Name: Kason Storm

Age: 17

Height: 5'8"

Build: Think gymnast

Hair: Blond, padawan buzz cut (duh)

Eyes: Emerald green, pupils vertically slitted like a feline.

Appearance: Human, with eyes and incisors of a cat.

Planet of Origin: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown, though he counts Master Charsa as his surrogate mother (unbeknownst to her).

Dietary habits: Although his eyes and needle sharp incisors indicate a feline trend, he is strictly vegetarian.

Lightsaber color: White light, sort of a lightning color.

Special Talents: Extreme agility and above average reaction time. He once used a Force ability that the Jedi call "Final Strike", once considered a myth, in doing so he pulled the Force within himself and released it in a cataclysmic blast that not only came close to destroying a moon but also almost killed him and his Master in the process.

Odds and Ends: Kason was found as an infant on a long range spacecraft by a wandering Jedi, who took him to the temple on Coruscant. He often seems shy, and maybe a bit aloof from others. This is only because he is not quite sure of himself some of the time, and he often feels
isolated because he never seems to have that sense of belonging. Despite his quiet nature, he
never backs away from a challenge and does his best to protect those he cares for.
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