How to Torture a Padawan by Jemmiah    Era = JA    Category = H     Rating = PG

Not as gruesome as it sounds, the above was a result of the 'Obi-Torture' fad that occurred in fan-fic circles shortly after TPM was released. What do we want to do when we love someone? We comfort them. And how do we put them in a situation where they need comfort? That's right: we lock 'em in the laundry basket until they beg to be released, or dye their hair and embarrasing colour...or send them to the healers!

Take Two by Jemmiah     Era = Mixed    Category =   Rating  = PG

Of course, all true Star Wars fans know that the films don't need changing in any  radical way. But it
is fun to speculate what might have happen if fate had taken a different turn...

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Tatooine Blues by Jemmiah

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