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Sabra-Ni Gil, Initiate, later padawan of the artistic Master Shareme.

Sal-Fina Falmar, Jedi Master and former Padawan of Gideon Lee.

Samir, Respected Togorian Jedi Master and former council member.

Sara Tencourt

Scarlet Sommers,
One-time non-de-plume of Rela Quinn as used in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Schnozzle, Plasti duck stolen by Jemmiah during the 'great duck heist' in Swings and Roundabouts. Eventually given to Rela as a souvenir.

Seamus Junaid

Selina Sugarson,
False name given by Meri Irhanah in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Senga Grolumph,
One of Edna Krabople's information gatherer's who moved to the other side of Coruscant (not as Jemmiah once said in order to get away from Edna's eternal 'cheese and nibbles' mornings).

Septimus/Tim Eaglebeak, Brother of Firzel and one of a long-line in eccentrically named Eaglebeaks who eventually overcame his mild phobia about creepy crawlies in order to win the hand of Geri 'Spider' Pippage, and help run 'Stings 'n Things' exotic species sanctuary. Father of Kazia, Zuhaina, Nefelli and Crispin.

Shane Akjo

Shay Nordal, Failed mercenary in Will of the Force/Old Souls.

Sheebi Foornie, Barmaid working onboard the Kaligari, featured in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Sheldith Trugg, Pet Emporium owner - mentioned It Takes One to Know One.

Shem-Ti Leman, Pethiar Padawan featured in It Takes One to Know One. Padawan of Rejan Egrobov.

Sigmond Torril, Fair-haired maraca playing member of Pliant with whom Jemmiah claimed to have enjoyed a brief, if interrupted and ultimately unfulfilled passionate clinch with. Conveniently she contrived to later forget his name when asked by Meri so as to avoid any introductions!

Simeon Cates

Simon Cates

Sisin Duu,
Female padawan appearing in Swings and Roundabouts.

Large arachnid that befriend Healer Leona on Urior and was taken back to Coruscant and presented to Geri Pippage as a gift. Featured in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

or Snordle the first, left behind on Corellian when Jemmiah and her family left on vacation. He was eventually recovered many years later from the Gleshan house when Jemmiah moved back to Corellia.

Snordle, Plasti-duck bath toy of much fame, owned by Jemmiah.

Sophie Digwurt

Spiri, One of Rela's foster parents, wife of Ven.

Stalis Rosh,
Holo Cameraman Operator, featured in The Cruelest Cut of All.

Suekia-Shalm-Addeb, Jedi Master mentioned in The Cruellest Cut of All.

Sula Leishu

Suzette Amanni,
Worker in Rufus Merdan's brothel on Nargotria.

Sybelle Bethane, Padawan of Master Alia Galina and one-time lover of Gryph Rendar.
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