Dramatis Personnae


Adam Blacksol, Proprietor of Hari's Tavern, mentioned in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Adi Gallia,  Jedi Master and Council member at the time of The Phantom Menace: Former Padawan of Mace Windu.

Adri, Padawan Healer, featured in The Cruellest Cut of All.

Aeneas Sholto, otherwise known as 'Mr Goodly-Goodly', seal-like creature and candy store owner featured in Swings and Roundabouts.

Aezeth Krane,
Competitive swoop rider and friend of Jemmiah's featured in Just One of Those Things

Affaran Fasilaze

Alanni Wallas

Alex Arieh

Alia Galina,
Jedi Master mentioned in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Ambianca Macieak, Jedi Padawan of Sal-Fina Falmar.

Ambrose Kottle, Police officer in the CCSA, who ultimately found Lilith Demodae to be his arch nemesis when she pretended to be his estranged wife in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Amme Ja, Padawan, appearing in The Cruellest Cut of All.

Amu-Ned Sequedes

Ana Majav,
Padawan of Master Khil and friend of Padawan Liara, featured in Swings and Roundabouts.

Anakin Skywalker, First Padawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi, father of Luke and Leia Skywalker. Son of Shmi Skywalker and husband of Padme Naberrie.

Andri Creel, Assistant Children's Welfare worker who assessed Jemmiah during her probationary stay with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.

Angel Cates, Daughter of Simeon Cates and Rela Quinn, sister of Simon Cates.

Angeline Kisha, Jedi,featured in Will of the Force/Old Souls.

An-Afor, One of An-Paj's six wives.

Daughter of An-Paj, featured in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

An-Lin, Elder sister of Hwa-Lin, featured in Swings and Roundabouts.


Anselm Warris,
Doctor who loaned Mace his medi-bag in the attempt to rescue Dex and Qui-Gon from the prison cells during events occurring in A Night to (almost) Remember.

Anthei Lay'zam, Good natured, giggling padawan of Master Thlowfa and friend of Toms Yarrel and Olrin Taliss.

Ara Vetat, Philosophy master and friend of Master Fione Eriz, mentioned in Swings and Roundabouts.

Araminta Borraise/Minty

Atur Agrikka, One of the most respected Jedi of all time, the master of Gilda Amaline.

Aurias H'darri,
Master at the Jedi temple.

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