NAME: Sara Tencourt

26 (as of the snapshot “hidden truths”



STATUS: Ex-jedi

HAIR COLOUR: Orange….okay well it is naturally brown but you won’t hear Sara saying that

EYES: Pale blue.

HEIGHT: 177cm tall (can’t do feet and inches)

MASTER OR WHOM MOST CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH: Master Adu-reil (almost deceased and so absentminded she probably has forgotten she once had a padawan) Qui-gon, who knows why she left but is sworn to secrecy.


FRIENDS: Qui-gon.

SOMETHING THEY CAN’T DO WITHOUT: Her blaster (Its name is Ollie)

HOBBIES: Fixing her blaster and going to clubs.

DISLIKES: Birthdays! People surprising her, Master Yoda, anyone who doesn’t say what they mean, people who are polite all the time.

LIKES: her blaster; Qui-gon (although she wouldn’t tell you that).

FAVE FOOD: Takeaway noodles, custard tarts

FAVE COLOR: Khaki green and black

CHARACTER TRAITS: Nice underneath a grumpy exterior, dangerous when annoyed, dangerous when surprised, dangerous in the months leading up to her birthday….dangerous. She’s quite friendly once she gets to know someone….

MOST ADMIRES: Qui-gon, anyone who can put up with Master Yoda for that long and still be a Jedi deserves an award.

Doesn’t have one.

IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR FULL: Full, or she’ll order herself another one.

WISHES FOR THE GALAXY: for a multi-functional blaster.
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