Caption Competition Results

Competition 7

The competition was judged by VaderLVR64.

The winner was Jemmiah's:

This is usually the point where I awaken to find out the six teenage nymphomaniacs armed with the feather dusters have been part of my dream.

Highly commended is:

All I said to my Padawan was, "This nerf steak is good enough for Jehovah!"

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Pardon me.... do you have a lockpick I could borrow? I seem to have gotten my hands caught in a length of chain and there is an acklay about to charge......

If I'm going to stand in the sun all day in these robes, I really need to use a stronger deodorant.

What do you mean say cheese?

What do you mean you can still see me? I was told these colors blend in perfectly.

Tied to a pillar minus his pants, Obi-Wan comes to regret telling the Geonosians that he was on the planet because it was his stag party.

Look, I said I was willing to try something a little experimental but bondage was definitely not part of the deal!

Obi-Wan takes the idea of being a 'pillar of strength' too literally.

Obi-Wan can't help but hope that Jemmy's remembered to trim her nails this time…

New 'Sure for Jedi' antiperspirant - it won't let you down.

I'm not worried, Anakin. One of us blends in with the pillar and one of us stands out like a Hutt's belly. Which one's going to get eaten first, hmm?

Obi-Wan knew that volunteering for the new series of "I'm a celebrity Jedi Master, Get me out of here" was asking for trouble. Being tied to a pillar was one thing but having the bucket of eels poured down his pants was quite another!

What was I drinking last night?

Anakin?!? I've told you before: if just one holo of me in this compromising position gets back to the Jedi council I'm personally going to chop off one arm, both your legs and set you on fire!

Are you sure you work at Madam Ying's? My, what big…pincers you have!

I could just open the binders with the force but I wouldn't want to make Anakin look bad infront of his girlfriend…

Trapped between a Reek and a hard place.

Oh... sith. Does no-one else see that? Come on! Anakin and Padme are totally snogging in the tunnel, does NO-ONE ELSE SEE THAT!?

On the other hand, Obi-Wan thought, perhaps there was much to be said for a bondage fetish.

Maybe Jemmy & Rela are right, that my beard does look like I glued a dead vrelt on my face.

Great! Here I am all tied up and what's Jemmiah doing? Exfoliating and moisturising!!

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