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As Long As There Is Hope by Jemmiah   Rating  = 15,     Category = D/A/An,     Era = JA

"Dangerous this mission will be, for you and your padawan. And for others…"

When Finis Valorum's envoy disappears in suspicious circumstances the Chancellor requests Qui-Gon's personal involvement to help track her down. With attention focused on the 'pirate planet' of Nargotria Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan must infiltrate a settlement that doubles as a brothel, run with dictatorial ruthlessness by the brutal Rufus Merdan, in order to get the information he seeks. Will their assumed identities stand up to close investigation? Can Qui-Gon witness the suffering of the slaves without getting involved, or does the force have some other reason for their being there at that place and time? Just what has become of Inga Calton? And will Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon make it off the planet unscathed?

It Takes One to Know One by Jemmiah     Rating =   Category = G/D/H/An    Era = JA

"I don't expect special treatment or anything, and I know my being here can't hold you and Obi-Wan back. It's just that I don't want to see either of you get hurt…"

With Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan due to be sent on a difficult and potentially lengthy mission, Jemmy has to come to tems with their absence. Between fear for their personal safety, apprehension over who her temporary guardian might be and worry over her increasingly aggresssive rival at school, Jemmiah wonders just how well she is coping since arriving at Coruscant. Will she ever make any friends? Will her guardians come home safely? And what will happen to her if they don't?

Promises Kept by Mouse    Rating =   Category = D/A  Era = JA

"Why are we here, Master?"
"Because of a promise I made a long time ago, Padawan. Seventeen years to be exact."

A revolution threatens the prosperous planet Selyr and the Jedi Council decide to send a team there to find out more regarding the situation. The bad news as far as hot-headed padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi is concerned is that part of their group involves the argumentative and self-opinionated Brinkley Hamin who has never forgiven him for his part in Bruck Chun's death. When a fifth person, the smart-talking Rela Quinn is brought along on the mission, Qui-Gon has his work cut out just to keep the outfit from killing each other, let alone getting to the bottom of the machinations threatening Selyr...

Divided we Fall by Jedi Gryph Grin      Rating = U     Category = D/A    Era = JA

"But Master, if no one requested help from the Jedi, why would the Council send us into this predicament?"

The Council insists on sending Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Charsa and Kason on a mission into the unknown - and instantly Qui-Gon feels uneasy. The inhabitants of the planet Osiris, who have a tendancy towards Xenophobia, and those dwelling on the outpost moon of Llakret have been in oposition for sometime. Just who was behind the request to send the Jedi to their aid? And where does Rela fit into the affair? When Obi-Wan is injured early in the mission Qui-Gon is forced to wonder just who precisely is on their side - and who are their enemies...

The Other Side by Jemmiah     Rating = PG     Category = D/A    Era = JA

"Come with us.This is your chance, Mortimer. A chance to put the past behind you and start again. To maybe do something with those special force talents you have. When this ship leaves for Coruscant there will be a place onboard for you - if you want it. What do you say?"

When Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Jemmiah discover a pair of Jedi in hiding on a planet, little do they know of the complications that will arise as a result of that chance encounter. Escaping from his unstable 'master', Mortimer returns to Coruscant with his rescuers in the hope of making a new life for himself. But nobody quite expects the lengths to which Freyya Edritch will stoop to get her 'padawan' back...

Tomorrow Can Wait by Jemmiah   Rating = PG    Category = D/An     Era = JA

"I think things are going to get rather difficult from this point on."

Life seems to be returning to normality for Jemmy after a tumultuous and stressful half year. With her friends and 'family' to support and comfort her there appears to be light at the end of the proverbial tunnel...until Evla's health takes a sudden turn for the worse. Slowly sinking back into despair Jemmy finds her relationship with Obi-Wan come under increasing strain, and when the padawan makes a new and unexpected friend in the shape of the Chancellor's daughter it seems as if the end of the line may finally have been reached...

At the Stroke of Midnight by Daphne     Rating = PG    Category = D/An/R     Era = JA

"I'm going to cost a good man, someone I loved, someone I still love, his life. I'm not worth that."

Things for Obi-Wan and Jemmy are no longer what they once were. Both have moved on, both finding new partners. Yet when an old enemy re-enters their lives a new closeness threatens to form amidst adversity. But is it all too late for Obi-Wan? And will Qui-Gon be able to stop his headstrong padawan from scouring the galaxy for the missing Jemmy, turning a bad situation into a potentially lethal one?

Someone to Watch Over Me by Jemmiah & Mouse    Rating = 15    Category = R/D/An/A    Era = JA

"In matters of stealth I am unmatched round these places, even if I say so myself. I know when to start worrying and when not to. And I am telling you that there was definitely someone following us..."

Girls are being abducted from the streets of Coruscant. That's not mentioning the sudden spate of murders occurring not too far away from Jemmiah's appartment. With the biggest swoop race of her career looming large on the horizon Jemmy hardly spares the sinister happenings a thought...unaware that one, possibly two people have a vested interest in her. Still smarting from his rejection Obi-Wan remains devout in his desire to protect his former friend from any that might seek to do her harm. Will this be the begining of a new level of understanding between them...or will it drive Jemmy away forever?

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Old Republic =
Young Qui-Gon and before
JA = Jedi Apprentice/Young Obi-Wan         
Saga = Between and including The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi
Beyond Saga = After Return of the Jedi
1 The Funeral
2 Missing Envoy
3 Obi-Wan's Apprehension
4 New Identities
5 In Disguise
6 Hidden Allies
7 Meeting Jemmy
8 Searching for Information
9 Jemmy's Refusal
10 Spying for Vernice
11 Imprisoned in the Cellar
12 Interrogation
13 The Coup
14 Rescuing Jemmy
15 Escape Attempt
16 Merdan's Revenge
17 New Attachments
18 Jemmy's Illness
19 The Journey Home
20 The Infirmary
21 Yoda's Intervention
22 Challenging the Council
23 Future Visions
24 Somebody's Angel
1 Tempting Fate
2 Jemmy's Fears
3 Preparing to Leave
4 New Guardian
5 Hate at First Sight
6 Missing Qui-Gon
7 War with Sophie
8 Flower Power
9 Branded
10 Meeting Evla
11 The Cupboard
12 Befriending Jay Abran
13 Playing Tricks
14 Evla's Apartment
15 Flint to the Rescue
16 Confronting Mace
17 Unravelling the Truth
18 Council Summons
19 The Adventure of a Lifetime
20 Lobsters
21 Turning Detective
22 The Pet Store
23 Sunbathing
24 Scavenger Hunt
25 Blackmailing Mace
26 Interviewing An-Paj
27 Galaxy's Smallest Wookiee
28 Teasing Obi-Wan
29 An Unlikely Explanation
30 Two of a Kind
1 Journey to Llakret
2 The Attack
3 Charsa's Suspicions
4 Kithera's Plan
5 Kason's Strike
6 The Crash
7 No Time to Mourn
8 A New Era
9 The Darkness Beckons
1 Preparing to Dance
2 Jemmy's Night In
3 End of the Line
4 An-Paj's Message
5 In Denial
6 The Worst Diplomatist
7 Escape to the Cantina
8 The mysterious 'F.V'
9 Missing Presumed Absent
1 Changed Times
2 The Deal
3 A Good Man
4 In Enemy Hands
5 In Pursuit
6 A Proposal
7 New Beginings
1 Swoop Accident
2 Confrontation at the Healers
3 Jemmiah's Decision
4 Rela's Plan Backfires
5 A Very Jealous Linus
6 End of a Friendship?
7 Qui-Gon's Threat
8 Obi-Wan's Sleepover
9 Growing Closer
10 Trip to the Swoop Track
11 Rela's Gift
12 Post-Race Blues
13 Spoken Truths
14 Unwelcome Visitor
15 The Rescue
16 Old Enemies
17 Brak's Party
1 Mission To Selyr
2 S-B
3 The Deal

10 A Fight On Her Hands
11 Florizan
12 Hidden Agenda
4 Drunken Padawans
5 Turncoat
6 The Rescue*
7 Zard's Letter*
8 Laveu*
9 Shame*
1 The Attack*
2 A Difficult Decision*
3 A Tale Of Two Cabins*
4 Homeward Bound*