Caption Competition Results
Competition 3

The competion was judged by Jane Jinn (without knowing who had entered what caption).

The winnier was Calamity Jinn's (hey, me again!);

Qui Gon; "I know I told you flossing was important, but this is going a bit too far..."

Highly commended is;

Obi-Wan: "It's no good Master, Anakin won't stand still long enough to let me keep my head above  the water."
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* "Oh yes Master this is sooooooooo much fun.  If Jemmiah and Rela were here they'd be laughing their asses off."

"I didn't think Madam Tussaurd's needed a full body cast for their models?"
   "Just keep your eyes shut, they're doing your head next."

* "Padawan, despite what I may have said in the past, now is not a proper time to meditate!"

* Voice-over: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water..."

* "I'm sorry, master...I've forgotten the pegs...and the laundry basket."

Qui-Gon: "You'll never learn to swim well if you don't let go of the line..."

"Master, I know I need to wash my socks, but this is ridiculous."

* Qui-Gon: "Can't even do one pull-up!  And he's been telling me he has been going to the gym every Tuesday!!  ...?"

* Obi-Wan:  "Master"...*cough, choke, gurgle*  "I think we should have started out with a smaller kite."

Qui-Gon: "Obi-Wan, never let me talk you into going to Disneyland EVER again."

* Obi-Wan:  "Master, I preferred laundry day when we removed our clothes first."

Qui-Gon: "Come on Obi-Wan, stay above water! Just keep your hands on the line!"  
   Obi-Wan:  *gasp, sputter, choke* "Master, this is NOT the way I thought you'd teach me how to swim!"

Other entries.
Competition 4

The competion was judged by Healer Leona (without knowing who had entered what caption).

The winnier was Jemmiah's;

Jar-Jar's attempts to get Obi-Wan to join in the chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody fell on deaf ears...

Highly commended is;

JAR-JAR: "Wanna hear the most annoying sound ever?"
Other entries.
* Jar Jar:  (shouted) "Oh, why donna they'sa turn!  They'sa gonna hit it!"
  Qui-Gon:  (thought bubble)  "Now that was silly.  If they had been using a proper deflecter shield, an
  iceburg wouldn't have been a problem, the frelling boat would never have sunk and we wouldn't be
  suffering through another one of Master Yoda's infernal obsessions with this silly movie."
  Obi-Wan:  (thought bubble)  "I get to see boobs . . .  I love this movie!"

* "In time of emergency the rubber inflatable Gungan co-pilot should inflate automatically..."

* I wish that stupid gungan would just go ahead and move to the backseat.  Isn't that where backseat
  drivers sit?  That's why my master's there.  On second thought first stop we have I'll just throw him

* Great mysteries of the galaxy Part One: Who stole Jar-Jar's ham & cheese filled baguette?