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M1-CK, Lilith Demodae's astromech droid and companion onboard The Scorpion.

Mace Windu

Madame Es’meyla,
Fortune teller featured in Swings and Roundabouts. 

Maer Saadil,
Knight who took on the training of Liara Utina Khe, after the death of Master Fione.

Mahkree, Lilith Demodae's tutor in Pass It On.

Magee, Owner of 'The Pit' shooting range, featured in Someone to Watch Over Me.



Manda Eblitt, School friend of Jemmiah Gleshan.

Maridin Pelt, Holo Show Director, including Hospital Watch.

Margee Wonsil, Corellian Administrator, I Name This Child.

Marja Reutwin, Padawan and friend of Qui-Gon Jinn, mentioned in Friends Will Be Friends.

Marvo21, Hoopla boothmaster droid featured in Swings and Roundabouts who Jemmy attacked with a rifle and forced to hand over all his plasti ducks.

Master Felse, One of the temple's finest sabre fighters and instructors in the art of sparring/fencing.

Master Khil,
Jedi at the temple on Coruscant mentioned in Swings and Roundabouts.

Master Radjedef, Quilibet's second master mentioned in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Master Nektanebos,
Quilibet's first master mentioned in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Master Truson, Jedi Master and teacher of Healer Leona P'lila.

Master Vru' la, Jedi Master of Padawan Estaria Djan, mentioned in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Maye Kline, Pilot and 'girlfriend' of Garos Hmiol.

Melita Digwurt, Wife of Jared Digwurt and mother of Sophie.

Menali-Jay Abran, Padawan and Apprentice to Gilda Amaline.

Meri Irhanah, Padawan and Apprentice to Alex Arieh.

Merina, Featured in Things That Go Thump In The Night.

Mia Ardnt, Padawan whose training was taken over by Sifo-Dias when Mia's first master was killed. Featured in Swings and Roundabouts.

Milyka Rouaine/Millie, Padawan of Ferdi Xadaani and apprentice healer.
Miklay Charnan,
Junior security officer at the Coruscant zoo.

Mitch Magic-o, Children's entertainer and escapologist mentioned in Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My!

Mizela Ying, or 'Madam Ying', owner of a brothel in one of Coruscant's seedier districts, featured in A Night to (almost) Remember.


Mona Klog/Sunny Breeze, failed Holo presenter with a persecution complex famed for her sickening cheerfulness and plastic smile.

Morgien, Former suitor of Tawaline Zabrik, mentioned in The Price of Freedom.

Morraowth, Famed Togorian Holo Broadcaster and newsreader.

Mortimer Authinlek, Unofficial Padawan of Freyya Edritch and trainee healer at the infirmary.

Mr. Sumns, Manager of the BodyBeGood gymnasium on Coruscant.

Mrs. Avar, Shape-shifting patient who frequently attended open-clinic days at the temple when Simeon was a padawan, mentioned in Swings and Roundabouts.

Mungo, Wookiee, owner of The Monastery cantina, purveyor of Coruscant's finest Wookiee hooch.

Mus, Wookiee, worker and manager at the Dawn 'til Dusk cantina.
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