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Tabby Silvanna,
Worker at Madam Ying's brothel and semi-regular companion of Jay Abran, featured in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Tanni Welasa, Togorian Knight, former Padawan of Vernice Ashdal.

Tara Tarindae

Tawaline Zabrik, Friend of Jemmiah Gleshan, daughter of Kaemon and Hannah Zabrik, sister of Ari and wife of Angien.

Thena Gleshan nee Mathers,
Wife of Joel Gleshan, mother of Todd and Jemmiah Gleshan.

Thom Capella

Tilly Eblitt, Twin of Manda Eblitt and school friend of Jemmiah Gleshan, who tricked Jay Abran when posing as uniformed security in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Ti- Metza, Jedi Master mentioned in It Takes One to Know One.

Todd Gleshan,
Son of Joel Gleshan and Thena Mathers, brother of Jemmiah Gleshan.

Toms Yarrel, Padawan of Del-Isa Sidatu.

Toni, Supposed beautician and Masseuse working onboard the Kaligari. Featured in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Trine, Masseuse and 'entertainer' onboard the Kaligari. Featured in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Tris Bel-Elamon, Corellia's greatest ever swoop Champion, hero of Jemmiah Gleshan.

Trudi Seglimo, Qui-Gon's 'brief childhood pen-pal', or 'ten-ton Trudy' as described by Mace Windu in Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My!

Tube Rat/Tuffy, Ferret and connoisseur of all things shiny, owned by Edna Krabople.

Tuurith Wending, Master and keeper of the temple refectory kitchens.
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