NAME: Kylenn Imri

AGE: 16 (as of L,T&P)

HEIGHT: 5'6"

WEIGHT: Small-framed (115 pounds soaking wet.)

HAIR COLOR: Light auburn

EYES: Olive-green


PLANET OF ORIGIN: Bespin?-deceased parents most likely residents of Cloud City.

STATUS: Padawan (apprenticed at age 9.)

MASTER: Yaddle


NICKNAMES: "Kiddo" by just about everybody and "Little One" by Bayleth, Yaddle and Kryztan only (no one else can get away with it.)

FRIENDS: Kryztan is her closest friend; also good friends with Obi-Wan, Jasmyn, Zac and Letina; has warm, fuzzy feelings for Menali-Jay (everybody knows but she still won't admit it!)

CHARACTER TRAITS: Kindhearted, soft-spoken and somewhat reserved, tends to be formal with those she doesn't know well but is expressive and generous with her friends; loyal - would never break a confidence without very good reason, has an impish sense of humor and is generally regarded as being a sweetheart. Note: never cries, tends to bottle up her "serious" feelings; shuts down and refuses to talk when truly upset (she's exceptionally good at completely shielding her mind and absolutely won't let anyone in until *she's* ready.) Gets emotionally *very* cold when angry.

HOBBIES: Mechanically inclined, loves to tinker with things and build little electronic doo-dads. Growing Alderaani roses. Tries to keep Jay and Obi-Wan out of trouble - never succeeds.

FAVE FOOD: Dune Sea ("Sand Dune") pizza

FAVE DRINK: Tildasi green tea

FAVE COLOR: Ruby-red

LIKES: Anything that beeps and whirrs. Vacations on Alderaan. Swapping secrets with Kryztan.

DISLIKES: Broken spanners. Corellian chomper weeds (they keep eating her flowers). Simeon's weirdo toes. Being out in the sun too long (her pale skin burns easily.) Her own birthday and being maliciously teased about her accent (both bring up bad memories.)

THING SHE CAN'T DO WITHOUT: As a child - a RZETA-21 translator droid she named "Rosie." Current - a silver and red-gemstoned necklace with an inscription on the back.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Watching Jay and Obi-Wan get *into* trouble.

MOST ADMIRES: Yaddle and Bayleth

AMBITION: To build the coolest doo-dad in the entire galaxy.

GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL: Considering her friends, she's just happy if the glass isn't broken!

WISHES FOR THE GALAXY: An astromech in every garage, a rose in every garden and a quiet night's sleep!

HISTORY / OTHER: Completely deaf until seven years old, then had surgery to correct this and now hears almost normally. (Still has a slight deficiency in her left ear.) Speaks with a very distinctive accent. She learned to read and write very early and knows a couple dialects of sign language.

At the age of four months, Kylenn was discovered as the lone survivor of a severely wrecked ship by Yaddle and Master Bayleth Onodi. As a very young child, she formed a tight bond with Onodi who took her under his wing, encouraged her mechanical ability and, after her surgery, helped her get used to being a "hearie." (It was his accent she adopted when learning to speak and fiercely holds onto it.) She was originally to be apprenticed to him - his gift to her for her 8th birthday - but he disappeared on a mission a few weeks before and was declared dead. His loss devastated Kylenn and still affects her deeply.)
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