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Kabe Jameson, One of Qui-Gon Jinn's famed 'strays', featured in The Cruellest Cut of All.

Karys Fen

Kaemon Zabrik

Kason Storm

Kati, Healer Apprentice mentioned in The Cruellest Cut of All.

Kayla, Daughter of Tawaline Zabrik.

Kazia Eaglebeak, 1st child of Geri 'Spider' Eaglebeak, formerly Pippage.

Keir Olivas, Deeply troubled yet studious and knowledgeable padawan and friend of Simeon Cates and Ocen-Bai Talz. Featured in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Kelda Rosset, Initiate and Padawan at the Jedi temple, featured in Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My!

Kelik Mathers


Individual who befriended Hwa Lin in Swings and Roundabouts.

Kirrarrrr, Jedi Master, Former second Padawan of Master Samir.

Kivesta Snaed,
Young assistant jewellery store worker who was mentioned in This Precious Thing Part Two.

Klive Urbaz,
Owner of the Hell's Chance Cantina, featured in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Krelo Reich

Cousin of Krelo Reich.

Kryztan Harkley, Jedi Apprentice and second Padawan of Dex Berlingside.

Kursh Tylin, Bartender onboard the Kaligari mentioned in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Kurtas Kizzen,
Jedi Knight, first Padawan of Dex Berlingside.

Kylenn Imri, Former Padawan of Master Yaddle and one-time friend and lover of Kryztan Harkley.
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