Revenge
20 Mace's Tattoo
1 Planning the Crawl
2 Naughty Underwear
3 Hiding Jemmy's Present
4 Concussion
5 The Great Escape
6 Free Drinks
7 Introducing Lilith
8 Corellian Deathmatch
9 Hiding from An-Paj
10 Extra Ice
21 Hell's Chance Cantina
22 Qui's Infamous Kiss
23 Kryztan's Confrontation
24 The fight
25 Broken Hands
26 Yenera Extract
27 Out-sized Undergarments
28 Confession Time
29 Divorce!
30 Obi-Wan's proposition
31 Musical Men
32 The Health of Valorum
33 Skip Racing
34 Entombed
35 Snails
36 Pockets
37 Goosing the Masters
38 Slander by Any Other Name
39 The Fountain
40 Rescuing Biwo
41 Contemplating Strippers
42 Doughnut time!
43 Spiked drinks
44 Dinko trouble
45 Over-Enflamed Padawan
46 Wookie Hooch
47 Temple Drag Queen
48 Outfits
49 The Line-up
50 High-heels
51 The Apology
52 Sophie Digwurt
53 Relay Drinking Team
54 Dex confronts Kryztan
55 Forever Friends
56 Twi'lek Dancing
57 Olrin's Mistake
58 The Singing Contest
59 Sal-Fina's Streak
60 The Cantina Brawl
61 The Groups Divide
62 Dex & Qui's Challenge
63 Qui-Gon's Arrest
64 The Prison Cell
65 In Pursuit
66 Lilith Takes Charge
67 Jail Breakout
68 Madame Ying's
69 Return to the Temple
70 Late Night Topiary
71 Rakes and Fountains
72 Implants
73 The Morning After
74 Tricking Qui-Gon
75 Carpets and Sausages…
76 In Search of the Holo Chip
77 Rela's Apartment
78 Back Pain
79 Healer Trouble
80 Paper Chase
The Epilogue: The Curse of the Holo Chip (aka Obi-Wan's Revenge)
1 Introducing Naughty Nell
2 Setting the Trap
3 Obi-Wan's 'apology'
4 The Lovers Discovered!
5 Qui-Gon's Trick
6 Jemmy's Plan Backfires…
7 Hmiol's Price
8 Spreading Rumours
9 Painful Confontations
10 Garden Espionage
11 Yoda's Search
12 Qui-Gon Incriminated
13 Dear Naughty Nell Follower...
1 Qui-Gon's Refusal
2 The Gymnasium
3 In Need of a Wheelchair
4 Making Plans
5 Obi-Wan's Get-Out-Clause
6 Simeon's Translator
7 Technical Malfunction
8 Preparing to Escape
9 Cleaning Droids
10 An Elopement???
11 Hmiol's Accident
12 Singing for Survival
13 The Great Duck Heist
14 Lilith's Fortune
15 Exploding Tent
16 Qui-Gon's Pursuit
17 Food-Eating Contest
18 Aqualish Argument
19 Shifting The Blame
20 Cutlass Island
21 Nerf Puppets
22 Posting Ned
23 Dex's Idea
24 Stranded On The Wheel
25 Fang
26 Circus Tricks
27 You've Been 'Horatioed'
28 War Games
29 Kidnapped!
30 Rela's Cunning Plan
31 Escaped Prisoner
32 Cake, Flowers and Celebrations!
33 Tunnel of Love
34 Corellians Land on their Heads
35 Confetti, boats and underpants
36 An Unashamed Flirt
37 Declaration of Love
38 Hiding from Qui-Gon
39 Dishonourably Honourable
40 An Un-Musical Interlude
41 Discovered!
42 Pursued by The Law
43 Return of an Enemy
44 Herd Of Nerfs*
45 The Maze*
1 Stuck at the Zoo
2 Medicinal Alcohol
3 Murrit Trouble
4 Jemmiah's Secret?
5 Escaped Creatures
6 Naturists Petition
7 Extinguishing Masters
8 Giant Snake
9 Mellow Mace
10 Hiding In the Trees
11 Leapfrog
12 Rusty Brooch Pins
13 Krayt Dragon
14 Facing the Unknown
15 Truths and Misunderstandings
1 Hunting for a Dress
2 An-Paj's Diagnosis
3 Datapad Difficulties
4 One Love-sick Bantha
5 Infirmary Pranks
6 Whatever Sunny wants, Sunny gets...
Obi On the Run*
8 Bare-faced Cheek*
9 Meeting Cornelius*
10 Nearly Discovered*

11 A Prank Too Far*
Kryztan's Poem*
An Historic Meeting *
14 Faulty Equipment*
15 Beaks, Bacta and Ballet*
16 Kryztan Rejected*
17 Water Fight*
18 Socks*
19 Blackmail*
20 The Truth Revealed*
19 Evla's Confession
20 The 'O.W.W' game
21 Sleeping Arrangements
22 The Luggage Switch
23 Mix-up's and Accusations
24 Confessions and Soul-Seaching
25 Perky
26 Master Poodu...
27 Toms' Hangover Cure
28 Food Fight!
29 Room 6-6-6
30 Nerf Noises
31 Three Padawans In A Cupboard
32 A Lucky Strike
33 The Dragon Awakes
34 Tricks, Ticks And Truces
35 Poolside Pranks
36 Mending Fences
37 Nanny Knows Best
38 A Clinical Kick In The Teeth
39 Hide-And-Seek, Corellian Style
40 Sal-Fina's Rampage
41 A Duck And A Hard Place
42 Vengeance
43 Anniversary
44 No Smoking!
45 Busted
46 Operation Underpants
47 A Ship Of Dreams
48 Dimallie To The Rescue
49 Second Chances
50 Preparing To Duel
51 Like Master, Like Padawan
52 The Brawl

69 The Forest Moon
70 Force Disruption
71 Zac's Miraculous Recovery
72 Mourning The Scorpion
73 The Angry Swarm
74 Trial By Water

1 Making Plans
2 Trepidation
3 Mace In Charge
4 The Quest For A Ship
5 Emma
6 Drunk And Disorderly

7 Hiring The Scorpion
8 The Turbo Lift Test
9 He Died With His Boots Off...
10 Nasty Rumours
11 Treating Garos
12 In Search Of Quillibet

13 Levinstowe's Plan
14 Innoculations
15 Ambianca's Challenge
16 A Birthday Surprise
17 On The Temple Roof
18 The Return Of Knight Kizzen
Before The Voyage
Departure/Onboard The Kaligari
53 Jemmy's Illnesss
54 Just Saying Hello
55 Bad In-tent-ions
56 The Note
57 Gethin's Diagnosis
58 The Rematch
59 Hogslime Revenge
60 A Comfortable Bed
61 Guilty Secrets
62 An Unpleasant Legacy
63 Under Attack!
64 The Enemy Onboard
65 Pirate Encounters
66 Abandon Ship!
67 Escape Pod Turmoil
68 Death Of The Kaligari
Day One - Urior
81 Rescue Plan
82 Broom For Improvement
83 Still Her Captain
84 Mortimer
75 The Tale Of  A Tail
76 Assessing The Damage
77 Ration Bars v Thin Air
78 Rock Climbing
79 Jemmy's Worst Nightmare
80 The Inventory
Day Two - Urior
85 Freyya's Confession
86 Peace Between Them
87 Never Argue With A Healer
88 Dying For His Cause
93 A Stitch In Time
94 Squirrel Juice
95 Starlight Becomes Her
96 Kenobi's Law
89 Toes And Tribulations
90 In The Line Of Duty
91 Strange Symptoms
92 The Evil Tree
Day Three - Urior
97 Nat Kendall
98 Melted Ringlets
99 Too Darned Hot
100 Corellians Never Lose
101 Serious Pod Action
102 Strictly Professional
Day Four - Urior
103 Saving Jake's Life
104 A Potential Scandal
105 Zebedee
106 Communal Baths
107 This, That And The Other...
108 Krelo's Dream
109 The Healing Trance
Day Five - Urior
110 Fallen Hero
111 Obi-Wan's Princess
112 Toms' Abduction
113 The Birds
114 'Fresher Dilemma
115 Kicking Sal-Fina
116 The Reunion
117 Hunting For Food
Day Six - Urior
118 A Mercy Killing
119 The Force Ghost
120 Master Snacky
121 Finding The Body
122 Lilith's Story
123 The Goddess Of Death
124 Blood-Seekers
125 The Explosion
126 Counting Nerfs
Day Seven - Urior
127 A Softy At Heart
128 Olrin's Discussion
129 Shared Secrets
130 Awakening The Bond
131 The Beast
132 Little Lost Girl
Week Two - Day One: Urior
133 Smoochie
134 Sal-Fina's Conscience
135 Ffffrrrrrzzlll Egllllbkkkkk
136 Jemmy's Prank
137 The Burial
Week Two - Day Two: Urior
138 There Is No Passion
139 Obi-Wan's Toboggan Ride
140 The Bounty Hunter
141 Risk Of Pursuit
142 Rain
Week Two - Day Three: Urior
143 Cats And Dogs
144 Rela's Torment
145 Hot Flush
146 The Kiss
147 If Wishes Were Fishes
Week Two - Day Four: Urior
148 Attack Of The Sith
149 The Reunion
150 Death Sentence
151 The Truth Revealed
152 Loxi
153 Fatal Encounter
154 Orla
155 Beware The Darkside
156 The Will To Survive
Week  Two - Day Five: Urior
157 The Cliffs Of Urior
158 End Of The Road
159 The Rescue Begins
160 Kryztan's Breakdown
161 Dear Benbeau
162 Sledge Ride
Week Two - Day Six: Urior
163 Trust In The Force
164 The Confrontation
165 Hunting Kryztan
An Ancient Fable
167 A Wary Truce
168 The Invading Darkness
Week Two - Day  Seven: Urior
169 Evla's Resolve
170 Captured!
171 The Waiting Game
172 Death OF A Hero
173 Trapped
174 Trading Secrets
175 A Broken Promise
176 Drunken Pilot
177 Mistaken Identity
178 Leading The Way
Week Three - Day One: Urior/The Return Journey
179 The Kiss Of Life
180 The Wait For News
181 Beautiful
182 What Goes Around
183 The Scream
184 Obi-Wan's Demons
185 A Plea For Justice
186 Making Up Is Never Easy
187 The Survivors
188 Tears And Tantrums
189 Revelations
Week Three - Day Two: Urior/The  Return Journey
190 To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep
191 Bed Bath Threat
192 Hiding The Truth
193 In A Lifetime
194 Sitting In Judgement
195 Crime And Punishment
196 Jake's Promise
Week Three - Day Six: On Coruscant
197 Preparing To Land
198 An Unwelcome Visitor
199 Discussing The Options
Week Three - Day Seven
200 The Aftermath
201 Forgiveness
202 Meeting Jetster
203 Hammer Time
204 Preventive Measures
205 Droid Trouble
206 Breaking The Ice
207 My Young Apprentice
208 Mercy Dash
209 Not Always Evil
210 Facing The Inevitable
211 The Longest Nightmare
Week Four - Day One
212 Bed-Time Stories*
213 Kryztan's Letters*
214 A Worthy Contest*
215 Between Friends*
216 Say It With Flowers*
217 Jinn v Mathers*
218 Noo-Noo*
219 A Fond Farewell*
Week Four - Day Two
220 The Confrontation*
221 The Negotiation Business*
222 A Braver Padawan*
223 Everything Changes*