NAME: Spider (real name Gerri Pippage)

AGE: 17 (as of AKTAR)

SEX: Female


STATUS: Non-Jedi. Has had numerous jobs as a hair
stylist, massage parlor girl and the local tattoo shop.

HAIR COLOUR: It changes constantly, but she seems
to favor plum or pink and green with little bunches at
the side.

EYES: Greeny-blue.



FRIENDS: Jemmiah is an old school friend (they both got expelled at the same time), she also is acquainted with Rela and knows some of the other padawans whom she met after a disastrous episode in the hair salon where she once worked.

Spider, Dinko Girl!

HOBBIES: Tattoos (she has an impressive number of them on her arms and back, her favorite being a great big fur spider on her shoulder –hence her name), body piercing, working nights in Cantinas, singing in clubs, keeping an array of deadly looking snakes, spiders and Dinkos.

DISLIKES: Anything academic. She rated getting expelled from school as the 'happiest experience of my life’. People who stop her from having fun, and people who don’t like spiders.

LIKES: Her collection of tanks and vivariums for her creatures to live in. If she lets you see them it is the biggest honor she could bestow.

Nerf burgers with Corellian smoked blue cheese.

FAVE COLOR: Neon colors. Anything loud.

FAVE DRINK: Coruscant Draught Ale

CHARACTER TRAITS: Sure of herself, confident, loud, likes to show off her skills, enjoys having a laugh, can be extremely rude (her swear word tally is more impressive than Jemmy’s – although that’s only because she’s heard them in more languages!)

MOST ADMIRES: People who like tattoos and body piercing, and her giant carnivorous plants!

AMBITION: To own her own rare species pet emporium.

IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR FULL: She doesn’t care. If it’s not full she’ll steal someone else’s glass.

WISHES FOR THE GALAXY: To comprehend the importance of tattooing as an art form.
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