Name - Olrin Taliss (Rin for short)

Age - 9 (as at ANTAR)

- Male

- Human

Status - Padawan learner

Hair colour - Black, tight curls despite its shortness

Eyes - Dark brown

Height - 4 1

Master with whom most closely associated with - Veren Quillan

Plant of origin - Born on Coruscant, but parents were from Alderaan

Friends - Toms and Alanni are his best friends

Hobbies - Looking after his six Corellian Sand Hamsters, singing, making new friends, watching Gabali.

Dislikes - People teasing him about his hair, calling him Olrin instead of Rin

Likes - Helping others, learning to cook, languages, animals

Fave food - Marrat pie

Fave colour - Crimson

Character traits - Kind, considerate. Sometimes tries too hard to please. Always asking questions. Is left handed

Likes talking to people.

Most admires - His master. Toms for his cheeky, outgoing ways

Ambition - To set up a remembrance garden at the temple.

Is the glass half empty or half full? - Hes too young to drink, but hed give it to someone who needed it anyway.

Wishes for the galaxy - Rust free tools!
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