1. People who say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit are merely people who are kriffed-off that they can't think of a sarcastic reply.

2. It isn't just cream that rises to the top. Pond scum does too.

3. All men look the same in the dark.

4. A Jedi does not seek revenge. At least not on an empty stomach.

5. You have to kiss a lot of toads before finding your handsome prince.

6. When the going gets tough, the tough run and hide under their master's cloaks.

7. Healers should always look depressed. That way when the patients see them they feel a hundred times happier with their own situation.

8. A man should always have the final say in the house. That's why he shouldn't be allowed to speak in the first place.

Great minds think alike but amoeba swim in the same pond…

There's a limit to how many times you can say 'There is no death - there is the force' over and over without it losing some of its meaning…

11. Where there is solemnity and a sense of occasion there is paperwork to go with it.

12. Corellians are very good at inventing rules for others to follow but invariably useless at following them themselves…

13. Meditation may bring enlightenment but it does not ease one's bladder.

14. In a big, bad galaxy it's every droid for himself.

15. When people say there's no need to be nervous it's usually time for the tranquillisers to come out.

16. For someone to get out of bed the wrong way, you should really allow them to be in it in the first place.

17. Blood is thicker than water. But it doesn't go so well with whisky.

18. People who are considered "nice" have some major defect that nobody wants to talk about.

19. Sarcasm may not be a Corellian invention but it is a speciality.

20. You can dress a clown in jedi tunics and give him a lightsabre, but he's still every inch a clown.

21. You touch a girl's chocolate supply: You die.

22. Healers know their job well. But then again so do undertakers.

23. Being Corellian doesn't mean that you
are always right. It merely means you always think that you're right!

24. One of the advantages of being a Jedi is that you can speak nonsense and people just assume you're smarter than they are.
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