Caption Competition Results...
Other Entries;

* "Okay, just breathe into this and we'll soon find out if you're above the limit!"

* "I've told you before padawan, never use anything with batteries in it!"

* "I'm Qui from CNN... any comments about the situation you find yourselves in for our viewers?

* "Please padawan, have a piece of gum."

* "I knew've been smoking again, Obi-Wan!"

* "You can have it back when you've learned to behave in an adult and responsible manner."

* "Merry Xmas, padawan. Now you pull the other end and we'll see who wins the novelty hat!"

* "You want me to put it where?  I'm not that sick Master!"
Competition 1

The competition was judged by Gryph (without knowing who had entered what caption).

The winner was Jemmiah's;

Highly commended is:

"That's the last time I fall for your 'putting-glue-on-the-lightsabre-trick', padawan!"
"Three hundred different ring-tones, you say?"
Competition 2

The competition was judged by Jemmiah (without knowing who had entered what caption).

The winner was er...Calamity Jinn (Honest, she didn't know it was me!) with;

"Master Qui-Gon sir?  Don't you have to be nearer to the car to open the doors by remote?"

Highly commended is:

"What's the Princess doing?  Is it national "Hug a pillar" day?"
Other Entries:

* Obi-Wan: "What is that smell?"  Anakin: "I don't think the skunk liked being woken up."

* "Doesn't the Princess wash her hands?  Look at the dirt on her thumb!"

* "Master Qui-Gon, why does the Queen keep mumbling "I REALLY hate that cat"?"

* "How dare you take my man Jemmiah!  Curses,  I missed... Oooh!...hello little boy!"

Master Qui-Gon, I found who grabbed the remote to the big outdoor screen and keeps switching from the smashball game to "Forbidden Love"!  Now make her stop, PLEASE!"

"Master Qui-Gon sir?  I think Padme just ripped one."   "I smell it also, Master."

* Jedi sir?  Isn't it kind of bad to be using a laser pointer at the bad guys?"

* "I think she forgot her blaster.  She DOES know this is a real battle, right?"

* "Padawan Kenobi, I don't think the Queen is wearing a bra..."   "Shut up brat and keep your eyes focussed on...actually, you're right. Master, the Queen's not wearing a bra!"

* "I can't believe the Queen is making both sides take a break in the battle whilst her nail varnish dries!"

* "No, Anakin. Now is not the time to let the Queen know she has a large spider stuck to the back of her head..."

*   "Just great! I'm in the middle of a war and I'm stuck with an aged hippie, his sulky trainee sidekick and a little kid that keeps staring at the nude statues! Where's the Gungan when you need him?"

ANAKIN: "Padme, when I'm older I'm gonna do to you what that statue is doing!"
     PADME: "What statue?"
     OBI-WAN:  "He means he's going to lose his arm...and his legs...maybe even his head..."

* "Mahstah…if the queen’s aim continues to improve, that dog is going to find himself on a bed of rice!"

"Master Qui-Gon sir?  Who exactly is Feeler Leona?"