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An Ancient Lesson by Healer Leona    Era =Old Republic    Category = G/D    Rating = U

"Why is it I always manage to make a fool of myself when the most people possible are around to see it?"

Young, awkward and not yet in full control of the force, Qui-Gon Jinn is finding the art of saber sparring a difficult one to master. His gangling body and height only seem to accenuate his many failings. When Yoda sends him for some unorthodox training the young padawan is finally  made to see that help comes in many different amd hitherto unconsidered forms...

From Little Acorns by Jemmiah   Era = JA    Categoy = H/G,    Rating = U

"I don't know.You spend a day or so talking to a plant and they think you’re a nut case!"

Plagued by insecurity, suffering from chronic nightmares and feeling totally unworthy of the kindness that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have shown her, ten-year-old Jemmy pours all her anxiety out onto one of the bulbs she was given to grow by her school. Afraid that arch-rival Sophie Digwurt's bulb will grow faster and larger than hers Jemmy is desperate to try just about anything...including challenging Qui-Gon and Mace along the way!

1 Jemmy's Challenge

2 One Ugly Plant

Balking At a Winter Wonderland by Darth Ishtar     Era = JA     Category = D/An     Rating = PG

"He's sick," Jemmiah blurted. "He's really sick and he's not going to get better..."

Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Jemmiah venture to the snowcapped mountains of Chandrila for a breif vacation. At first everything seems pretty idyllic - apart from Obi-Wan's dislike of climbing steep hillsides. But then as time goes by it becomes apparant that all is not well with Qui-Gon. Will Obi-Wan be able to keep him stabilised long enough for Jemmy to fetch help? Or will the unthinkable happen?

The Price of Freedom by Marnie    Era = JA   Category = D/An/A    Rating = PG

"Oh, Padawan...Why do you let these phantom futures distress you? It hasn't happened yet. It may never happen..."

Lying injured in an infirmary bed Obi-Wan can only watch helplessly as Qui-Gon takes on a new mission without him. The bad feelings continue to increase when his master insists on taking Jemmy with him. Qui-Gon's old friend Kaemon Zabrik has asked him to assist in the marriage negotiations of his eldest daughter to her bethrothed, the son of a local Warlord. If the negotiations are a success Tawaline Zabrik will become a 'peaceweaver', bringing together two rival factions. But it appears that somebody does not wish the settlements to conclude successfully...or with peace. Just as Obi-Wan fears the high stakes have increased the danger, and left Jemmy right in the firing line...

The IRS Comes To Coruscant by Daphne     Era = JA    Category = H/G     Rating = U

"You ever wonder if the Force doesn't have a grudge against you and Obi-Wan?"

Bacta is a wonderful, miracle substance. It regenerates tissue, lessens trauma and speeds up the recovery process. It's also very expensive and, according to temple mythology, increasingly rare thanks to the amount that gets used by Master Jinn and Padawan Kenobi. When An-Paj sets the apprentice healers the task of recording an average day in the unfortunate and accident-prone duo's lives - with instructions to make sure that they make it to the infirmary even if they have a pain-free day - it leaves the pair wondering if someone, somewhere, doesn't have it in for them...

Family Matters Various Authors    Era = JA   Category = An/D/Ch     Rating = 15

"I just wanted them to be happy."

A restaurant in a swish area of Coruscant. A group of people celebrating, having the time of their lives. Amusing annecdotes are traded,  toasts are made to the future and tears of happiness and laughter are shed. Then in one single moment the tears of laughter change to tears of a very different sort indeed...

Back at the temple the harsh reality of what has occurred is only just begining to sink in. This is the story of all those who are in some way affected by the tragedy and whose lives, in one way or another, will never entirely be the same again.

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Old Republic
= Young Qui-Gon and before
JA = Jedi Apprentice/Young Obi-Wan         
Saga = Between and including The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi
Beyond Saga = After Return of the Jedi
1 Yoda's Plans
2 A Change In Schedule
3 The Last Lesson
1 Jemmiah's Mission
2 The Trap Sprung
3 A Common Enemy3
4 The Search
5 Survival At All Costs
6 Single Combat
7 The True Price of Freedom
1 The Plot Thickens
2 Catfights
3 Sticking With Each Other
4 Evil Accountants
1 Obi-Wan's/Rela's Point of View
2 Leona's/Evla's Point of View
3 Hmiol's/Jemmiah's Point of View
4 Leona's Talk/Jemmy's Letter
5 New Beginings
1 Visiting a Winter Wonderland*
2 A 'Mothering Vrelt'*
3 Desperate Straits*
4 An Uncertain Future*