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Nadine Gleshan, Daughter of Jemmiah Gleshan and 'sister' of Emma Gleshan..

Nadine Pennell, Worker in Rufus Merdan's brothel on Nargotria.

Nat Kendall, Jedi Knight, Former second Padawan of Mace Windu.

Neeko, Rough and quick-tempered humanoid gambler featured in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Nefelli Eaglebeak, 4th child of Geri Eaglebeak.

Nelliee Jameson, Wife of Kabe Jameson, mentioned in The Cruellest Cut of All.

Nessa Menel-Luin, Former padawan of Master Martuf, featured in Swings and Roundabouts.

Nidaine Tragoni, Father of Samla Tragoni and husband of Lylah Tragoni.

Nils Jakka, Senator, mentioned in Tomorrow Can Wait, whose wife Obi-Wan once accidentally stripped of her corset at a dance!

Noddy Shoulf, Hairy Jedi Master of a species vaguely reminiscent of a Wookiee, who tended to communicate in growls, whistles and nods - hence the name

Noddy Shoulf

Noemi Tuva,
Padawan appearing in Swings and Roundabouts.

Zabrak card shark mentioned in A Night to (Almost) Remember.

Nona Murdleberry, former sports tutor of Jemmiah mentioned in Swings and Roundabouts.
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